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Culver Military Academy: Other
Academy Coaster

This Academy coaster, date unknown, is from the Kim Amond collection.

1923 Ad

An ad for the Culver Military Academy's "Culver Follies" of 1923, a performance piece slated for Feb. 23. Particularly interesting about this ad is the inclusion of a cigarette advertisement that suggests, "Cadets: since you can't smoke ANY cigarettes, be sure and don't smoke Fatimas..."! It seems odd that the authorities of the day let this obvious invitation to smoking slip by!

Sea Plane Dash

"Sea Plane Dash," says this unusual, colorized postcard courtesy Peter Trone. Anyone with information on the origin of this photo is encouraged to contact the library.

Culver Athletes

"Culver Athletes. On the right is P.G. Stiles who Broke the World's Interscholastic Record in Broad Jump, Chicago, May 10, 1913. Distance 23 ft. 7 1-5 inches."

Part of a collection of postcard images of Culver Academy copyrighted 1913, generously loaned the library by Martha Payson Ryman.

Band Postcard

Several postcards from Peter Trone's collection. This one, titled "Band," was taken as part of several series of the 1950s.

Band Postcard

An undated and unusual postcard depicting the CMA band in outdoor practice.

Postcard Images

A collection of postcard images of Culver Academy copyrighted 1913, a "folder" full of photos. These items were generously loaned the library by Martha Payson Ryman.

Commencement Horse Show Ribbon

A blue ribbon marked "Commencement Horse Show" from the Culver Academies. Part of the Kim Amond collection.


January, 1937 photos of Culver Academy cutters, trucks, and cadets rescuing victims of the famous Louisville flood that struck southern Indiana and northern Kentucky in the Evansville and Jeffersonville, Indiana, area. This photo, from the Culver Citizen, was taken in Jeffersonville.

CMA Wine Glass 01 CMA Wine Glass 02CMA Wine Glass 03

A Culver Academy wine glass, courtesy the Kim Among collection.

1972 Band Program Cover

The front cover of the 1972 Culver Summer Schools band program -- a loan from Edna Taber -- depicts some of those involved in the summer band program, including Col. Martin Uebel, a year-round Culver resident today.

CMA Football Ad

A Culver Citizen ad from 1938 showcasing Culver Military Academy's football team's "homecoming grid battle."

1927 CMA Ad

A 1927 advertisement for CMA.

Cadets at Monterey

"Culver Cadets at Monterey, Ind.," an unusual 1909 postcard. No mention is made of exactly why the cadets were riding through Monterey.

Culver Inn Billboard

A 1954 photo shows a brand-new billboard, one of many erected around Northern Indiana during this period to help promote the Culver Inn, recently renamed from the Maxinkuckee Inn.

The Band

The Band at CMA, a very early postcard, perhaps near the turn of the century, courtesy Martha Payson Ryman.

Aviation Program

An early image of Culver's aviation program.

June Allyson

Many famous people have graced Culver's shores, and many have done so because of some connection the Academy. In June of 1951, June Allyson and Dick Powell visited CMA to attend the graduation of Allyson's bother, Arthur S. Peters.

Freeport, Ind.

"Freeport, Ind. -- Culver Cadets Rescuing Children From a Schoolhouse," says this undated postcard from Ted Schenberg's collection. Does anyone know if this incident is a separate one from the great Logansport flood of 1913, during which Culver cadets were called to Logansport to help rescue stranded citizens? The Logansport effort brought appreciation from Logansport's citizens in the form of the famous Logansport gate. More here.

CMA Ashtray

An undated Culver Military Academy ashtray, courtesy the Kim Amond collection.