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CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes for August 2007

Regular Board Meeting - August 7, 2007

Executive Meeting:

Call to Order: 6:20 p.m.

Adjourn: 6:52 p.m.

Public Meeting

Call to order: 7:01 p.m.

Adjourn: 8:35 p.m.

Participants: Peg Schuldt, Rita Lawson, Dave Campbell, Kathleen Daly Kline

Absent: Phil Mallory

Secretarys Report:

Rita made a motion to accept the July 10th meeting minutes, Peg seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Kathleen inquired whether a binder was created for patrons and staff interested in viewing or copying Board meeting minutes and financials. Carol reported the binder has been placed behind the desk.

Packet of Board materials: Kathleen asked that all Board materials be available for pick-up at the Library the Thursday or Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting. Carol agreed and reported she would call and/or email Board members when the packets are prepared.

There was also discussion about the importance of Board members to answer emails regarding meetings.

Treasurers Report:

Kathleen made a motion to accept the financial report, Rebecca seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Property Tax: The County Auditor reported to Carol a draw may not be ready until November due to two Counties not providing information, partial draw until November (LaPorte, Fulton and St. Joe) for the Library. Carol went on to state the assessed valuation for the 08 tax levy is at 490 million. The paperwork would be placed in the paper.

Audit Report from the State Board of Accounts: The Board was updated on the recent Audit. As noted in earlier meetings, there was a discrepancy in the fund balances in the payroll an addition of $294,000). Carol reported as of August 7, 2007 the records were brought up to date. Carol reported there was a problem in the Computrain System. Carol had been working with the President of the Company for the past week and other staff at Computrain for approx. 2 months. Carol & Jim need to re-run January through July reports.

Directors Report:

Museum update: The Antiquarian Design Committee met and few changes were made to the design of the Museum. Carol was asked about the level of her involvement in the Antiquarian meetings. Carol reported she had met with a number of the Committee members, including staff member, Jeff Kenney for updates.

There was a motion to pass the Notary Public Policy: There was discussion about the frequency of notarys completed by Carol. She reported she had done 2-3 a week recently. A Board member suggested a fee for the service; the Board believed it was important to keep the service free for the patrons. Dave made the motion, Peg seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Notice of Disclosure of Records: Employee related. Kathleen asked if these two new policies would be announced to the staff at the next Staff meeting. Kathleen made the motion, Dave seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Friends of the Library: The proceeds from the sale of books will be used to offset the costs of mailing books to the Troops in Iraq. The Friends of the Library will be holding a book sale in September.

Taste of Culver: Carol and Ali are still working with the local restaurants to determine the amount of money the Library made from the event.

Long-term planning: The focus of the Long-term planning plan in 2007 was Customer Service. For example, Carol began the FISH Program with her employees. She stated the Program has been very successful to date. All new employees will be trained in the Program. The 2008 focus in the Long-term Plan will be Literacy. Carol is working with her staff on a myriad of efforts to reach out to the communities to promote literacy. The Board asked that an updated Long-term plan be given for review. There was a suggestion of creating a subcommittee of Board members and Community members on the issue of literacy.

Marshall County Recycle: gave $200 to purchase books on recycling on composting.

We also received free Art books from the DUC (Distribution to Underserved Communities) Library. The State Library had given the link to all public libraries.

New website design: Carol encouraged the Board and the public to visit the new website. Andrew re-designed the website with the help of staff members Jeff Kenney and Ali Schuldt.

Andrew is in charge of scanning of the minutes for the Town of Culver minutes. The Board is unsure how far back Andrew will scan the public meeting minutes.

FISH Program: Carol reported an ice cream party as part of their FISH Training as well as to celebrate the birth of Jeff Kenneys new baby and 3 college attendees.

The Summer Reading Program ended with a ride for children and families on the Ledbetter.

Old Business:

Carol reported she was waiting on new quote from Anthem for insurance for five full-time employees. The last quote expired. The Board will discuss at the September Board meeting.

Meeting Room quote. Carol received a quote from the Troyer Group for the downstairs meeting room renovation. The quote is $22,700. The Board questioned Reimbursable expenses. Dave made a motion to pass the Troyer letter & quote given that Part V, reimbursable expenses are not to exceed $5,000. If they are not better defined by the Troyer Group, the Board will table the issue until the September Board meeting. Carol will clarify reimbursable expenses. Kathleen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Window replacement: Lafayette Glass Quote: $6013.14. With the condition the Library receives receive the written warranty. Rebecca made the motion, Peg seconded the motion. The window is scheduled to be fixed on September 4th. The Library will be closed. However, the staff will have a work day.

Outdoor Storage Quotes: 18X9 (height: 9 feet)

Carol is waiting on a third quote. The item was tabled till the September meeting.

Carol responded to a complaint of a patron at the July 10th, 2007 meeting regarding a Board vote on salaries made on January 9, 2007. Carol reported Pegs vote on the resolution was not a conflict of interest. Carol read the law on the conflicts of interest. Carol stated she had consulted with a Public Law Counselor. This issue was raised because Pegs daughter, Ali Schuldt is a Library staff member.

Carol distributed dates for the budget meetings. August 7, 2007: Form 3 Tax Rate;

Publish date #1: August 15, 2007

Publish date #2: August 22, 2007

September 4, 2007: Public Board meeting at 7:00 p.m.

September 18, 2007: Special meeting: Adoption of the Budget.

September 19, 2007: File with Auditor.

Kathleen addressed the Board about her concerns of the July 10th Board meeting. She stated that if the Board is going to function better as a Board, the Board needs to focus on Board education and development so the meetings are able to solicit public input and to better understand the appropriate role of the Board. She read a portion of Board meetings section provided by the State Library Board to state the purpose of the public meeting. Kathleen suggested each Board member complete the Board member evaluation form and return completed to the September Board meeting to discuss.

Public Comment:

Russ Mason addressed the Board. He stated the public should be permitted to address the Board throughout their public meeting. Did not agree the comments should be placed at the end of the meeting. He continued to say that he did not care what the public law said regarding public meetings, what the Board was doing was wrong. Tom Kern also took issue with the Board on holding public comment until the end of the meeting. In addition, he asked why the Board had not placed the Library on Quick Links. Carol reported the staff was still working on this issue. He stated it should have been done already. In addition, Tom Kern stated he believed a construction quote should list more specific information like the cost per hour, number of hours the project would take. The Board stated they would take it under advisement. Tom Kern suggested the Board receive a warranty from the Glass Manufacturer as well as from Lafayette Glass. Tom Kerns suggested all Board meetings be recorded.

Angie Nelligan, Russ Mason, & Tom Kerns expressed their concerns about the need for a Storage building. The Board replied that all the equipment stored in the basement meeting room had to be moved due to the construction and building of Museum. Currently, the Board is paying to store items such as garden equipment, mower and snow blower. Mrs. Kerns asked why doesnt the Library get rid of the equipment and pay someone to take care of those duties. Carol reported they currently pay their custodian to take are of the duties.

Angie Nelligan addressed the Board about her dissatisfaction with Peg Schuldts decision to vote on salaries in January 2007. She stated she did not care about the law and believed what Peg did was unethical. Russ and Rita Mason both stated they held the same concerns about Peg. Rita Lawson challenged the public and defended the integrity of Peg and her vote in January 2007. Mr. Faulkner rose to speak and he was told to sit down by the public because he had a special interest.

Ron Cole adjourned the meeting.