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December 17th Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes for 12-17-2009

Time: 7:01 PM - 8:29 PM

Place: Library Staff Room

Members: Ron Cole, Jim Hahn, President, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt; Library Director Colleen McCarty

Absent: Joyce Greeson and Rita Lawson

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established.

Pledge of Allegiance

Public comments:


Secretary's Report:

Minutes of November 17, 2009 were approved.

Motion made by Ron Cole seconded by Melanie Robertson.


Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer's Report for December 2009

1) Monthly claim Register.

Treasurer's Report for December 2009
December expenses to date and expected:
Claims paid since the printed November report:$8,424.37
Payroll claims so far this month (one more scheduled):8,827.28 *includes FICA & ADP fee
Payroll claims still scheduled for this month (average):8,827.28 (Month total $17,654.56)
Outstanding ordinary November invoices:6,529.22
Anticipated ordinary December Total:$32,608.15
December Debt Service payment (due 1/1/2010):$100,500.00
Anticipated December Grand Total:$133,108.15
Outstanding January invoices:$12.00
Collection enhancement for November:
Non-print Materials:$1,282.50
Newspapers & Periodicals:$2662.7

2) On December 20th one of our First Farmers Bank CDs will be maturing. The principal of this CD was originally provided by both our Marmon & General Gift Funds in November of 2006. In your reports you have a spreadsheet that indicates the proportion of principal and interest attributable to each of those Funds. We intend to distribute the proceeds of this CD according to those calculations - $1,965.75 will be received into the General Gift Fund, and we will reinvest the Marmon portion of $3,498.83 in a new CD.

3) We have spoken to the County Auditor in regard to our December property tax distribution; she did not make a forecast as to the amount we should expect, but said that her goal is to make the distribution by the end of this month. That would be an improvement over recent years in which our December draws have been delayed by at least one month.

4) Our semi-annual mortgage payment will be due on January 1st, so we will be issuing that payment from our Debt Service Fund next week. The payment will be for $100,500.00, leaving a balance of $10,451.62 in our Debt Service Fund. The balance remaining on the mortgage will be $1,875,000 which we will retire in January of 2022.

5) Due to the effectiveness of our ongoing cost-containment efforts we will have adequate money remaining in our Operating Fund at the end of this year to transfer the budget authorized amount of $15,000 into our Library Improvement Reserve Fund (LIRF). We expect to make that transfer during the last week of this month. This is the first time in several years that we will be able to make such a transfer.

6) We received our 1782 Budget Notice for next year on December 11th. All of our Fund budget requests were approved as submitted except for LIRF which was reduced because the there will not be adequate revenue for that Fund to cover the requested appropriation. This reduction should not cause us any appreciable difficulties because we do not anticipate a significant degree of library improvement expenditures next year other than routine maintenance costs that we should be able to address with Operating Fund money. Ron Cole will attend the Monday, December 28, 2009 of the Marshall County meeting in case there are any questions to be answered.

7) During October we paid $2,742.38 in The Big Read expenses. We are concluding our The Big Read expenditures and reports, and should have final numbers next week. As predicted last month, during November our The Big Read expenditures exceeded the amount of grant money we have received thus far. Once the NEA receives and approves our final report they will distribute the balance of our grant award. Until we receive the balance of our grant money our monthly financial statements will show a deficit in our The Big Read Fund. This negative balance will be eliminated when we receive the remaining $2,800 (20%) of our The Big Read grant.

8) Jim has been working with the staff of Computrain to research and resolve the questions relating to the computation and accuracy of our monthly Income Report and Non Appropriation Financial Report. There have been several Faxes, emails, and phone calls back and forth during this process, and Computrain has remotely linked-into our system to take a copy of our files for examination. No satisfactory resolution has yet been determined; Jim is continuing to work on this issue and is currently investigating a discrepancy between monthly General Ledger reports and the Income Reports. We have printouts of all of the reports, Faxes, and emails that have been exchanged during this inquiry and you are welcome to review those documents if you so desire. These two reports have been run for November, but because we know that they are inaccurate copies have not been included in your packets of financial reports - when the issues have been resolved you will receive correct versions. We expect to have a more complete answer to this issue next month.

9) The Register of Claims can be approved at the monthly meetings. The October and November Register of Claims were approved at this meeting.

10) The Humbert Gift Fund was questioned last month due to a negative figure of $758.33. There is still something that is not correct on the Computrain and will need to somehow get the negative off the report.

Motion by Melanie Robertson , second by Peg Schuldt


Director's Report by Colleen:

Unique Management will be presenting to the Board the proposal for collecting past due fines next month.

The Public Library Standards have been changed and can be found on the website. Voting will take place on these changes by the Indiana State Library Board in January.

Stats for the different departments of the library were presented to the Board members. There are four elementary students working on the book drive for Riley Children's Hospital; their goal is 500 books and are close to that goal. Colleen will make sure that the Culver Citizen is notified and pictures are taken of these students.

Andrew is completing his classes and will be submitting the form for reimbursement to the Board next month.

Peg Schuldt, the library representative to the Park Board, presented her summary of the Park Board meeting to keep the Board members of the library updated on what is happening.

Old Business:

Policy Committee

The following policies were reviewed for approval:

  1. Internet Use Policy
  2. Meeting Room Policy
  3. Investment Policy
  4. Records Excepted from Disclosure Policy

Investment Policy: Ron Cole moved; Seconded by Carol Saft


Internet Policy: Changes were made to the previously approved policy on misuse of the internet and the penalties for misuse.

Melanie Robertson moved; seconded by Peg Schuldt


Records Excepted from Disclosure Policy: Follows Indiana State policy.

Peg Schuldt motioned; seconded by Carol Saft


Meeting Room Policy: There has been discussion throughout the State about this issue. Colleen read the following to the Board members:

This message is posted by the Indiana State Library in response to the recent question about excluding a specific group from library meeting rooms.

Based on United States Supreme Court cases, Indiana Supreme Court cases, and 7th circuit Federal cases, the following appears to apply with regard to library meeting rooms:

Libraries can set policies regarding the use of meeting rooms. However, if a library's meeting rooms are open to the public for a wide range of purposes, use restrictions should generally be limited to time, place, and manner restrictions.

Classes of use may be exempted so long as they are not viewpoint based. For example, commercial sales and parties may be prohibited, but libraries should be careful about excluding specific religious or political organizations. A number of U.S. Courts have found libraries in violation of the constitution because their room use policies prohibited religious and/or political meetings. It is permissible to turn away a religious or political organization that wants to use the room to have a party, if parties are prohibited under the library's policy. This is an example of an acceptable viewpoint neutral exclusion.

Of course libraries can create policies that will prevent groups from abusing the meeting room privileges, but those policies would have to be enforced equally among all groups that use the room, no matter what the subject matter. For example, libraries can prohibit the "regular" meetings' of organizations, so long as "regular" is defined with sufficient clarity. Libraries can also include provisions for handling groups that disrupt the library, etc.

Libraries can contact the Indiana State Library's Library Development Office for samples of acceptable room use policies.

Libraries seeking advice and counsel as to the legality of their room use policy should consult with their attorney.

The Board has asked that the committee once again review this policy and clarify the verbiage on damages to the property and deposits required. Carol Saft will contact the Lion's Club to see how their contract is worded and Board members are to email any suggestions they may have. The policy approval was tabled until next month.

The policy committee will be meeting during the month of January to discuss the Long Range Plan policy.

Finance Committee Report:

The Director presented a new salary schedule allotting the $5000 for salary increases. There was discussion on the allocation of funds and why one employee was receiving a much smaller increase than others. Colleen explained her thinking and rational.

Motion was made by Melanie Robertson to accept the salary increases presented by the Director; seconded by Ron Cole

Carol Saft requested that the other two members of the Board be present for the vote but since quorum has been established this was denied.

Voted Aye: Ron Cole, Melanie Robertson, Jim Hahn; Nay: Carol Saft; Abstained; Peg Schuldt. Abstention is noted as an Aye vote.

Salary increase for the Director to be increased by $1200.00 per year. Ron Cole presented the motion; seconded by Melanie Robertson.


Transfer of Funds to LIRF: See item #5 in the Treasurer's Report.

Marmon Gift Fund CD matures: See item #2 in the Treasurer's Report.

Motion by Peg Schuldt; seconded by Carol Saft


New Business:

New Board Meeting schedule was presented. Meetings will continue to be held the third Tuesday of every month unless otherwise posted.

Holiday closing schedule was presented with an addition of the day after Thanksgiving being added as a vacation day. The following days were approved:

2010 Holiday Closings
HolidayDate Closed
New Year's DayFriday, January 1
Presidents DayMonday, February 15
Memorial DayMonday, May 31
Independence Day*Monday, July 5
Labor DayMonday, September 6
Thanksgiving EveWednesday, November 24--close at 5 pm
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 25
Thanksgiving Day (Friday)Friday, November 26
Christmas EveFriday, December 24
Christmas DaySaturday, December 25
New Year's EveFriday December 31--close at 3 pm

Motion presented by Melanie Robertson; seconded by Carol Saft;


Jim Hahn presented Ron Cole with a certificate of appreciation for the years of service on the library board and a gift certificate from the Friends of the Library.

Adjournment: motion by Carol Saft and seconded by Ron Cole.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Saft