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CUTPL Board Minutes for October 2008

October 21st Board Meeting

Culver Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

October 21st, 2008

Board Meeting

Date: October 21, 2008

Time: 7:10 p.m. Ending Time: 8:45 p.m. Place: Library Meeting Room

Members: Ron Cole, Alfred Nyby, Peg Schuldt, Rita Lawson, Carol Saft and Colleen Carpenter, Interim Director

Absent: Melanie Robertson

The meeting was called to order and a quorum was established.

Secretary Report: The secretary's report included the minutes of the September 9th Executive Session, September 16th Executive Session, September 16'h Regular Board Meeting, and September 23rd public Board meeting for Budget approval. All approved.

Treasurer Report: Rita Lawson reported that Jim Faulkner has been working on creating a new monthly report for the board meetings. The report stated that "even with the furniture deposit and three payrolls, typically there are only two payrolls per month; the expenses should be under $40,000 for the month of October. An Ad Hoc Finance/Budget committee was established to analyze all of the expenditures and budgetary categories and amounts. The hope is that we will find reasonable opportunities to economize to ensure that the library lives within its means and to progressively refine our budget to make it a more valuable estimating tool. The ultimate goal of the Committee is to reduce unnecessary overhead wherever possible so that we can continue to enhance our materials collection while providing valuable service to our patrons. Alfred Nyby and Rita Lawson will be the board members on this committee along with the director Colleen Carpenter and Jim Faulkner. Please see attached Treasure's report for more details. Treasurer's report approved.

Director's Report: Two repairs; the chiller for the air conditioning and the heat pump for the small meeting room which is under warranty. Circulation report was distributed with the suggestion from the Director that Fax machine usage be reported since it is very heavy in this community.

Programs: Got Ghosts: Book Club; Edward Sawtell: Open House on November 9th for clubs in the community who are looking for more membership. A book sale will also take place at the same time by The Friends of the Library.

Window cleaning takes place each 6 months and will be taken place later on this month.

Education & Labor subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities meet on September 11th reflecting on the importance of the public library in the community. A study on how Americans search for information was released by the Pew Foundation showing that people who use the internet are more likely to use the library than people who do not use the internet. This is good news to know that the internet is not replacing the library. A study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently showed that for every dollar invested in the public library, the community receives a return on investment of $5.50. "Not only is there an economic return on investment to citizens and organization users, the surrounding communities receive an economic return in ripple effects from salaries and wages paid to staff, library purchases made, and a halo effect from spending in the nearby community by visitors during their trips to the public libraries."

Umbaugh and Associate representative will be at the public board meeting in November to report on their findings. Items 3-6 on the Treasurer's report address the following findings:

  1. Errors have been corrected on transfers between LIRF and Operating Funds
  2. Elimination of the incorrect balances on the library books for the closed Fifth Third Bank accounts. These accounts will show zero balance until the end of the year.
  3. Consolidation of LIRF and Operating Fund checking accounts. Resolution was presented and passed to consolidate the two accounts into one account in order to reconcile the accounts correctly.
  4. LIRF balance has been completely depleted according to Umbaugh and Associates. There is a LIRF CD that has funds but the separate account that now exists does not have any funds but the Operating Fund has more than we thought was in the account.
  5. Credit the Payroll Retained Earnings account but Jim thinks these needs to be in the Operating Fund and he will check into this to clarify.
  6. Continue to work with Umbaugh and CompuTrain on refining the budget, expenses and accounting practices.

Library Director Position: A motion was made to make Colleen Carpenter the permanent director. The motion was approved unanimously.

New Board Member: The Marshall County Council appointed James Hahn as their representative to the board.

Revision of Policy Manual: A committee is being formed to revise the current policy manual for Culver Library. Carol Saft, Colleen Carpenter and Melanie Robertson will comprise the committee. The State Library offers programs for Board Members one of which address responsibilities of the Board Members and the policies and procedures. Carol Saft will contact the State Library and schedule a meeting in the near future.

Capital Assets inventory needs to be completed. Colleen would like to do this inventory without closing the library. She will put together a spreadsheet and label the inventory. The concern was two years ago the audit indicated that the library needs to complete this inventory therefore it needs to be completed before the end of 2008.

Andrew Baker and Susan Neikirk gave excellent presentations for each of their departments on potential savings and fine collection procedures.

The meeting was adjourned