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CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes for May 2007

Regular Board Meeting - May 1, 2007

Executive Session:

Personnel Issues

Call to Order: 6:30 p.m.

Adjourn 7:45 p.m.

Public Meeting:

Call to Order: 7:55 p.m.

Adjournment: 8:55 p.m.

Establish Quorum

Present: Peg Schuldt, Kathleen Kline, Dave Campbell, Phil Mallory, Ron Cole

Gene Chipman: Library Attorney

Absent: Rita Lawson

Carol distributed updated Board Contact List.

Treasury Report:

Peg made a motion to accept claims 5336-5413 Phil seconded the motion.

Secretary Report

Phil made a motion to accept 4.3.07 meeting minutes Peg seconded the motion.

Directors Report:

Antiquarian Update: The Antiquarian Committee met on April 25 to discuss plans to refurbish of the History room as a research area. Kevin Burger brought the Committee an estimate. The Committee will propose to the Antiquarian Board of the Trustees at the May 5th Board meeting. Monies for the archival supplies for the collection were also discussed and it was decided that the Committee will also propose to the Board that the money be allotted towards those supplies. The Board suggested all items purchased by the Library be labeled.

The Troyer Group: They will be here at the June Board meeting to present the designs to the Board. Meeting Room, 2-3 different draws of the Childrens area. Estimated time table: Construction late September/early October.

Part-time Hire: Salary Budget: Carol reported she would like to hire a part-time Childrens and Young Adult sections. Saturdays are proving to be very busy and additional staff is needed. Will advertise for a part-time position.

Fundraiser: August 18th A wine and Cheese Fundraiser will be at the Library. The cost will be $50 per ticket. Will buy a temporary liquor license. Carol is talking with Oliver Wine. Celebrity signed books will be part of the silent auction.

Taste of Culver: The date is Saturday. July 14th. Planning for the event is going well. Bowen printing is 10,000 tickets for approx. $200. Booklets of 10. Will have Library logo on the tickets. Design of Taste of Culver t-shirt for the Taste of Culver.

Training: Carol and Jim are doing a Computrain Seminar on May 15-16.

Sick/Vacation Policy: New rules as of January. What about what the accrued time through January?

Take the sick time divide in half and they can roll over into this year.

Vacation hours: Can pay people out full amount (cost us $2,800). The Board encouraged people to space out their vacation. Phil made a motion to pay out vacation time at the full amount Dave seconded the motion.

Fine Procedure in Computer Lab: Fines at the library prevents them to use the Computer if they have overdue fines. Signed up 15 kids with new Library cards

Inventory: Short 1500 volumes. Carol reported it went well. Full shopping cart of food for the Food Pantry. Will be mailing out fine letters for the second notice.

Bulk-rate mailing: Could be used for the Library newsletters. Cost: $160 set-up and $160 a year. 200 pieces of mail is the requirement.

New Business:

Insurance Company denied claim (for loss of damage by an employee). This was due to the fact that the damage was done by a contract employee May 4th is the pre-trial. Total cost was $24,960.

Old Business:

Health Insurance: Anthem: Insurance quotes. Carol reported Option 5 is the most comprehensive for the amount of employees (under 10 employees with a $250.00 deductible). Does not include Dental it comes out to be about $20 per month. Carol will ask Anthem to come and speak to the employees. She will report back to the Board.

PERF: Add positions covered by PERF Resolution we can increase participation of PERF coverage, The PERF is 8% - employee kicks in 3%. Dave made a motion to accept the above resolution Phil seconded the motion.

Management Training Workshop: Carol asked the Board to approve the training in July 2007. Cost: $129 and $179.00. The training is in South Bend. The Board approved the training.


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