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Book: "A History of Culver and the Culver Military Academy by Mark Roeder Excerpt: "Henry Harrison and the Founding of CMA" by Mark Roeder "Henry Harrison Culver" from Daniel McDonald: "A History of Marshall County"
History articles by Academy Archivist Bob Hartman "I Remember" by John Houghton The African-American Community of Culver World War II Years in Culver The Eisenhard-Payson Legacy Culvers Titanic Legacy Radio Station WCMA History at See Also: Woodcraft Camp History
1921-22 CMA Bulletin 1924 Legion Bldg. Dedication 1932 "Message Center" 1940s "Culver Calendar" 1889 Culver Park Assembly Bulletin H.H. Culver (1905 Max. Art Annual) 1928-9 Catalog (Burns site) 1934-5 Catalog(Burns site) 1951 Mem. Chapel Dedication (Burns site) Culver Alumni Mag. (Recent Issues) @ Culver Newsletter (Recent Issues)
1907 "Roll Call" Yearbook 1915 "Roll Call" Yearbook 1922 "Roll Call" Yearbook Naval School Catalog 1902 CMA Vedette, 1898 Culver Academies Vedette (Recent Issues)