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November 17th Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes for 11-17-2009

Time: 7:10 pm - 8:15 PM

Place: Library Staff Room

Members: Ron Cole, Joyce Greeson, * Jim Hahn, President, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt; Library Director Colleen McCarty

All present

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established.

Pledge of Allegiance

Public comments:


Secretary's Report:

Minutes of 10-20-09 were approved with the correction to the last page concerning the debt service:

Motion made by Melanie Robertson seconded by Peg Schuldt


Treasurer's Report:

1) Monthly claim Register:

September expenses to date and expected:
November expenses to date and expected:
Claims paid since the printed October report:$9,831.27
Payroll claims so far this month (one more scheduled):9,486.12 *includes FICA & ADP fee
Payroll claims still scheduled for this month (average):9,486.12 (Month total $18,972.24)
Outstanding ordinary November invoices:9,538.41
Anticipated ordinary November Total:$38,341.92
Outstanding December invoices:$0.00
Collection enhancement for October:
Non-print Materials:$2,897.08
Newspapers & Periodicals:$0.00

2) You will notice that claims for October were $48,621.53, a significant increase from our normal monthly expenditures. Several factors contributed to this increase: October was one of the four months of the year with three payrolls; a quarterly PERF payment of $3,250 was due; we paid $3,484.50 in The Big Read expenses (see below); we increased our collection purchasing which had been restricted during recent months to ensure that we would stay within our annual budget for that category; finally, we had $1,392.62 in HVAC system repair & maintenance expenses.

3) Jim attended the Public Funds Management Seminar presented by the Indiana Treasurer of State's Office in Valparaiso on October 22nd. He spoke with Kelly Mitchell, the director of the TrustINdiana Investment management program. She indicated that in the current economic climate, the 2% return that we are earning on our money market account is about as good as we can expect to do while adhering to the legal restrictions on how public funds may be invested. The current yield provided by the TrustINdiana program is less than 1/2%. The seminar addressed a number of additional topics such as the Indiana Bond Bank which could provide low cost financing for capital projects, proper financial policies and procedures for local government, and the benefits of online banking and electronic Transfers of funds (ETFs). For those who are interested, Jim has copies of the TrustINdiana and Indiana Bond Bank materials that were distributed at the seminar, as well as access to the PowerPoint file of the entire presentation.

4) During October we paid $3,484.50 in The Big Read expenses: $1,950 for books, $875 for room & board for our guest lecturers, $200 speaker fee, $236 of radio advertisements, $200 for partial (about 30%) purchase price of our new camcorder, and $225 for theatrical performance licenses for Our Town. Total The Big Read expenses paid during September and October were $9,257.81. We are continuing to make additional The Big Read expenditures, and during November we will exceed the amount of grant money ($11,200) that we have received thus far. This will be necessary because the NEA will require our final The Big Read program financial report before they will distribute the balance of our grant award. We will be preparing and submitting that financial report as soon as we have completed all payments associated with our The Big Read program. Hopefully that will occur this month and we will receive the balance of our grant money expediently, but it is quite possible that our November financial statements will show a deficit while we wait for that final distribution. We expect that any such negative balance will be eliminated when we receive the remaining $2,800 (20%) of our The Big Read grant.

Tabled for the Dec 17th meeting:

Motion by Rita, second by Peg to table the Treasurer's report until the Dec. board meeting

Director's Report by Colleen:

Evergreen installation went very well; highly praised by Jessica Barnes trainer on staff education; especially Andrew's technical assistance

Recognition Night, Friday 11-16, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

US flag 3' x 5' presented to library from Shirley and Chester Gut to replace tattered one

Library to be closed 11-26 for Thanksgiving

Next Board meeting will be Dec 17, Thursday 2009-this is a change from usual meeting night

Colleen and Jim attended Financial and Annual Report workshops in Plymouth to prepare for the annual reports due in January and February 2010

The dates for the play Our Town, presented by CCHS :

Old Business:

Policy Committee

1. Purchasing Policy changes:

2. Internet Policy:

Motion to accept proposed Code of Conduct for patrons and children; the proposed internet policy, and the proposed expenditure limits as amended by Carol, seconded by Ron


3. Educational Re-imbursement Policy

Motion to accept this re-imbursement policy made by Rita and seconded by Peg


4. Consideration of the Collection Development Policy and Reconsideration of Materials Policy

Motion by Carol Saft seconded by Joyce Greeson to adopt these policies


5. Corrections Needed:

6. Consideration of the Employee Health Insurance coverage

Motion by Rita Lawson and seconded by Joyce Greeson to accept the committee's suggestions for the Library to pay for employee insurance


Executive Board session, 11-17-09 6:30 pm considerations:

Tabled for December meeting, the conference on Unique Management Inc.'s fine collection system

Adjournment: motion by Carol Saft and seconded by Ron Cole.


transcribed by S Gut

Reviewed by Carol Saft, Secretary