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CUTPL Board Minutes for March 2010

March 16th Board Meeting


Board Meeting March 16, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:25 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Members present.: President- James Hahn, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Public Comment: Charlotte Hahn presented an invitation to the Board from the Friends' for a luncheon 4-4-10 at noon to be shared with the library staff

Secretary Report: Melanie

moved to accept by Carol and seconded by Al with no corrections


Traeasurer's Report

Financial Highlights for March 2010

Collection development for February:
Non-print Materials:$484.31

2) Per last month's motion, on March 2nd we opened our new Money Market Plus savings account at the First Farmer's Bank & Trust. At that time we moved $280,000.00 from regular checking account into this new account, leaving about $60k in checking, enough for about two months of normal operations. That should be a satisfactory arrangement because we can transfer money six times per month at no charge, which should allow us more than enough liquidity to be prepared for any cash-flow contingency. The new account should receive at least 1/2% higher interest rate than the regular checking account, so we expect an appreciable increase in our interest earnings. Next month we will have received our first statement on this account and will be able to better evaluate the actual results of this change at that time.

3) Our LAR-1 annual financial report for 2009 was completed and submitted to the SBOA on February 24th and published in the Plymouth Pilot on the 27th as required by state regulations.

4) We received our final distribution of The Big Read grant money from Arts Midwest on March 1st. This distribution of $2,800.00 closes the financial book on our The Big Read program, and eliminates the deficit that your Monthly Financial Reports have been showing for Fund # 535; on the March reports The Big Read Gift Fund will show a balance of $0.00.

5) Our Audit Report noted incidents of expenditures that were disallowed as not being within permitted uses of public funds. Per SBOA regulations any disallowed expenditures become the obligation of the responsible library personnel, in this case the previous library director, Carol Jackson. As was reported in the SBOA Audit Report we have received full reimbursement for all disallowed items from Ms. Jackson.

6) In April the annual budget cycle will begin again with a Public Library Budget workshop presented by the DLGF and Indiana State Library. These workshops are intended for Library directors and financial staff; they explain the budgeting process and objectives, review the forms required to complete the budget process, present the budget annual calendar and its target dates, and highlight any important legal and procedural changes to the process as compared to the previous year. We expect to attend this workshop in late April.

7) We are developing a new Purchase Order system that we expect to be implementing by next month. Use of POs was one of the items cited in our Audit report as an opportunity for improvement. A benefit that we anticipate from the system that we are developing will be the ability to continuously track expenditures by each of our sub-departments such as Large Print Books or Audio Books throughout the year so that each of our purchasing agents will always know how much of that department's annual funding remains. The PO form is nearly complete, the PO tracking system is ready, system documentation is under development, and purchasing staff are being trained and consulted about what features they need and want in the finished system.

moved to accept by Melanie, seconded by Peg


Director's Report

Polly Thompson Wolf and Barb Maves attended a cataloger's workshop, now are Cataloger #1 status

Stats (reminder Feb was a short month)

notice of a Trustee Training session in Rochester on 3-23-10 at 4:30 pm; RSVP's need to be made three days in advance

National Library Week is April 11-17th, the Friends of the Library will sponsor a noon luncheon for the Board and staff in the large meeting room 4-14-10

Curtis Bejes, MD of North Judson will present a program4-8-10 a Thursday at 7:00 pm on heart disease

fulltime staff members are being reviewed and goals are being discussed; Web Junction, online courses, are available for continued staff competency provided by the Indiana Library Federation; review checklist suggestions are being used in staff reviews

the annual Evergreen meeting in May will be attended by four staff members: Colleen, Andrew, Polly and Teresa; Indy is the location

Boiler inspection has been made, everything is fine

Property tax notices should be coming out soon, with disbursements due in June


an Easter Egg Hunt and swim lessons are planned

boat slips are still available

Old Business

Ad Hoc committee reported by Carol and Colleen

still reviewing standards

long range plan survey almost ready; using Survey Monkey website a minimal cost of $20.00 per month; June thru August the surveys will be presented

Policy committee, no report

Finance Committee moved by all and seconded by Peg to contract

Unique Management for the 90 day trial for April thru July 2010


Format for Board reports are all in

Projector continues to malfunction; a new one will run anywhere from $1000 to $3000

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New Business

Technology Report - Andrew

replacement timelines:

Servers (3) domain control, utility, and web server

Staff and Public PCs- no action, were new in 2008; usually have a 5 year life

Laptops: 4-5 new in 2001, 4-5 new in 2006, so 2013 replacement target date

Software update paths (2) MicroSoft Windows and MicroSoft Office 2007 edition; looking to update in 2010 when it becomes available; Windows XP's and Vista will need licensing

Indiana legislature - Colleen

CUTPL is legally a Class #1 library, (Class C library for population served)

#HB1086 allows for teachers living outside our district to have Evergreen residence privileges; a resolution to this effect will be addressed at the April board meeting; this is alread in our policy rules

Trustees may now serve 16 consecutive years; with a 4 year lapse, 16 more years are possible

$10.00 is the minimum for a collection agency to seek payment

2011 session with vote on the property tax cap, this will impact CUTPL

Nov 2010 will look again at the consolidation of libraries as outlined in the Kernan-Shepard report

children must be 7 years old to receive an Evergreen card

Adjournment 8:25

Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson