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CUTPL Board Minutes for January 2010

January 19th Board Meeting


Board Meeting January 19, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:50 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

All members present

Public Comment: none

Presentation: Unique Management Services, Inc, Library Division (UMS)

Mr. Bruce Smith

Modular transfer is automated; 90 day trial for start up

45-60 days over due is kick in time, usually

when average balance reaches $20.00

automatically attaches a late fee of $10.00 to patron's account

once a week Jeffersonville is alerted of $25.00 overdues

Names, addresses, phone numbers/e-mails, driver's licenses used for tracking of patrons

Modular can recognize special patron's to bypass: staff, Board, etc

the Evergreen System is already affiliated with UMS so no fee will be assessed

the loaning library will get the items and/or fee

"gentle nudge" is patron contact ideology, will typically

retrieve 25% of moneys and 75% of materials

hardship cases can be addressed

Notices: #1, 3 weeks to answer

#2 credit issue listed, 2 weeks to answer

3 personal phone call

# 4 Larger credit agencies notified

other libraries using UMS will be supplied to CUTPL

juveniles and their parents are treated differently

recognizes the 2% of hard to collect accounts

Secretary Report: Carol Saft

submitted, moved to accept by Melanie and seconded by Peg

MSC with Rita and Al abstaining

Treasurer's Report for December 2009

Collection enhancement for December:
Non-print Materials:$2,236.56
Newspapers & Periodicals:$167.99

On December 30th we received our second semi-annual property tax distribution in the amount of $210,887.24. Of that $121,419.92 is for the Operating Fund, and $89,467.32 is for Debt Service. On January 5th we received our December CVET and FIT distributions. After all of those receipts our Debt Service Fund balance is $100,364.23, which means that if we don't receive our June distribution before the July payment becomes due we will need to make another internal loan to keep that Fund out of deficit.

2) Our semi-annual mortgage payment was paid in late December and has already cleared, so our December report balances are after that item. The balance remaining on our mortgage is $1,875,000 which we will retire in January of 2022.

3) This month we have received our first monthly CAGIT distribution for this year. The amount of $11,609.75 is slightly higher than last year. This is sufficient to cover approximately one third of our typical monthly operating expenses.

4) We have opened a New Marmon Gift Fund CD to replace the one that matured in December. Your monthly Bank Register report shows that we no longer hold that Fund in Fifth Third Bank (#3 on that report) and it has a new item (bank #9) to record and report the activity in that new CD.

5) By statute [IC 5-13-7-6 and IC 5-13-7] we must meet annually during January to elect financial officers, to receive and review a summary Annual Investment Report from our investing officer, and to review our overall investment policy. We have not formally done this in the past. Jim has prepared a prototype report for this purpose, based on the suggested format proposed by the State Library, but enhanced with additional information that should make the report more meaningful. Since this is a new report we should discuss its features so that we agree upon a standard format that we will expect to use every year.

6) Alfred Nyby is replacing Jim Hahn on the ad hoc Finance committee. That committee is working on developing our categorized spending targets for this year, and Alfred is preparing a new version of the Annual Operating Fund

Projection spread sheet to reflect those new goals.

7) Alfred will also be assisting Jim with investigation of the discrepancies in the Non-Appropriation and Monthly Income Reports produced by the CompuTrain accounting software.

8) During December we paid or adjusted $2,041.67 in The Big Read expenses. That concludes our The Big Read expenditures. As expected our The Big Read Fund expenditures currently exceed the amount of grant money we have received thus far. Once the NEA approves our final report they should distribute the balance of our grant award. Until we receive the balance of our grant money our monthly financial statements will continue to show a deficit in our The Big Read Fund. That negative balance will be eliminated when we receive the remaining $2,800 (20%) of our The Big Read grant.

Moved to accept by Carol, seconded by Joyce



as given by Jim Faulkner, Colleen is ill

Circulation stats will be presented in February

Lab had 783 patrons in Dec 2009, with 88 reference questions;

Feb stats will bill electronic, a format is being addressed

Donation to the children's department

The Girl Scout's asked to sell cookies at the entry ways, but were denied because of existing library policy

Colleen will be meeting with fulltime staff members to set 2010 goals

Rita Lawson and Ali Gaskill attended the mock Caldicott award selection and were thrilled to have agreed with the first place winner

Staff education: reimbursement was approved for courses taken by the following:

Motion to pay Barb for education made by Carol and seconded by Joyce


Motion to pay Andrew for education made by Joyce and seconded by Melanie


CUTPL Park board representative, Peg Schuldt, reported on newly elected Park Board members: Pres Leroy Bean, VP Tammy Shaffer


Culver Lion Club rental policy was presented as a guide for our meeting rooms, the committee will table this until the February Board Meeting.

Long Range Planning will advertise for members from the community, Friends, business, etc for goal setting of the library for 2010 for the next 5 Years


2010 members:

2010 officers for the Ad Hoc Finance Committee: Pres Ritaec Joyce, Al Nyby, Jim, Colleen

MSC to accept these members for the Ad Hoc Finance Committee

Slate for Library Board was presented:

MSC to accept slate of officers

Comment that our CUTPL Website is really outdated, this will be addressed by the director

The question for activating the Unique Management, Inc for the collection of fees and fines will be tabled until the February meeting


motion made by Carol, seconded by Rita