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CUTPL Board Minutes for June 2010

June 15th Board Meeting


Board Meeting June 15, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:14 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt, Joyce Greeson

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Members absent: Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson

Quorum present

Public Comment: none

Secretary Report: Minutes corrected re: members and members absent


Treasurer Report:

Financial Highlights for June 2010

Collection development for May:
Non-print Materials:$986.40
Audio Books:$243.67

2) The budget cycle for 2011 has begun; we attended the first annual Library Budget Workshop on June 3rd, and the ad hoc Finance Committee is working to prepare our Fund estimates and required information and Forms.

3) Our new Purchase Order system has been in use for about three weeks; twenty-six POs have been issued so far. The response by our purchasing agents has been quite favorable. They appreciate the ability to continuously track their expenditures so that they can always know how much of their department's annual budget is remaining at any time. Some of our vendors have also recently requested Purchase Orders, so this implementation was conveniently just in time to satisfy those requests.

4) Our second semi-annual property tax distribution is due this month; we have been advised by County Treasurer's office that it is expected to be on time.

5) Our second annual mortgage payment will be due on July 1st. We currently do not have enough in our Debt Service Fund to make the full payment. Due to this situation, if our June distribution is not received by early next week we will have to make a temporary internal loan to the Debt Service Fund from the Operating Fund. The amount required would be $135.37, and a resolution authorizing such a loan is to be considered during this meeting.

Alfred made motion to accept Register of Claims, Peg seconded


Director Report:

R.J. Noel replacing Patrick Thornburg as Computer Lab Clerk, Patrick moved out-of-state

Maeve Kline starting as a page to replace Cameron Turney, who will be leaving us in July

The FOL will hold a book sale this Saturday from 9-2

We received a thank-you letter from Sgt. Will Robertson, stationed in Afghanistan, for the books which the CUTPL FOL sent to our troops stationed there; letter was read aloud

We turned over 14 accounts to Unique Management Collections in June. 3 are paid in full, 1 has returned items but not yet paid, and there was 1 bad address. Their "gentle nudge" approach seems to be working well so far.

Our e-rate discount has increased to 80% (it has been at 70% for several years) because our school free and reduced lunch rate has increased to 54.28%.

We have 91 children signed up for summer reading and 15 adults, with registrations still coming in.

Our water usage has tripled according to our last meter reading; our numbers have never been in this range over the last 18 months; our maintenance person Sean Doty could find no leaks and we have called Bennett's in to assess the situation.

Polly and Barb in our Library Technical Services area attended an EI cataloging roundtable in Rochester on May 11 and continue to improve our cataloging records

Director attended a Marshall County Library directors meeting on June 11. These are held bimonthly

Report from CUTPL Park Board Representative

Peg Schuldt reported on most recent meeting of the Park Board: beach hours were changed. They will charge for beach use on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 7pm. There will be no charge on Monday through Thursday for those same hours. There will be a lifeguard present at those times.

Old Business

Ad Hoc Policy Committee

Committee will review our Library patron privacy policy

As of today we have 143 completed surveys and 27 volunteers to attend July Focus Groups.

We have prepared 1000 surveys (done in-house to save the $300-$500 it would have cost for professional copying). These will be inserted in this week's Culver Citizen.

State Librarian Coordinator Jessica Barnes will meet with the committee on Tuesday June 29 to discuss the format of the Focus group meetings. She will be our facilitator

Ad Hoc Finance Committee

We have received a second quote for replacement of leased copier. It was decided that we would try to complete the lease with this one (last payment is due January 2011) and then decide whether to purchase or replace. This decision needs to be made 60 days before end of lease.

According to Settlement Deputy Auditor Neysa McFarland we should be receiving our June draw at the end of this week or early next week.

Director spoke to Todd Samuelson of Umbaugh Financial who said that we would suffer income tax liability if we refinanced our mortgage bond, since we already refinanced once in 2006. The next call date is July 15, 2016. The bonds are scheduled to be paid in full on Jan. 15, 2022.

The Committee recommends that the Board authorize a transfer of operating Funds to Rainy Day Fund by June 30. Carol Saft suggested that we transfer 10% of the Operating Fund budget. Discussion followed. Board decided to transfer $56,300 to Rainy day and signed a Resolution to do so.

The next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for Monday June 21 when the members will work on the 2011 budget.

New Business

Resolution to Establish Non-Resident Fees

Since CUTPL per capita has dropped to $131.36 from $148.41 we can lower the amount of our non-resident fee, which was $150 in 2009. The Board discussed the matter and decided to lower the fee to $135 per year and signed a Resolution to do so.

The Board discussed 2 more Resolutions: "To Authorize Electronic Fund Transfers" and "To Pay Bills with Prior Approval" It was decided to table these Resolutions until next month when we will discuss how we will insure that the Board Treasurer will approve all electronic transfers.

The Board decided to donate the Library tents to the Friends of the Library.




Minutes submitted By Colleen McCarty, Director