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Assorted Cottages, Homes & Properties Around Culver
The Bradley Cottage

DA Bradley Cottage

A 1909 postcard shows the D.A. Bradley cottage, which was owned by Bradley and located 1 block west of the depot.

Glossbrenner Cottage

Glossbrenner Cottage

The Glossbrenner Cottage (here mis-spelled "Gosburner") on the East Side of the Lake as depicted in this undated postcard. The cottage is now owned by Dr. Michael Deery. More on the Glossbrenner family and its relation to the Vonneguts on the lake here.

The Bigley Cottage

Bigley Cottage, Maxinkuckee Landing

The Bigley Cottage, Maxinkuckee Landing."

Ice Cream Building

Perhaps someone can identify the specifics of this building (marked "Ice Cream," among other things, on the side), which was part of a collection of photos of the Bigley property. Clearly, Lake Maxinkuckee is in the background. Anyone know specifics?

Unidentified Woman

Another shot from the Bigley collection, with an unidentified woman (presumably a family member) in front of a cottage (presumably of the Bigleys) or house. Any information would be welcome.



Bigley Orchard Has Long History

A well-known area enterprise is the Bigley Orchard The horticultural business is headed by David Bigley carrying on in the footsteps of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bigley.

The Bigley orchard, located just east of Lake Maxinkuckee, on the Maxinkuckee Road, is a picturesque setting which at­tracts visitor interest. In the spring at apple blossom time and in the fall the fruit-laden trees are camera-eye catching scenes.

John Bigley, who headed the Indiana Horticultural Society in 1952-53, started the orchard on the old Bigley home place 52 years ago. The Bigley Farm, designated recently by Governor Bowen as an Indiana Heritage Farm, was settled by Mr. Bigley's ancestors in 1836. Final payment on the land, which incidentally was a Wabash-Erie Canal Land Grant, was made in 1844.

Undated Photo of Bigley Cottage

An undated, early photo of the Bigley cottage near Maxinkuckee Landing.

Original Cider Bar & Sales Room

A photo, captioned in handwriting, "original cider bar & sales room," depicting the interior of the orchard store.

Bgley Family 01 Bgley Family 02 Bgley Family 03 Bgley Family 04

Several undated photos of the Bigley family.



- from a 1980 Pilot-News article.

Interestingly it was pointed out that the Neeswaugee Pottawatomie Village was located just west of the present Bigley Buildings.

David Bigley says the orchard covers about 50 acres and production ranges between 20 and 30 thousand bushels of apples annually. There are 30 varieties of apples produced. Apples are marketed both directly and through area stores. The Bigley operation also features a produce market at the site.
Although no longer in operation two other orchards are of historical significance. In 1910 Walter Vonnegut purchased the Marks farm, east of the Lake, and in cooperation with Purdue University started a fruit orchard. On the south side of the Maxinkuckee road near Quince Rd., was the Norris Orchard which began operation in the late 1920's. The Vonnegut Orchard covered about 11 acres, the Norris Orchard, 15 acres. Both produced fruit for several years.

The "Pottawatamie Wigwam"

Wigwam 01 Wigwam 02

Two views of the "Pottawattomie Wigwam" on Lake Max. State Senator Daniel Macdonald's 1908 "History of Marshall County" mentions a lake cottage called "The Wigwam," named as many were with exotic or fanciful local names, and a 1947 article in the Culver Citizen featuring a William Ranklin's recollections, reports that the Wigwam was actually owned by McDonald himself. Ranklin writes, "I would find the Senator sitting on  the front porch of his old cottage, "The Wigwam," which is still on the south shore." Ranklin notes that McDonald spent hours at the cottage working on his book on the Pottawattomie Indians.

H.O. Adams Cottage

HO Adams Cottage

Can anyone provide further information about this lake cottage?

Vonnegut-Mueller Cottage

Vonnegut-Muuller Cottage

The Vonnegut family has a long and illustrious history on Lake Maxinkuckee, beginning with the construction of their first lake house in 1894. Over the years, the family has owned several cottages on the lake, and the cottage above, of course is one (there is still at least one member of the Vonnegut family living on Lake Maxinkuckee). More on the Vonnegut family on the lake here.

Woodbank Cottage

Woodbank Cottage

The Woodbank Cottage, of the Vonnegut-Mueller families, as of 1895. The cottage was built on the lake by some of the first out-of-town settlers to the area, the Vonneguts of Indianapolis, established leaders in their community in business and arts at the time. The cottage is still in the family today. More on the Wood family and its relation to the Vonneguts on the lake here.

Family Car

"To Lake Maxinkuckee from Indianapolis in one day!" is the caption on the back of this 1920 photo from the Rasmussen collection, depicting an early family car parked at the Woodbank cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee.

Woodbank Cottage Hayride

Image from the Woodbank cottage collection depicting a hayride in 1901 with the Chester and Edwards children on board. The Woodbank cottage was on the east shore of Lake Maxinkuckee and was connected to the Vonnegut family cottages.

The Duchess

"The Duchess," a 1905 photo submitted by Caty Rasmussen, showing members of her family in earlier times cruising on a beloved boat on the lake.

Katie Rasmussen's recollections of life on Lake Maxinkuckee for the Rasmussen - Vonnegut - Mueller families may be read here.

Hidden Inn

Shore Near the Hidden Inn

"Shore Near the 'Hidden Inn'," a 1907 postcard.

Near Hidden Inn

This 1908 postcard is graced with the cryptic caption, "Near Hidden, Culver, Ind."

The Shore Near the Hidden Inn

An early 20th century postcard captioned "The Shore Near Hidden Inn at Lake Maxinkuckee."

The "Howell House"

East Side of Lake Maxinkuckee

Beautiful scene captioned as "East Side of Lake Maxinkuckee" on this undated postcard. Thanks to Pete Trone, John Zeglis, and Bob Hollowell, among others, for contacting us with information on this location, which is on the property of what popularly known as the "Howell House," as the Howell of Bell & Howell once owned it. It has changed hands many times (another well-known owner for several years was clothing seller Tom Spiece) and today is owned by the Zeglis family.

The Maple Grove House

Maple Grove Postcard Back   Maple Grove Postcard Front

"Fishing in Lake Maxinkuckee," advertises this 1910 postcard for Maple Grove House, located on Maple Grove Farm. The 1913 postcard below it shows the house itself. Mark Roeder's book calls this establishment the Maple Grove Hotel, noting its mention in 1896 by the Culver City Herald as being run by a Mr. and Mrs. Norris (which the card reflects). Also known as the Maple Grove Boarding House, it was said to be located just south of the Woodbank Cottage (2738 East Shore Dr.).

Summer Boarders

Summer boarders at the Harvey Norris farm in 1890 are shown in this photo. The Norris farm was located on the east shore of Lake Maxinkuckee near Maxinkuckee Landing, and is still in the Norris family today.

Bramfeld Cottage

Bramfeld Cottage

An early, undated photo of the Bramfeld cottage on East Shore Drive.

Rinesmith Cottage

Rhinesmith Cottage

The former Rinesmith Cottage on West Shore drive, a house that once sat one lot east, on the site of what became the Walker Boat House, a boat house owned by Ora Rovelle and L.G. Walker for many years. After the boat house shut down, Jim Rinesmith started a small bait and snack shop out of the house above, though this venture only lasted a few years. Jim Rinesmith passed away in 2001, shortly after the Culver Citizen ran a feature on his memories of life on the lake.

See also: The Walker Boat House here.

Conzelman Cottage

Cnzelman Cottage

The Conzelman Cottage around 1900, with "The Roost" at right.

Further information on these lake homes would be welcome.



This early postcard simply says, "Manana," referring presumably to the cottage pictured. Anyone with any background info on the location of this picture is encouraged to contact us.

Manana, Lake Max 01

"Manana, Lake Maxinkuckee" says this undated, early postcard. Was Manana the dock or one of the cottages? Photo apparently taken on the East Shore.

Manana, Lake Max 02

This postcard is simply captioned, "Manana, Lake Maxinkuckee." The boat is clearly marked with the name "Manana" this simply the name of a boat, or of the area? Can anyone fill in details on the area depicted here?

Chadwick, Work, and Brightside Family Cottage

Unknown Photo

This photo comes from the Marshall County Historical Museum's file on the Chadwick, Work, and Brightside family, and depicts two unidentified people at an unidentified locale, probably in Marshall County, possibly on Lake Maxinkuckee. Any detail on the photo would be appreciated. 

Unknown Photo

This photo comes from the Marshall County Historical Museum's file on the Chadwick, Work, and Brightside family, and depicts Earl McLaughlin, according to the handwritten caption, at an unidentified locale, probably in Marshall County, possibly on Lake Maxinkuckee. Any detail on the photo would be appreciated.

Unknown Photo

This photo comes from the Marshall County Historical Museum's file on the Chadwick, Work, and Brightside family, and depicts members of that family in front of the famed lighthouse in Vandalia Park, which dates this photo between 1895 and 1913. The handwritten caption on the photo, which identifies individuals in the picture, is difficult to make out, except that the man at right is presumably Earl McLaughlin, pictured in another photo from the same collection.

The East Shore Drive Historic District - a history of the architecture, recreation, and families of the East Shore.

Shady Bluff

Shady Bluff

"Shady Bluff" is the caption borne on this 1906 postcard. Informed readers are encouraged to supply details as to its whereabouts and background.

Meyer Park Summer Garden

Meyer Park Summer Garden

The "Meyer Park Summer Garden" as depicted in an 1895 Marmont (once the name of the town of Culver) Agricultural Fair program provided by Culver's Antiquarian and Historical Society (click here to read the entire program). Can anyone identify the location of this photo?

Club Houses on the Lake

Unknown Club Houses

Any details as to which club-houses are depicted in this photo from the Culver City Herald's 1898 Souvenir edition, would be welcome.

Peru Club House

This fascinating photo shows what is alleged to be the Peru Club House at 1012 East Shore Drive. The early settlement of Lake Maxinkuckee's shores began in many cases with the formation of hunting, fishing, and social clubs such as the Plymouth Club, Lakeview Club, and others. Some of these clubs were named after the home town of their members (such as the Plymouth Club and this one, among others) before eventually becoming privately owned homes. A family named Milliken is said to have owned this house around 1920; it was later transferred to the Walther family and then the Margolis family.

Lakeview Club House Postcard Front Lakeview Club House Postcard Back

Fascinating photo from the Marshall County Historical Museum, of Daniel McDonald's Lakeview Club House. McDonald, author of perhaps the most thorough glimpse of Marshall County history available ("A History of Marshall County," full-text here), started the club in 1878 along with 14 other Plymouth residents, on a bluff in what is today the Indian Trails. McDonald and friends  lobbied for the Vandalia Railroad to run through Culver (the Marmont, not a part of their original plans) and behind their club-house, which it did, a move which changed Culver to a tourist town and changed the history of the town forever.

The Lakeview club eventually became the Lake View Hotel, after it was sold to the Railroad in 1890. Read more about the Lakeview Club and its transition to the Lakeview Hotel at our Lakeview Hotel Page here.

Lake View Club Front Lake View Club Back

The above photo, taken July 10, 1885, shows the campgrounds of the Lake View Club (see previous photo) extending behind the club going north towards what is today Academy Rd. The photo at left shows the club house overlooking Lake Maxinkuckee on the higher point of today's Indian Trail bluffs (portions of the basement of the building can still be seen north of the main Indian Trail).

Maxinkuckee Vacation Club

Maxinkuckee Vacation Club

Postcard showing Winifred Legg's Maxinkuckee Vacation Club off East Shore Lane, which later became the Maxinkuckee Playhouse. More details and photos from the Playhouse can be seen in Harvey Firari's aforementioned article.

Plymouth Club House

Plymouth Club House Back Plymouth Club House 01 Plymouth Club House 02 Plymouth Club House 03 

Four images related to the Plymouth Club House.

Plymouth Club House 1893

The Plymouth Clubhouse was one of the earliest of the boom of real settlement on Lake Maxinkuckee in the 1870s and 1880s (the club houses, often named after the towns from which members hailed, such as the Peru Clubhouse elsewhere on the lake, paved the way for the construction of residential homes and hotels). In this photo, from the Marshall County Historical Museum seated is C.C. Buck, a banker and hardware dealer from the Plymouth area. According to the Museum's file, Bunk's firm failed in the depression of 1893, which certainly dates this photo before that year. The building was the McQuat Cottage at 2008 East Shore Drive (today's address), having been built in 1873, on the L.T. Van Shoiack farm. Wrote Daniel McDonald in his History of Marshall County: "The club house was a story and a half frame building, with sleeping apartments above, and parlor, dining room and kitchen below. It became quite a popular place of resort, and many times during the hot summer months as many as fifty persons were entertained at one time."

After about 5 years of use, the club members decided to purchase several acres on the north shore and erect a more permanent building, which eventually became known as the Lake View Club house, and then the Lake View Hotel.

Near the Plymouth Club House

The caption on the above photo from the Marshall County Historical Museum describes it as being a location on the west side of Lake Maxinkuckee "near the Plymouth Club House" in the late 1800s. This description must be incorrect on a few points. The Plymouth Club House was located at what is today 2008 East Shore Drive, not on the west shore of the lake. The west shore was fairly undeveloped at that time and it is less likely that an elaborate setup like the one depicted in the photo would have existed there (Long Point did have some club houses during that era, which could be the exception). In the late 1800s, the Plymouth club had become the Lake View Club and relocated to the future Lake View Hotel on the north shore.  Anyone with any suggestions as to the actual location of this photo is welcome to contact us.

Plymouth Club House 1885

This photo from the Marshall County Historical Museum's collection is captioned as the Plymouth Club House circa 1885. However, as the Plymouth Club operated on the East Shore in the "Plymouth Club House" proper only until about 1880, if the date is correct on this caption, then the building pictured must be the Lake View Club later the Lake View Hotel). A physical resemblance to the Lake View (as pictured from the "land" side on the north looking out over the lake, rather than from the lake side) is also very striking, except that an addition on the right (or west) side of the building is visible here that is not visible in photos of the Lake View from similar angles. This could be a later addition, however, and this photo is almost certainly the Lake View. Pictured, seated, are Lake View Club members (left to right)  C.C. Burk, Joseph Westirrelt, and H.E. Buck.

Plymouth Club House 1890s

A shot from the Marshall County Historical Museum's collection is described in a caption as the Plymouth Club House in the 1890s. As with other photos of this era labeled "Plymouth Club House," there has been some confusion as the Plymouth Club existed on the east shore of Lake Maxinkuckee from about 1875 to 1880, but moved to the north shore around 1880 and became the Lake View Club, erecting the Lake View Club House which eventually became the Lake View Hotel (in today's Indian trails between the town park and Culver Academy).

Assorted Other Cottages
Trone Cottage

Trone Cottage

An undated, uncaptioned postcard depicting an early view of the East Shore cottage now owned by the Peter Trone family, from whose collection this image comes.

Edgington Cottage
Edgington Cottage 01 Edgington Cottage 02 Edgington Cottage 03

Above: Three shots of the Edgington cottage on the West shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, circa 1940s, courtesy Sherrill Fujimurra.

Edgington Cottage Back 01 Edgington Cottage Back 02

Two views from the back yard of the Edgington cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee's west shore. In the left shot, the famous Maxinkuckee tour boat can be seen going by the pier.

Edgington Family West Shore 01 Edgington Family West Shore 02 Edgington Family West Shore 03

Edgington Family West Shore 04 Edgington Family West Shore 05 Edgington Family West Shore 06


Several photos of the Edgington family from the 1920s.

Edgington Family 1920s 01 Edgington Family 1920s 02

Edgington Family 1920s 03  Edgington Family 1920s 04

Photos of the Edgington family at the lake.

Edgington Family Ice Skating 01 Edgington Family Ice Skating 02 Edgington Family Ice Skating 03 Edgington Family Ice Skating 04 Edgington Family Ice Skating 05

Photos of the Edgington family ice skating.

Edgington Family 01 Edgington Family 02

Edgington Family 03 Edgington Family 04

More photos of the Edgington family.


Unknown Cottage

Does anyone know the location of this cottage? The photo was taken by Bill Tabor, late husband of Edna Tabor at the library, who donated the photo.

Indianapolis Pier

The Indianapolis Pier on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, with a steamboat approaching. Can anyone pinpoint for us which pier was the Indianapolis? From the Mike Shesky collection.

WO Osborn Cottage

The W.O. Osborn cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee as photographed by William Taber. Thanks to Judi Burns for the help in identifying this image.



Swimmers Near East Shore

An undated photo (probably from the 1950s or later) showing swimmers off of the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee. Can anyone identify the specific locale of this photo?

AR Underwood Cottage

From the Marshall County Historical Museum collection, this circa 1890 photo depicts the A.R. Underwood cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee. The caption on the back states that the cottage was located at or near the later site of the Culver Inn (formerly the Palmer House hotel and Maxinkuckee Inn, today the site of the Huffington Library on Culver Academy's campus). This, however, seems odd in light of the fact that the Palmer House hotel was reported to have been built in the 1870s. Unless the cottage was near -- and not at -- the site of the Palmer House / Culver Inn, the caption is incorrect. Further information would be welcome.

Indiana on Perry's Point

This photo  from the Marshall County Historical Museum's collection is captioned "Indiana on Perry's Point, Lake Maxinkuckee" in the early 20th century. The Perry House at 894 East Shore Drive overlooks Lake Maxinkuckee at one of the highest places on the lake.