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CUTPL Board Minutes for May 2008

May 6th Board Meeting Minutes

May 20th Special Agenda/Finance Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes - May 6, 2008

7:00 pm

Present: Ron Cole, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt, Dave Campbell, Rita Lawson, Rebecca Church, Phil Mallory, Carol Jackson Director

The meeting was called to order and quorum was established.

Secretary Report

Minutes were read from the April 1, 2008 meeting. Carol made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Peg 2nd. Passed 7-0

Treasurer Report

Rita made the motion to accept the payment of claims. Rebecca 2nd. Passed 7-0

Responses were given to questions asked at the April meeting.

Children's Gift, Wells, and General gift amounts may be transferred between funds.

PLAC - Deposit mistake. Posted as regular deposit and not PLAC

Rainy Day - overage - Rainy Day is a fund within Operating - and deposit was split between Rainy Day Fund and Operating accounts.

Director Report

New Business

The Director requested that Colleen Carpenter Rowe be moved from part time to full time status. This will include all benefits that are part of full time status. She will continue as head of the local history/genealogy department. Phil made the motion -- Carol 2nd - passed 7-0

No other business was discussed.

Public Comment from several community members.

Carol Saft made the motion to adjourn. Peg 2nd --passed 7-0

Submitted by Rita Lawson

Special Agenda/Finance Meeting - May 20, 2008

Present: Ron Cole, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt, Rita Lawson, Alfred Nyby, Carol Jackson Director, Jim Faulkner bookkeeper.

Absent: Phil Mallory, Dave Campbell

Call to Order at 6:30

Established Quorum

Discussed several Finace questions that had been brought up throughout the course of the past several months. Responded with answers and backup data when available. vInquired about hiring an outside CPA/accountant to review past years bookkeeping.

Meeting adjourned.