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CUTPL Board Minutes for February 2010

February 16th Board Meeting


Board Meeting February 16, 2010

TIME: 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

PLACE: Large Meeting Room

MEMBERS: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt



MEMBERS PRESENT: (5) Al, Rita, Melanie, Joyce, Carol


Handout given

Correction of 1-19-10 minutes, page 3 – Tammy Shaffer not Gary Shaffer

Motion by Carol and seconded by Joyce to accept the minutes with the correction



Collection enhancement for January:
Non-print Materials:$85.21

2) On February 1st we received our annual distribution of Excess CAGIT revenue in the amount of $26,619.05. Of that $3,299.66 is for the Operating Fund, and $23,319.39 is for our Rainy Day Fund. Excess CAGIT revenue is distributed 50% to correctional facilities and 50% to all other municipalities. As you will recall we did not receive any money from this source last year because, due to an error, the jails had been left out in 2008. We were told that we would not receive any Excess CAGIT distributions until the jails had been fully compensated for the funds that they missed in 2008; since we did get a distribution this year that repayment must be complete and we can anticipate that if there are Excess CAGIT receipts in the future we will participate in their distributions.

3) The discrepancies on the Non-Appropriation and Monthly Income Reports have now been corrected; they were the result of an undocumented setting switch in the annual Budget set-up procedure. You will notice that on the Income Report the Year Beginning amounts are negative for our Operating Fund receipt accounts – this is okay because they are estimated “contra-expenditure” items. [Expenditure accounts are stated as positive amounts, revenue accounts are stated as negative amounts.] Monthly receipts are recognized as positive amounts and added to the previous month’s beginning balance (which will usually be a negative amount). Over the course of the year the actual receipts will cause the negative ending balance values to rise toward zero – you can see this process in effect on page one of this month’s Income Report. If the Year Ending Balance in any of these accounts is a positive number we will have received more than was originally estimated, if they are still negative we will not have received the full estimated amount; if our estimates are all perfect, these accounts will end the year with balances of exactly zero.

4) Jim is currently preparing the Library’s annual financial report (LAR) which the SBOA requires to be published by the end of February; he expects to complete that report by the end of this week.



Park Board rep. is not present, no report given


Policy Committee & Finance Committee corroboration:


Motion was made by Rita and seconded by Carol that the amendments made to the purchasing policy be accepted


Motion made by Melanie and seconded by Rita to accept the resolution establishing credit cards and charge accounts use


Motion was made by Carol and seconded by Melanie to accept the amended meeting room policies

MSC: each member will be given a hardcopy of these policies

Long range planning (3 to 5 year hence) presented by the director:

survey will be presented to the public for their input; probably in May and June of 2010

2 focus mtgs will be conducted by Jessica Jacko (Barnes)

a. Vision for the library and the community

b. Measurable goals in conjunction with the Indiana State standards and community input

Ad Hoc Finance Committee

Discussion for the partial transfer of funds in the First Farmer Bank and Trust checking account to attain more interest

a Money Market Savings plus would be the vehicle

a motion to do so was given by Rita and seconded by Carol


The possible purchase of a machine to resurface DVD’s was discussed

RESOLUTION for safe deposit box authorized entry was presented

authorized are the Officers of the Board, Library Director and Financial Manager

for 2010 they are: James Hahn, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson Melanie Robertson, Colleen McCarty, James Faulkner

Motion made by Carol, seconded by Joyce


RESOLUTION to establish a $.40 mileage for library business

motion made by Melanie and seconded by Rita


two people will begin to deposit backup tapes to the lockbox this week

each member was asked if they had their request forms for receiving Board business documents

Presently the Board president, the VP, and the treasurer can sign checks

Motion was made by Rita and seconded by Carol to adjourn


Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson

© 2014 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN