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CUTPL Board Minutes for July 2010

July 20th Board Meeting


Board Meeting July 20, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Members present: President- James Hahn, Joyce Greeson, Rita Lawson, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Peg Schuldt

Public Comment: none



June 16, 2010 minutes read, motion to accept by Al, seconded by Rita



Financial Highlights for July 2010

Collection development for June:
Non-print Materials:$991.33
Audio Books:$294.68

2) During June we received our second semi-annual tax distributions for property tax, financial institution tax and vehicle excise taxes. The total amounts were $162,079.71 for the Operating Fund and $116,786.90 for the Debt Service Fund.

3) Our second annual mortgage payment, $100,500.00 due on July 1st was paid on June 21st. Because we received our tax distributions before that payment was due we did not have to make a temporary internal loan to the Debt Service Fund from the Operating Fund. In fact we received enough to also cover our next mortgage payment that will be due in December; our Debt Service Fund balance is $116,651.13.

4) During June we made our annual transfer of $15,000 from the Operating Fund to LIRF, and we transferred $56,300 to the Rainy Day Fund per last month’s resolution.

5) Our claim register for this month shows abnormally high distributions of $412,506.14; this figure is misleading for several reasons. First, it includes $100,500 for our semi-annual mortgage payment. Next, it includes $195,000 of transfers among our various bank accounts for the purpose of ensuring the best practical interest return, and it also includes the $71,300 in inter-Fund transfers. The remaining $45,706.14 in actual payments includes several annual payments for software licensing, insurance policies, databases and the majority of our yearly periodicals subscriptions; once those items are recognized, the remaining total for June is in line with our typical monthly expenditures.

) Our proposed budget for 2011 has been prepared and Colleen and Jim met with our regional DLGF representative, Kurt Ott, on June 3rd to submit the proposed budget for initial review. As a result of that meeting most of our required budget forms have been prepared, but final versions have not been completed pending response to some questions that we have submitted to the DLGF. We anticipate that our remaining budget process will run smoothly once those updated forms have been prepared.

motion made to accept by Joyce, seconded by Al




Children’s: 146 signed up for Summer Reading compared to 44 in 2009;

visitors in June: 1392

DVD % down, but juvenile fiction books circ. was 1434 compared to 1172 in 2009

Adults: 24 signed up for Summer Reading compared to 8 in 2009


turning away non-profits, rooms not available

71 meetings of non-profit groups

690 attending


2010 use is down compared to 2009, other libraries show this also since we record usage manually our count may be off

the new Server is up and running, with the old one being held for a few days to be sure all is ok

new virus protection is working for all computers

back up time is half of the old system’s

all laptop hardware has been updated

migration still needs to be done

hen finished Office 2010 and Windows 7 will be operational

quarterly maintenance has been done

NEWSLETTER, 1st copy, "The Maxinkuckee Reed" very well received, edited by John Gaskill


backdoor handle and leak in the supplies room being addressed

water bill not received yet, but should be lower this month; last month was high because of a toilet leak


Polly and Barb will to attending an Evergreen training 7-22 at Zionsville; they will be staying the night 7-21; this training will permit them to train others to catalogue


Peg , none



2 Focus meetings have taken place, with four primary concerns identified:

Connect to the online world

Visit a comfortable place

Understand how to find, evaluate and use information

Create young readers

SURVEY 176 responses

graphs and details will be forthcoming

Staff highly praised


#6 of treasurer report, forms are being reviewed

Budget calendar

8-17 very important Board meeting

8-19 and 8-26 budget will be published

9-7 will be a public hearing at 7:00

9-13 Colleen will attend a County Council meeting in Plymouth;

this is a nonbinding recommendation meeting

10-28 will be a meeting which ends our 45 day waiting period and we may adopt our budget

11-1 is the last official date for adoption of 2011 budget


Resolution presented, motion to accept by Peg, seconded by Melanie


CAUTIONS suggestions by Joyce:

delay time may vary

lead time may vary

bank option E or check, library needs to clarify

Jim says CompUTrain has facility for hard copies


1st complete month 6-30

18 accounts submitted, $144.00 received

payment may vary when items are returned

CUTPL not charged for this service yet


PowerPoint showing The Third Place according to author Oldenburg; the library is such a place; this was shown to the Focus Group; it was a series of photos telling about CUTPL staff, service, facilities, Friends

DVD was put together by Andrew and Ali

the question of shelving was discussed, specially why the same author can be in several places; our catalogers are trying to adjust this if possible

Adjournment was moved by Joyce and seconded by Peg


Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson, Secretary

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