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CUTPL Board Minutes for July 2008

Culver Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2008

7:00 pm

Present: Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Peg Schuldt, Ron Cole, Alfred Nyby, Carol Saft, Carol Jackson Director

Absent: Dave Campbell

The meeting was called to order by president, Ron Cole and a quorum was established.

The minutes were read and discussed. Peg made the motion to approve and Alfred 2nd. Passed as corrected 6-0.

Melanie Robertson was introduced as a new board member. Appointed by the Culver Community School Board.

Treasurer's Report

Claims #6221-6298

p.8 Bank of New York-discussion of transfer- need to work with Computrain Motion to accept the treasurer report was made by Rita - 2nd Peg. Passed 6-0

Director's Report


Proposal for copy machine for history room -- Tabled

Troyer Group proposal for furniture for remodel of youth area @ $13,343.13 -Tabled

New Business

1782 Form -approval for 2008 budget and tax levy -denied budget - Publication date error. Will need to advertise additional appropriations for 2008 and resubmit.

Taste of Culver-Ali reported on this event. Money goes into Gift. The suggestion was made to create a separate account for Taste of Culver.

Old Business

Front of Building has been power washed. Bottom will be re-rinsed and finishing the back of building soon.

BugsRUs will add wood-bees to their spraying if possible.

Ballasts fixed and light bulbs changed outside. Windows will be caulked on the outside soon.

Paige Gilpin from Umbaugh will be here July 22 at 6:30 pm for give a presentation about their services for a financial review.

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