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CUTPL Board Minutes for February 2008

Feb. 5th Board Meeting Minutes

Feb. 18th Meeting Room Minutes

Culver-Union Township Public Library

Board Meeting

February 5, 2008

Present: Rita Lawson, Ron Cole, Phil Mallory, Peg Schuldt, Carol Saft, Carol Jackson Director, Gene Chipman Atty.

Absent: Rebecca Church, Dave Campbell

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Quorum was established.

The minutes from the January 8th meeting were read. Phil Mallory made the motion to approve the minutes as amended. Peg second. Motion passed 5-0.

The January 22nd minutes were read. Phil Mallory made the motion to approve the minutes as read. Peg second and the motion passed 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report:

There is approx $3900 is the Finney Trust Fund. Fifth Third Bank will be releasing those funds soon and they will be divided between the library and the Masonic cemetery. We are still to use interest only and these funds need to be invested appropriately. Jim and Carol will look into options and various interest rates when we receive the funds.

Our books balanced and were closed for 2007 with $19.12 over. There is an $8600 overage in 2008 that does not show on budget from the levy excess fund.

Claims register was presented and Rita Lawson made the motion to approve the claims. Carol Saft second. Motion passed 5-0.

Director’s Report:

Ron Holcomb, State Fire Marshall came in to inspect. Need documentation for testing on alarm system, items that are stored in elevator room and air handling unit closets need to be removed, Emergency lights repaired and Fire exit signs need to be posted.

Report from Deputy Auditor says final distribution checks will be coming soon.

Hired Colleen Carpenter Rowe as the new History Dept. /Genealogy Head middle of January. She is an MLS originally from CT.

New Business:

Troyer group met the Children’s Council and are redesigning the original drawings. They will give a base design and add alternates for other things.

The new meeting room is making progress. They did incorporate a larger door into the museum.

Old Business:

Annual report was submitted by Jan. 31st.

Jim is working on financial report due in March.

Parking – employees have been requested to park farther away from the front of building.

GED classes – looking for a teacher and also researching to find a DVD for self-teaching.

Gene Chipman reported that Ida (his wife) had done a newspaper article on Robert Grigsby and his wife. Robert is the gentleman that took our discarded books and will be shipping them to the Philippines where they are starting a children’s library.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Board Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2008

Meeting in Children’s Area 6:30 pm

Present: Ron Cole, Peg Schuldt, Carol Saft, Phil Mallory, Rita Lawson, Rebecca Church and Carol Jackson, Director.

Absent: Dave Campbell

The meeting was called to order and we established quorum.

Carol Jackson introduced the reps from the Troyer Group. Paulette Bentley and Kristine Bergman.

They presented their design options for the renovation/remodel of the Children’s area and Y/A area.

The Budget estimate was approx. $110,000 +/- 10%. Alternates will be included in the bidding process but priced out separately. There were several discussions about the options/costs/colors, etc.

Phil Mallory made the motion to accept the Troyer Group’s proposal to accept bids on the scope of work as outlined on their document of 2/12/08. (See attached) Carol Saft second. Motion passed.

The Troyer Group will return on March 4th at the regular board meeting to present a new color board with the additions and deletions accurately amended. Alternates for bidding will be included in the new design, also.

Meeting adjourned.

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