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CUTPL Board Minutes for June 2009

Board Meeting

June 16, 2009

Date: June 16, 2009

Time: 7:00 pm, ending time 9:30 pm

Place: Library Conference Room

Members: Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Ron Cole, Jim Hahn, Carol Saft

Staff: Colleen McCarty, director, Jim Faulkner, finance, Andrew Baker Computer tech

Absent: Peg Schuldt

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established, the President led the members of the board and the public in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report: no corrections for the May 19th meeting, motion to accept by Melanie, seconded by Rita, minutes accepted

Minutes May 19, 2009 motion to approve by Melanie, seconded by Rita, approved

Treasurer’s Report for June 2009

Discussion: need an immediate transfer of funds until monies are received approx $300.00 in interest is forthcoming from a money market account as of June 9, 2009; this amount is not on the attached statement, will be entered next month

Resolution #1: funds to be transferred and repaid when distribution is received

Resolution #2: Motion made by Rita, seconded by Ron to accept; motion carried

Treasurer’s report approved: motion made by Carol and seconded by Melanie, approved

Director’s Report:

Ali Schuldt Gaskill has had her baby, Wm Joseph Gaskill

Frances Kent has been hired to work Children’s for 20 hours a week; she is a retired 4th grade teacher, coming from St Michael’s, Plymouth IN

The Friends: to be thanked for the new display panels and the very successful program, The Passerby by Thomas Crowell; attendance was about 55 for the one hour program

Stats for May (see attached page) up from April, which is normal for this time of year. activities held at the library for May showed 27 days open with 50 meetings; attendance down slightly

Garden Club putting flowers into the outside urns

Evergreen Circulation program may replace Follett as soon as Nov 1, 2009; CUTPL is the 51st Evergreen Indiana Library; staff will receive training nearer to the installation date; a Code of Ethics is to be signed by staff, it is very similar to our existing one

Unfinished Business

New Business

Evergreen Code of Ethics, CUTPL existing vs proposed; items tabled for future discussion: Conflict of Interest agreements; vacation pay regarding a part time employee who has recently become a full-time employee

Finance committee report: (ref: Treasurer’s Report page 2 #5 June 16, 2009) (see attached statements)

Financial Manager is researching the area for deposit of this fund

Motion made by Ron Cole and seconded by Carol Saft to establish

Motion passed with Rita Lawson abstaining

Resolution # 3:

motion made by Carol Saft and seconded by Ron Cole

motion passed by all

Clerks leaving for college: Nick Arzola and Tiana Basham; candidate Volunteer Cameron Turney will be hired as a page.

CUTPL Logo needed: 5 samples will be place in the main lobby for patrons to vote on the one they like; an article will be placed in The Culver Citizen to announce contest with 7-10-09 the last day to vote

New Web Page presented by Andrew Baker: it is a work in progress; hoping to have this in place by July; Federal standards are being followed in creating this site

Question raised about when the State if IN will perform routine audit of CUTPL, unknown at this time

The Marshall Co Commissioners needs to appoint a library board member, this will be done soon

Public Comment: none

Meeting was adjourned 9:30

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Saft



Board Meeting June 16, 2009

Transcribed by Shirley Gut

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