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CUTPL Board Minutes for April 2008

April 1st Board Meeting Minutes

Culver Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2008

7:00 pm Call to Order

Present- Peg Schuldt, Rita Lawson, Carol Saft, Dave Campbell, Ron Cole, Gene Chipman atty, Carol Jackson, Director

Absent: Rebecca Church, Phil Mallory

Quorum Established

Secretary Report

Dec 13 Minutes approved (bids for meeting room project)

March 4 Minutes approved Motion Rita – 2nd Peg

March 18 Minutes approved Motion Peg – 2nd Rita

March 25 Minutes approved Motion Dave – 2nd Peg passed with amended statement -- taking 6C off as an exception to the alternates.

Treasurer Report

Motion to accept claims – Motion Carol Saft – 2nd Dave Campbell – all ayes

Director’s Report

HB1001 (Property Relief) according to chart – CUTPL not affected until 2010 estimated $159 or less that year. This is known as the Circuit Breaker Tax Relief Plan

Meeting Room in the “boiler area” is finished – Punch list to be written this coming Friday.

Children’s Area materials moving into the new meeting room while children’s room is being done.

Old Business

Carpet in Children’s Area – Discussion to leave carpet as is – or to replace all through out.

Look at carpet samples -- will make a decision.

Parking lot – Jason Siders quote for sealing -- $2475 – Will come out of the LIRF acct. Motion made by Dave Campbell to accept the quote – Rita 2nd – Carried

No New Business at this time.

Public Comment

Ron Cole adjourns meeting – Peg Schuldt 2nd – Carried

Meeting adjourned 7:55 pm.

Submitted Rita Lawson

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