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Board Meeting 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

July 21, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: President James Hahn

PLEDGE of Allegiance to the flag

QUORUM: 6 members present, Melanie Robertson, absent; staff present, Jim Faulkner, Financial Manager

. Welcome to new member, Joyce Greeson

PUBLIC COMMENT; this will be a temporary change in the agenda timing: none given


. Two amendments to the June 16th minutes: "transcribed by Shirley Gut," to be added and a typo on last page changed "they"

. MSC to accept 6-16-09 minutes as corrected; motion to accept Ron Cole, seconded by Rita Lawson

. Request by Carol Saft, secretary, to have transcribed minutes sent to her for approval 2 weeks prior to scheduled Board meetings


  1. Monthly claim Register.
    July expenses to date and expected:
    Claims paid since the printed June report: $10,771.89
    Payroll claims so far this month (one more scheduled): 8,850.03 *includes FICA & ADP fee
    Payroll claims still scheduled for this month (average): 8,185.00 (Month total $17,035.03)
    Outstanding ordinary July invoices: 484.98
    Anticipated ordinary July Total: $28,291.90
    Outstanding August invoices: $3,985.46
  2. Colleen and Jim attended another regional annual Budgeting Workshop on June 16th. At that meeting they met with our local DLGF field representative and completed the worksheet for line 2 of Budget Form 4B to determine the remaining appropriation balances for each of our Funds for 2009. From that computation it appears that as of June 30th we have half or more of our annual appropriations remaining for this year in all four Funds. The Ad Hoc finance committee is preparing our proposed budget for 2010 and expects to provide that proposal to the board well in advance of next month's meeting at which we will consider adoption of our proposed Library Budget Estimate (Form 1). Initial publication of our proposed Library Budget Estimate must be made no later than September 2nd, but we expect to publish on August 26th.
    The Fifth Third Bank has been holding our Finney Trust money for several years; they informed us that due to a change in their policies we no longer had a sufficient balance in that account to qualify for their investment program. They issued a check for the proceeds of that Fund to us, and we have invested that money in a new CD as First Farmers Bank. Bank number eight has been added to your monthly Bank Register to record that new CD.
    We have requested a full distribution of our Humbert Gift Fund from the Marshall County Community Foundation. We have discovered because of the existence of the Public Deposit Insurance Fund (PDIF) that we do not need to invest the proceeds in an institution outside of Culver in order to ensure FDIC coverage. We expect to split this Fund into CDs at both of our local banks.
    Carol Saft requested a change in the format; Jim has this computer change progress
    .Question was raised about the time limit for holding outstanding checks it is to be looked into
    . Money transferred from the Marshall County Commission Fund requires a three week waiting period which is pending
    .MSC by Peg Schuldt, seconded by Ron Cole to accept the Treasurer's Report Approved.



Ad Hoc Finance Committee:

Calendar had already been discussed; need to have a quorum at the next meeting to be able to comply with the State regulations.

Andrew Baker's salary was up for discussion with the Finance Committee making a recommendation to raise his salary to $12.00 per hour putting him in line with the other employees of equal salary status.

. Motion by Rita, seconded by Carol for IT Andrew Baker's pay to be increased to $12.00 per hour. Approved

. Ad Hoc Policy Committee

. Employment Policy and Purchasing Policy

Last month the employment policy was given to the board members for review and distributed for a vote of approval at this July meeting. There was discussion about having more than one member of the same family to work at the library and be under the supervision. This section was deleted from the new policy.

There was a spelling correction made with motion made by Carol and seconded by Rita. Approved.

Schedule of Work Hours: Clarify the definition of "Staff members" which would include Pages.

Changes to be made;

There will be three employees at all times in the library with one of the three being a supervisor.

Change - to work may be scheduled during business hours

Part-time with benefits are eligible for vacation time only after one year of service. (see section 8.5)

Cross out Dental insurance

. Motion made by Peg, seconded by Ron to accept the amended version. Approved

. Register of Claims Mr. Nyby's name to be removed, replaced by Joyce Greeson

. Purchasing Policy to be discussed at August 18, 2009 meeting.

. Resolution to establish The Big Read Fund, motion made by Carol, seconded by Joyce. Approved

. AFLAC to be discussed August 18, 2009 meeting.

Motion was made for the meeting to adjourn; 8:30 p.m.

Transcribed by S. Gut

Reviewed by Carol Saft, Secretary