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CUTPL Board Minutes for March 2008

March 4th Board Meeting Minutes

March 18th Board Meeting Minutes

March 25th Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Board Meeting - March 4, 2008

7:05 Meeting called to order.

Present: Phil Mallory, Peg Schuldt, Ron Cole, Carol Saft, Rita Lawson, Carol Jackson, director and Gene Chipman, atty. Quorum established.

Treasurer Report:

Phil Mallory asked why the negatives were present in certain accts within the monthly budget report. ie: other supplies. Carol will check with Jim about these numbers.

Phil Mallory made the motion to accept the February claims. Peg Schuldt 2nd. All ayes

Secretary Report:

Carol Saft made motion to accept the February 5th minutes with correction. Peg 2nd. All ayes.

Phil Mallory made motion to accept the February 18th minutes. Carol 2nd. All ayes.

Director Report:

New employee Sue Neikirk - computer lab and genealogy part time. Replaced Devyn VantWoud.

Contract cleaning ad will be placed in paper soon - bids have to be taken. Discussed keeping present employee for maintenance and outside work.

New Business:

  1. Public Library Realities Conference, Columbus, OH $75+Travel expenses. Carol and Linda Thorne, Colleen Rowe. April 29-May 3rd. Rita made the motion to approve - Carol 2nd. Motion passed.
  2. CompuTrain workshop - Thursday May 8th. Jim and Carol will attend. Approx $100 each. Phil made the motion to approve. Carol 2nd. Motion passed.
  3. 3) Technical Controls Solutions - Quote given to anticipate a replacement of actuators in 2009. Approximate cost $22,023. Our present equipment and software for monitoring are obsolete and the possibility of failure is there. Phil asked for a more detailed cost analysis.
  4. New release DVD's will now have a 3 day checkout.
  5. Meeting Room Update - looking good -- walls painted - Doors and fire doors for the hallway are on order and will be delivered soon.
  6. Troyer Group - advertised bids twice/2 wks apart. Contractors will be able to pick up bids Friday -- bids close at 6 pm on March 18th . Will have a public meeting at 6:30 pm to open bids.

Public Comment:

Questions about hours for custodian and job security.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 pm.

Special Agenda Board Meeting - March 18, 2008

Bid Opening 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm

Members present: Rita Lawson, Phil Mallory, Peg Schuldt, Ron Cole, Carol Saft Carol Jackson, director. Paulette Bentley and Kristine Bergman from The Troyer Group.

Absent: Dave Campbell, Rebecca Church.

Bids were received by 6:00 pm for the renovation of the Children/Young Adult Area.

Sealed bids were opened and read by Ron Cole.

They were opened and read by time received.

Base Bid W/Alternates
D-T Construction $44,910 $75,356
Kasser-Spraker $48,580 $84,370
W. J. Carey $74,000 $105,920
Milestone Const. $40,200 $71,677

Bids were given in their entirety to the reps from the Troyer Group for review.

After reviewing specifications, they will make their recommendation at the board meeting on March 25th.

Public Comment

  1. Alfred Nyby specifically stated that he is opposed to spending money on the renovation.
  2. Concern that the board is spending too much money.
  3. Statement that we weren't supporting the local paper in regards to our bid ads.
  4. Several other statements were made in regards to the renovation and operating expenses.
  5. Questions about our finances were asked.
  6. Nyby requested financial information to be picked up at a later date.

Meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting - March 25, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Peg Schuldt, Carol Saft, Dave Campbell, Rita Lawson, Ron Cole and Carol Jackson, director.

Absent: Rebecca Church, Phil Mallory

Bids were read/recapped by Ron Cole.

Rita Lawson made the motion to accept the bid from Milestone Construction with all alternates included. Peg Schuldt 2nd. Discussion was held and several items were talked about on the alternate list.

After discussion, the motion was amended to say all alternates EXCEPT #1 -replacement of all carpet, and #6, 6a, 6c -the "sun" lighting fixture, and Alternate 4 will be included in the contract but discussed with the contractor when the time comes.

The motion was again made by Rita, 2nd by Peg and carried unanimously.

Construction to begin April 7, 2008.

Amended to leave Alternate 6c in the approved motion. 4-1-08 CJ