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CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes for September 2007

Regular Board Meeting - September 4, 2007

Public Meeting

Call to Order: 7:15 p.m.

Adjourn: 8:25 p.m.

Established Quorum

Participants: Rebecca Church, Rita Lawson, Peg Schuldt, Phil Mallory, Kathleen Kline

Absent: Dave Campbell & Ron Cole Gene Chipman, Board Attorney & Carol Jackson, Library Director

Carol presented the proposed Library Budget Estimate for 2008. A question was asked about whether the assessed valuation for Union Township will affect the tax rate. Carol replied she did not have the numbers.

Carol reported that there is a 5% increase across the board for the budget.

Carol was asked if she expected any significant increases in categories. She reported rental equipment was increased $3,600, monies for education reimbursement (not yet passed by the Board), professional services and travel expenses are all expected to increase in the 2008 budget.

Tax rate: .0513

Debit service fund: .0482

Secretary's Report

Peg made a motion to accept the August 7th minutes. Kathleen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

Kathleen made a motion to approve the Register of Claims from 8.1.07 to 8.31.07 - Phil seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Director's Report:

The Marmon Trust CD has been renewed for seven months at 5.13%.

The State Board of Accounts requires that we have a resolution to pay bills with prior approval. We signed an updated resolution to include payment of advertising and program expenses. Rita made the motion - Rebecca seconded the motion. The motion passed. Resolution signed.

Carol attended a Certification Taskforce meeting. Carol reported they are looking at Degreed positions for Department heads and a new certification level for Director's. Carol is waiting for more information. She will report back in October.

The Town of Culver website will possibly include our website link on their webpage. Carol is waiting to hear back from the web master.

Partial tax draw expected in Mid-November. Waiting on Fulton County to provide their paperwork. (According to conversation with Marshall County auditor.)

The window was replaced on September 4, 2007.

Railing is fixed.

The plaques are in progress. Mr. Trophy stated they were in - decided on wording. The families will be sent a letter once the plaques have been received.

Banned Book Week is being recognized by the Library. It is October 1st - October 6th.

Teen Book Week is October 14-20, 2007. The theme is Laugh out Loud.

Old Business:

Anthem Insurance: Phil made a motion for the Library to pay the full monthly Anthem payment for five full-time employees - Rita seconded it. The motion was defeated 2 votes aye and 2 votes nay. With Peg Schuldt abstaining. A new motion was made to set a fixed amount of $290 per 5 full-time employees for the Anthem Health Insurance plan. Should there be increases in the monthly amount, the employees will be responsible for the additional cost. The Board and Director will re-evaluate in one year. The employees have a $500 deductible. The motion was made by Kathleen and second by Rebecca. This motion passed 4-0 with Peg abstaining.

Rita made a motion to accept the Easterday Construction bid for the 18X9 storage structure - Kathleen seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Troyer Group: The reimbursable fees will not exceed $5,000. They will begin surveying building on Friday.

Education Policy: $500 reimbursable per Spring/Fall semester. Will reimburse a person (classes & books) taking college classes towards Library Science - reimburse after a grade of B or better. They are required to stay with the Library for two years after the last semester of reimbursement. If they leave service before then- the person will pay back $125 per 6 months. The issue was tabled until the next meeting. Carol will have a written proposal to discuss and adopt as policy at the October meeting.

Tech Plan is currently being worked on by Andrew & Devyn. Carol will review on September 10th. A representative from ENA will be at the Library on September 18, 2007 to review required paperwork for submission to the consortium for E-rate filing.

Mileage Resolution: Currently following State mileage rate. The State Library encourages resolution at the Federal rate: 48.5 cents per mile. Kathleen made the motion - Rita seconded the motion. The motion passed. Resolution will follow federal rate for the current year.

Meeting adjourned.