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CUTPL Board Minutes for August 2010

August 17th Board Meeting


Board Meeting August 17, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Place: Small Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Members Present: all

Public Comment: none


motion made by Peg to accept the May 18, 2010 minutes, seconded by Al



Financial Highlights for August 2010

Collection development for June:
Non-print Materials:$750.08
Audio Books:$51.46

2) During July we received a final 2008 PTRC distribution of $1,458.63. As directed by the County Auditor we have deposited that money into our Levy Excess Fund.

3) Per last month's resolution we have developed a Policy and Procedures document to control our use of electronic transfers of funds (ETFs). The Policy Committee will be reviewing that document at its next meeting, and we expect to begin using ETFs once that policy has been approved. The first time that we will be obligated to use an ETF will be for our third quarter PERF payment in October.

motion to accept made by Carol and seconded by Melanie



Circulation-summer reading is over and awards have been given

150 children, Ali's visit to school helped our attendance

26 adults

nationally speaking, CUTPL ownership of DVDs per capita is well above the average

Michigan City Library was giving away end-of-shelf racks for DVDs, we obtained 8 for our non-fiction DVDs


Peg, no meeting held


Policy committee will meet 8-31-10 to discuss the survey and Focus

group ideas:

3 staff members will be attending

results from the survey will be compiled in a notebook

Quick Hits are easy suggestions which can be implemented from the survey and focus groups

Finance committee

Co Council of Property Tax Budget review form

2.9% increase to our general fund budget

LIRF fund, asking for more money as a "safety" net

Rainy Day fund decreased

Budget form B is an estimate

22% less from 2011 CAGIT tax ($31,000 for us) to County gov't units

need to continue to be careful of spending, we should be fine

Forms 1 Budget 2011 estimate

everyone needs to sign

debt service $201, 000.00

operating $579,930

Form 3 goes to the newspaper, President, Secretary, and Treasurer

needs to sign

motion by Carol and seconded by Rita to accept Form 1


motion made by Joyce and seconded by Carol to accept Form 2


Budget calendar

9-7, 7:00 pm, public hearing, CUTPL

9-13, 10:00 am Plymouth Co Council

10-19, regular meeting and adoption of budget meeting, 7:00 pm


motion by Peg and seconded my Melanie to combine the two meetings for October (monthly Board and Budget adoption) to 10-28-10.


Ad Hoc Financial Committee

a fixed asset inventory is needed to satisfy Indiana state requirements, updated every two years

Insurance appraisal

Scot McKinnis is taking Bob Kline's place as our Insurance agent since Bob has retired from Miller-NorCen

Dan Buchland-can do fixed assets and insurance appraisal estimated cost total is $12,000

concern that Museum materials that the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver owns are insured by the Antiquarians Society does not pay rental for room

CUTPL paying all utilities, office space

President Jim Hahn will speak to the Jim Peterson about the Board's insurance concerns

from survey, CUTPL needs more meeting rooms, groups are presently being turned away

microfilm and microfiche reader are housed in museum but the library bought these with grant monies

Blueprints of CUTPL should be stored out of the building


a request for reimbursement to Polly Wolf for a cataloging class at Ivy Tech last fall for $393.95.

motion to pay this amount by Rita, seconded by Joyce


presentation of Register of Claims covering 7-1-10 to 7-31-10

total amount $54,356.01

less $20,000.00 from transfer of funds

final total $34,356.01, motion to accept by Al, seconded by Carol


Question raised about making the Ad Hoc financial committee permanent

existing committee has functioned for 18 months

general discussion

ADJOURNMENT: motion by Carol, seconded by Peg

Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson