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CUTPL Board Minutes for March 2009

Culver-Union Township Public Library Minutes

Date: March 17, 2009

Time: 7:00 p.m. Ending Time: 8:45 p.m.

Place: Culver Library Meeting Room

Members: Ron Cole, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Jim Hahn, Peg Schuldt, and Director Colleen Mc Carty.

Absent: Rita Lawson and Alfred Nyby

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established.

Secretary’s Report: Carol Saft presented the minutes from the February board meeting. There was one typing error which was corrected and minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Faulkner gave the treasurer’s report in the absence of Rita Lawson, board treasurer. The following was presented to the board:

Treasurer’s Report for March 2009

  1. 1) Monthly claim Register.
    March expenses to date and expected:
    Claims paid since the printed February report: $9,135.88
    Payroll claims so far this month (one more scheduled): 8,514.21 *includes FICA & ADP fee
    Payroll claims still scheduled for this month (average): 8,514.21 (Month total $17,028.42)
    Outstanding ordinary March invoices: 3,046.46
    Outstanding Troyer invoice: 2,801.79
    March Total: $32,012.55
    Outstanding April invoices: $703.40
  2. The Troyer Group did not bill us for the remaining balance when the Youth Area furniture was delivered. We discovered this oversight during analysis of our recent expenditures and informed them that we thought there was a balance due. They looked into the matter and have now invoiced us for the balance due: $2801.79
  3. The Library Annual Financial Report (LAR-1) for 2008 was completed and transmitted to the State Board of Accounts as required at the beginning of this month.
  4. The 2009 annual budget amounts have now been entered into the CompuTrain accounting program, so the percentages reported on the Appropriation Fund Report will be correct for the remainder of this year.
  5. We have received a notice from the County Auditors that the January 2007 Rainy Day Fund distribution of $75,451.00 was incorrect. According to State law this money, which derives from excess County Adjusted Gross Income Tax (CAGIT) revenue, is to be shared: 75% to local taxing units such as the library, and 25% to criminal justice facilities (the county jail). The Jail did not receive its share of that 2007 distribution, so this year, to make up for that error, all of the funds that ordinarily would go to Rainy Day Funds will instead be used to fund the jail – no Rainy Day distribution for us this year.
  6. On a somewhat related matter, we have received our first CAGIT distribution for this year. In contrast to the previous method of making those distributions semi-annually, they now intend to issue monthly distributions for that source of funding – they should be very predictable in both timing and amount because in the past there have always been two identical distributions per year. Based on the amount that we received for January through March we expect to receive $11,288.91 per month for the remainder of this year; about enough to meet approximately one third of our operating expenses.
  7. Our LIRF Investment Fund CD will mature this month with a value of $40,376.26. Due to past LIRF expenditures that were paid from the Operating Fund (because there were no LIRF account checks), LIRF still owes the Operating Fund approximately $32,000. We need to decide what to do with the $8,000 balance. Jim will be researching what returns are available from new CDs or other investment instruments. For the time being we may deposit the proceeds into our checking account until we determine the best use for this money.
  8. We are also considering Investing some of our Operating Fund cash balance into something that produces more than the (currently) .51% that we get on our checking account. Of course we want to ensure that we don’t get into a situation of needing the money before the investment instrument matures. We might see what other municipalities do with their cash-on-hand; we, of course, also need to make sure that whatever we do remains in compliance with legal restrictions. This is a matter for the Ad Hoc Finance committee to consider when it meets again on April 15th

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Jessica Jacko from the Indiana State Library showed a presentation on the Evergreen Integrated Library System (ILS) project. The Culver library is taking this under consideration and will decide whether on not to go to this new system.

Director’s Report:

A discussion was had on number 7 of the Treasurer’s report on what to do with the CD now located in the First National Bank of Monterey. The board members agreed that CD should be cashed in and the funds used to pay back the Operating Fund of $32,000 and the remaining balance to be used to pay the bill from Troyer Group for the Children’s library furniture. Two members of the Executive Committee (the four officer, James Hahn, Ron Cole, Rita Dawson and Carol Saft) of the Library Board will sign to redeem the certificate within ten calendar days of the CD’s maturity date which is March 21, 2009. The remaining dollars after paying the two bills will be put into the LIRF funds. At this point Colleen said there are not any improvements scheduled for the remaining of 2009. A motion was made by Ron Cole, seconded by Carol Saft; question was asked by Melanie Robertson about earning money if it be a little but the board agreed that bills needed to be paid and books needed to be balanced. Should there be money at any time left in LIRF a discussion could be held at what to do with the extra money. All members approved the motion.

Handyman Shawn Doty is working in the library and fixing repairs that are needed.

Ad Hoc finance committee will be meeting on April 15th and will report at the next board meeting.

Safe deposit box at First Farmers Bank needs to know who has access to the box. Jim Hahn reported that he and Colleen had spoken to the bank employee and it was suggested that at least two people with at least one of those two being a board member. The motion was made that the Director, with the bookkeeper of the library as an alternate should the Director be out of town, and all board members be put on the signature card for the safe deposit box. A resolution will be written and addressed at the next meeting.

A meeting at the Plymouth library concerning MetroNet will be held and Colleen and Andrew will be attending that meeting: March 30th at 10:00 a.m.

Circulation reports were distributed to the board members along with numbers of attendance of the different events which are required in the annual report to the State Library. Numbers will be kept month to month so we can know how the facilities are being used. Statistics for the Children’s room along with visits to outside schools were given. The Children’s library is gearing up for the summer reading program which has the theme of “Be Creative at Your Library.”

There was also a discussion on the policy for use of the meeting rooms. The board discussed the policy and agreed to make the change of deleting the meeting room upstairs and adding the new smaller meeting room downstairs. Ron Cole will check with the Lion’s Club to see the rental fees that are charged for the Depot to make sure that the Library is in line with rental charges and to make sure we are not at a lower price that could affect the Lion’s Club. This policy will be added to the policy and procedure book since it has been kept separate. The board approved two social meetings to be scheduled for the library meeting room; one in March 2009 and the other for June 2009.

Now that the budget is back on track, new books for the library are being ordered.

The Ad Hoc committee for revising the policy and procedures will distribute the revised By-Laws via e-mail to the board members for their review and for approval at the next scheduled meeting. The committee members will continue to submit revised portions until the revisions are completed. Carol Saft requested updated e-mails to make sure all board members are receiving documents.

By statute the library is required to put money into PERF for all full time employees. The full time employees that are now employed are not in PERF and the state has told us that the library is required to put in 8% (7.5% after 1/1/09) which means that the library needs to go back and put in that amount from the time the full time employee began their full time employment. The question is whether or not the employee will be required to also contribute to the back dollars owed. The amount will be calculated and reported at the next board meeting. Colleen and Jim Faulkner are working with PERF.

Carol Saft asked about the Evergreen presentation and what the library needs to do to find out more about this new program. The board members agreed that Jessica needs to return to the library and work with the staff and then have the staff members give feedback to the board members by the next board meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Saft


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