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CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes for June 2007

Regular Board Meeting - June 5, 2007

Executive Session:

Call to Order: 6:40

Adjourn: 7:00 p.m.

Topic: Personnel

Public Meeting

Call to Order: 7:05 p.m.

Adjourn: 9:03 p.m.

Established Quorum

Present: Kathleen Daly Kline, Rebecca Church, Rita Lawson, Phil Mallory, Peg Schuldt & Ron Cole.

Absent: Dave Campbell

Secretary Report:

Kathleen made a motion to accept the 5.1.07 minutes Phil seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Kathleen suggested the financials be sent to the Board members along with the agenda 3-5 days prior to the Public Board meeting.

Kathleen made a motion to approve claim numbers 5237-5525 Peg seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Carol updated the meeting on approaching the Troyer Group about renovations for the Library. There was a Child Advisory Group meeting to discuss the renovations in the Childrens area.

TROYER GROUP Presentation

Bill & Paulette Bentley, The Troyer Group:

The presentation talked about how the Library gathered information from the Library to talk about the needs of the Library. They also toured other facilities. Defining the function and the needs of the Library space.

  1. New Meeting space: Define an area where they could have community meetings a smaller meeting space. Be configured for three reasons:

    Meeting room; storage room; and a corridor that would lead you to the new museum space.

    Questions about cost: It was communicated this was the first the Board had viewed the draft plans. The Board will be responsible for approving the budget.

  2. Childrens Area: Design for the young children and young adult. Supervision is crucial.

    Presented concept sketches. Interesting, exciting and fun but not too thematic in that you are locked into a theme.

    The circulation desk would be moved to improve visibility of the entire child and young adult area.

    Some ideas presented in the young childrens area: platform area with three level of steps so children can enjoy the children, circulation desk (friendly to their height), adding defining pieces to the ceiling. Talked about utilizing the height of the room to define the areas in the childrens area.

    Ideas presented in the young adult area: Cyber space areas, easy chairs, cafe tables and a circulation desk appropriate to the space. Briefly discussed the importance of the young adults to have their own space within the Childrens area.

Public Comment:

Questions regarding where the tutoring will take place. It was agreed that it was important to continue to have space dedicated for uses like tutoring and studying. The new meeting space room was an option for this purpose.

Boiler Room Room: What will happen to the books, book shelves and other storage materials currently in the area. Carol reported she is aware of this issue and will be working on exploring other storage options.

The Friends representative inquired whether there a timeline for the storage to be dealt with? June 14, 28th and July 12th are the Friends work dates. Carol will follow-up on this issue.

There was some concern about the price no bond will be issued. The cost will be with existing funds. There was concern raised about the need to make such big changes to the Childrens area could it risk our future funds to take care of future problems.

Questions and concerns were posed about why the window has not been fixed.

Carol continues to look for additional quotes from businesses.

The Director and Board will retrieve minutes from when the window broke and will contact Scott Pletka in order to gain more information to move forward.

A question was aksed about how long until the Bond is paid off. The Director reported the date of 2022.

Questions were asked as to why a memorial has not been planned for the two men who died while the building was being constructed. The Director will provide a memorial planter around the trees and have a plaques made for the Library. Carol will have plaques made for inside the Library. Dedicating the new meeting room in the memory of the two men was also discussed.

Firewall quote from Easterday: Was not approved. Quote was for approximately 10-11,000.

Directors Report:

Food for fines: 188 cans of food for the food bank. Our book fine is 5 cents. Most of the area librarys have gone to 25 cents. CD and DVDs are a dollar.

February: $348.00

March: $356.00

April: $399.00

May: $904.00

Rita made a motion to raise the overdue fine for books to 25 cents. CD & DVDs will remain at one dollar. Phil seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Copying fees have been raised:

10 cents: black & white

25 cents: color

Front railing is in the process of being built. Carol will follow-up with Easterday Construction.

Old Business:

Insurance Quotes

Carol distributed a summary from Anthem. The employees did attend an Anthem meeting outlining the options. It is still unclear the amount the Library would pay for each employee.

Parking Lot Quote

When the building was built the Bank would give us the easement the Library would pay for the parking lot. E&B Paving, Inc. provided a quote. The diagonal was the best design overall. The cost is $40,950.00.

Would remove asphalt sidewalks and replace with concrete sidewalks. Also adding in guard rails. Asked if they would send a new quote. Were other quotes given? State Board of Accounts stated if there was no one else within the vicinity to go ahead with E&B Paving, Inc.

Phil made a motion to approve the E&B Paving. (adding in line 6 and faxing a new contract) quote of $40,950.00. Peg seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Carol invited the entire community to approach she and the Board about any questions or concerns they may have about the Library. She added that her door is always open to the community and provided the meeting with her phone number and email.