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CUTPL Board Minutes for January 2009

January 20th Board Meeting

January 30th Special Meeting

January 30th Executive Session

Public Board Meeting

January 20, 2009

Date: January 20, 2009

Time: 7:05 p.m. Ending Time: 8:30 p.m.

Place: Library Conference Room

Members: Jim Hahn, Alfred Nyby, Carol Saft, Ron Cole, Rita Lawson, Peg Schuldt, Melanie Robertson, and Director, Colleen McCarty.

Quorum was established by President Ron Cole.

The first month of each year there is to be a reorganization meeting. Ron Cole volunteered to serve for another term but the Indiana Library laws state that an executive committee member, consisting of president, vice president, secretary, and treasure, may not serve in the same position for a 2 consecutive year term. IC36-12-8-12. A discussion pursued asking board members to volunteer to run for the position of president. After some discussion on qualifications on whether a new board member should serve as president, but with none of the more established board members willing to accept the position, Jim Hahn was elected to serve as the new president of the board with 4 yeas; Jim, Alfred, Carol and Melanie, one nay; Rita and one abstained vote; Peg.

Secretary's Report: Carol thanked Colleen for forwarding the minutes to the board members. The board members were asked to check their emails on a daily bases to make sure that there is not information that needs to be responded to in a certain time frame. Peg Schuldt asked for a correction of a typo on page 3 where words were repeated. The correction was made and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Paid invoices and salaries in the amount of $15,408.95; the outstanding invoices are $4,257.18; expected expenses for the rest of the month $8,413. 31; anticipated totals expenses for the month are $28,079.44. The yearly budget for the library is approximately $540,000 and the library is looking to expend around $430,000. Alfred Nyby is working on a spread sheet to show the different expenditures so out-of- balance accounts can be detected. Some of the unrestricted small balances will be moved to the operating fund and accounts will be closed. The bank accounts have been reconciled each month. The treasurer's report was approved.

Alfred asked about other funds on the financial report with Jim Faulkner responding on how he will be setting up a separate payroll fund instead of putting it through operating fund. There was a discussion if employees are in the PERF fund which is handled by the payroll service, ADP, and is sent on to the PERF fund. Debit services showed a balance of $76,000 which was due to the amount of funds issued by the county at such a late date. This was a percentage calculated by the county at 70% since the county did not know how much refund they would be issuing. More funds will be issued by the county to meet our debit services.

State Board of Accounts report will be due March 1st and the library report is due February 2nd.

The books of December have not been closed because of some accounts needing adjustment to zero out the negative balance.

Director's Report: Three reappointments, for another 4 year term, were made to the library board; Peg Schuldt and Melanie Robertson from the school board and Alfred Nyby from the Marshall County Commissioners.

Food for Fines was a success with a total of $1,084 of dues being forgiven for food to the food bank of Culver.

The E-rate reimbursement is being monitored at the 70% reimbursement level. Should the free and reduced lunch count of the school system increase the rate could increase to 80%.

Theresa received her level 4 certification from the State and Colleen received her level 1 librarian certification.

On January 7th, Theresa, Colleen and Jim Hahn attended a meeting at the Monterey library addressing the Evergreen Project, the integrated library system. This is an open source system with is virtually free due to funding by the State. Jim commented that we need to monitor this closely to make sure that the monies would still be available from the State. The State is now offering a software system, the hardware, taking care of the system and taking care of some of the conversion cost of which the library is currently paying $1500 a year to Follet for these services.

Rick Schultz from the Academy will be displaying Asian art in the lobby of the library.

The Department of Commerce called and asked the library to be a center for the census to be taken. Colleen agreed to provide space to a person to answer questions about the census and for citizens to pick up the census forms.

Colleen will be doing a monthly article for the Culver Citizen informing the public of events being held at the library.

New subscriptions to 20 newspapers and magazine have arrived at the library with new arrivals being put on the library web page. All but the newest issue of the publication will be circulated.

Statistics for Children's Room were distributed with the latest event being "The Fancy Nancy Tea Party." Ali is working on a new web page for the Children's page and the Teen's page.

Andrew provided statistics for the usage of the computers and searches on the web. Many of the web searches evolve around the history of the area.

Colleen contacted Troyer Group about the cabinets and found out that they did not purchase the cabinets and the cabinets were not part of the bid. The cabinets were purchased by the previous Director in June of 2008.

The Policy and Procedure manual is being rewritten with the purchase policy being addressed and changed.

The weather policy was questions as to whether it makes sense to follow the closing of the school system. It was suggested that there may be a delay of opening of the library and possibility of closing early due to weather but should not be totally closed. Full time staff members are paid for these days but part time staff members are allowed to make up hours. Again, this issue will be addressed during the rewriting of the Policy and Procedure manual. A concern of parents dropping off children at the library when school is closed was addressed by Melanie. There should be a policy established about children at the library without adult supervision. Another concern was the library closing when other organizations have scheduled meetings.

The art prints have not been inventoried yet but Colleen has contacted Bob Nowak for assistance. The toothpick collection and the dollhouse have been found in storage. If there are concerns from the public about collections, please contact Colleen directly.

The elevator contracts were being evaluated by Al and Colleen. The library was contacted by the company holding the contract for 7 years and has increased each year. There was a concern that the contract was an automatic renewal by the company but the company said that they will work with the library on the cost.

Gov. Daniels is trying to consolidate jobs in the state and the library is in a real threat of being consolidated with larger libraries in the county. This holds true with school boards, fire departments etc. under the assumption that this will save the state money. We need to do whatever is possible to keep our library monies collected from Culver tax payer here at our library and not funding others.

Old Business: The budget was reviewed for the Operating Expenditures of books and non-print and salaries and wages where there may be some "wiggle room" for the year. The Ad Hoc committee will be meeting in April to start planning for the 2010 budget.

All recording of the board meeting minutes will be saved on a computer at the library so recordings will be available to the public.

Concerns were addressed by Carol Saft about a letter going out that was not reviewed by the Board's attorney. The first letter was sent out December 12, 2008 and this is a follow up letter dated January 20, 2009. Jim Hahn and Alfred Nyby will follow up with the attorney for his approval.

New Business: The Ad Hoc Policy Committee will be meeting Saturday, January 24th to start the process of updating and having the manual in compliance of Indiana library laws.

Public Comment: None

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Saft


Board Meeting

Special Session

Date: January 30, 2009

Time: 10:30 a.m. Ending Time: 10:50 a.m.

Place: Library Conference Room

Members: Alfred Nyby, Jim Hahn, Peg Schultz, Carol Saft, Ron Cole.

Absent: Melanie Robertson and Rita Lawson

Quorum was established by President, Jim Hahn.

The meeting was called to be in compliance with Indiana law where negative balances in accounts need change appropriation so no account or fund is over expended for the year. Alfred Nyby made the motion and Ron Cole second. No discussion; motion was approved.

The motion was made by Carol Saft to approve the adjustments of salaries and the clarification of job titles which were discussed in the executive session. Alfred Nyby seconded. No discussion; motion was approved.

No public comments.

Meeting was adjourned.

Executive Session

January 30, 2009


(1) Pay for employees and change of job titles: Per IC5-14-1.5-6.1 (6) To discuss job performance evaluations of individual employees. No subject matter was discussed in the executive session other than the subject matter specified in the public notice.