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CUTPL Board Minutes for April 2009

Culver-Union Twp. Public Library Board Meeting

Date: April 21, 2009

Time: 8:01 p.m. Ending Time: 9:31 p.m.

Members: Alfred Nyby, Carol Saft, Ron Cole, Rita Lawson, Jim Hahn, Melanie Robertson, Director Colleen McCarty.

Absent: Peg Schuldt

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established.

Secretary Report:

Minutes from the March board meeting were read with no corrections motion was made to accept the minutes as presented; Approved

Treasurer Report:

Treasurer's Report for April 2009

  1. 1) Monthly claim Register. April expenses to date and expected:
    Claims paid since the printed March report: $19,490.19
    Payroll claims so far this month (one more scheduled): 16,521.19 *includes FICA & ADP fee
    Payroll claims still scheduled for this month (average): 8,260.60 (Month total $24,781.79)
    Outstanding ordinary April invoices: 1,119.99
    April Total: $45,391.97
    Outstanding May invoices: $1,788.73
  2. 2) Three items make the April expenditure projection considerably higher than those of recent months; first, three payrolls occur in April while most months have just two, second, we negotiated a new pest control contract and pre-paid a year in advance - we will save over one hundred dollars annually as compared with the old contract, third, we paid $8,017 in arrears PERF contributions as explained below. Without those items April expenditures would be in line with or slightly below the recent monthly average.
  3. 3) Due to an oversight in completion of employee applications several of our qualified employees were not enrolled in PERF (Public Employees Retirement Fund) over some or all of the past two years (some for only a few months, one for the full two years). That mistake has now been corrected; all of our qualified employees are properly enrolled in the program, but we should have been submitting quarterly contributions on behalf of those employees into the Fund during that time. This is an expense that the library regularly incurs as a component of employee benefits; we should have been paying it each quarter for each of these employees since they became full time. This appears to be a large current expense, but in fact we would already have paid this total amount over the last two years had they been properly enrolled. With this payment we are no longer in arrears to the PERF program, and we do not anticipate any other incidents of this kind.
  4. 4) Last month we reported that we had received a CAGIT distribution for the first quarter of this year. Based on the amount that we received for January through March we projected monthly receipts of $11,288.91 for the remainder of this year. We actually received one cent more than that projection in April.
  5. 5) Our LIRF Investment Fund CD was cashed out when it matured on March 25th with a value of $40,386.88. As reported last month, approximately $32,000 of the proceeds were used to repay the Operating Fund for past LIRF expenditures that were paid from Operating. LIRF now has a balance of $6,071.08.
  6. 6) We are still considering investing some of our cash on hand into something that produces more return than the (currently) .51% provided by our checking account. The Ad Hoc Finance Committee considered this issue during its April 15th meeting, at which the members received rate schedules for CDs and checking and savings account alternatives from both First Farmers Bank and the First National Bank of Monterey. They have taken this issue under advisement and expect to reach a decision soon as to how to most effectively utilize our cash-on-hand.

Questions on when PERF is paid, which is quarterly, and if social security is paid along with PERF were asked. The state of Indiana is one of the states which PERF and social security are taken out of payroll. All employees on PERF also had to put in the amount of money that should have been contributed on their part therefore all PERF funds are current.

Alfred Nyby questioned the amount of monies being paid for group health insurance. Currently the library is paying around $1300 a month where it was estimated around $1700. Jim Faulkner has not made application yet for insurance but will be doing so. With no further discussion the Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Director Report:

The representative from Evergreen will be in the library on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. to meet with staff members and answer questions. Andrew has set up a demo where staff members will be able to experience the Evergreen system. After this presentation, Colleen will be contacting other area libraries that have converted to this system. Some of the reciprocal customers are already coming in with Evergreen cards. Colleen will have a recommendation at the May Board meeting on the Evergreen system.

Friday, April 3, 2009, Colleen met with Plymouth, Argos and Bremen Directors to discuss how the Marshall County libraries can cooperate.

April 28, 2009 there is a conference for Region I of the Indiana Library Federation in Michigan City, IN with four staff members attending this conference. The state conference will be in October of 2009 and Colleen invited Board members to attend the conference in October.

The Friends of the Library received the cell phone, which had been purchased by the previous Director but cancelled when the new director was hired, and they have donated the cell phone to the soldiers in Iraq.

June 13, 2009 the Friends of the Library will be sponsoring a program with the author of "The Passerby" a fictional account of a murder that took place in Argos, IN.

A new program will begin May 5, 2009 called "The Novel Approach." The participants will read a book and then watch the movie with a discussion after the movie. The first book/movie will be The Secret Life of Bees.

Circulation is up from February with a noticeable increase in book check-outs with computer use also up substantially. Colleen will be presenting these stats in a graph format so there can be a comparison from year to year stats.

Melanie Robertson commented on how nice the articles in the Culver Citizen have been with all board members present in agreement.

New books have been moved to a new location with positive comments from the patrons of the library.

Strict counts are being kept on the use of the library and how many patrons are attending the programs. The last computer class had 16 people attending which was a nice turnout for a class.

Colleen inquired as to whether to board member would like to have paper copies vs. email. Two board members have requested paper copies with the rest of the board members ok with email copies.

Old Business:

Resolution for the Safety Deposit Box:

Some members of the board have requested that their name not be included for access to the safety deposit box. Resolution for access to the safety deposit box reads as follows:

Whereas the Culver Union Township Public Library rents a safety deposit box at the First Farmers Bank located at 101 North Main Street, Culver, the bank requires that we have a signature card with the name of each person who has access to the box and whereas we wish to establish the requirement that at least two individuals be present when the box is open, one of these whom must be a correct named Board member, the Culver Union Township Public Library Board of Trustees hereby names the following trustees and employees who are permitted to have such access and the library here establishes the requirement that at least two individuals must be present when the box is opened and that one of these individuals must be a current Trustee of the library named in this resolution. The following individuals' names will be included on the bank signature card:

Employees:Director, Colleen McCarty
Financial Manager, Jim Faulkner
Board of Trustees:President, Jim Hahn
Vice President, Ron Cole
Secretary, Carol Saft
Treasurer, Rita Lawson

The other members of the board agreed that at this time that only the Board of Trustee officers will be put on the signature cards for the safety deposit box. Resolution was approved and signed.

Approval of the By-Laws

There was a question about the quorum number being correct. After reviewing Robert's Rules it was decided that the quorum be changed from 6 Board members present to at least 5 Board members present to meet the 2/3 requirement of members present. The change was made and the rewritten By-Laws were approved for the new policy manual.

Job Descriptions:

The job descriptions have been rewritten by director, Colleen McCarty and were presented to the Board members for their review and to be voted on during the May Board Meeting. The ultimate goal of this Ad Hoc committee is to have the policy manual include all policies in one binder for ease and convince.

Ad Hoc Finance Committee:

They are interested in finding out how to apply to the Marshall County Community Foundation for funds for projects. They will be meeting with MCCF Friday, April 24, 2009 and will report on their findings at the next Board meeting.

Three members will be attending the Budget Workshop in Indianapolis, Jim Faulkner, Jim Hahn, and Colleen McCarty.

Alfred Nyby brought up the discussion about the excess funds and where these funds should be placed to earn a larger interest rate. By showing the actual and estimated expenses for each month it is projected that there will be funds available for investment. The First Bank of Monterey is offering a money market at 2.10% where money is accessible should the library need these funds which CDs do not offer. A motion was made to put $150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and zero cents) in a money market fund at The First Bank of Monterey. Approved

After a discussion about the Rainy Day Fund not earning interest a motion was made by Alfred Nyby to take $60,000 (sixty thousand dollars and zero cents) from the Rainy Day Fund and include it in the money market fund that was approved, making a total of $210,000.00 (two hundred and ten thousand dollars and zero cents) in the money market fund.

Colleen reported #1782 Notice for the budget has been received from DLGF. Alfred Nyby reported that he spoke to the County Treasurer and payments to the library should be on schedule this year with the first payment being received in July.

New Business:

Resolution re: State Board of Accounts Audit

The resolution reads as follows:

With respect to the finances of the Culver Union Township Public Library, the Board of Trustees notes that the State Board of Accounts may soon conduct its routine public audit. During this audit the library's accounting information and record books will be examined. The purpose of this audit is to review and ensure the library's compliance with Indiana law regarding the use and disposition of public resources. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of the Culver Union Township Public Library hereby resolves to take no action with respect to compliance or non-compliance matters until it receives the completed and approved audit.

Clarification was asked about whether or not we are asking the State Board of Accounts to come up sooner than scheduled. No one knows when the State Board of Accounts has the Culver Library scheduled. Carol Saft asked about whether the library will have a list of discrepancies that need to be looked at during the audit since the Board members are well aware of discrepancies in the compliance with the state law, the explanation was that this we (the library) do not offer any list of discrepancies to the auditors and that auditors have their own procedures that they adhere to and we (the library) must follow. Jim Faulkner said that the auditors generally will not have a conversation and will only ask for what they want to see. Rita Lawson stated that her experience was that it was not a choice of what is told to the auditors, that the auditors don't want to talk to anyone but after the auditors are done then we can talk to them. Jim Hahn and Rita Lawson agreed that the auditors won't miss anything and they will find what is there.

Carol Saft stated that she was uncomfortable with the wording "no action with respect to compliance or non-compliance matters." Carol asked for assurance that this Board of Trustees take action after the audit is completed on the discrepancies that are known.

Melanie Robertson made a motion to accept the resolution as written and stated. Discussion was followed that when the auditors report to the Director and Financial Manager on their findings that Board Members be included in this meeting.

Alfred Nyby voted Nay; Carol Saft, Abstained with the rest of the members present voting in favor of the resolution. Motion was passed.

Library Copy/Printer fees:

The Ad Hoc finance committee discovered that copy fees are only regulated for copying state documents giving the people of Indiana access to all state legal documents. If someone comes in to make copies of personal items the library can charge a higher fee per copy. The Board members agreed to charge the following for copies and printouts at the library:

Black and White 8 1/2 x11 = $.20Color 8 1/2 x11 =$.50
Black and White 8 1/2 x14 =.20Color 8 1/2 x14 =.50
Black and White 8 1/2 x14 =.20Color 8 1/2 x14 =.50
Black and White 11 x17 =.50Color 11 x17 =.75

Motion was made and approved.

Jim Hahn had a concern about the cost of hall rental. He reported that the Lions charge $125 for the use of the railroad station which would be in the same guidelines as our charges.

He also was concerned about why the Board members do not say the Pledge of Allegiance at every meeting. He suggested that for future meetings that the pledge be said right after the Call to Order.

Public Comment: None

Adjourn: 9:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Saft