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CUTPL Board Minutes for May 2010

May 18th Board Meeting


Board Meeting MAY 18, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Members present: President- James Hahn, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

Public Comment: none

ANDREW: Report on newly purchased projector:

Viewsonic PJDG251, from Amazon

Warranty: bulb 1 year, unit 3 years

Price $900.00

definite higher quality


correction of meeting time to 7:00 to 9:00 pm

moved to accept corrected minutes by Peg and seconded by Al


TREASURER'S Report by Jim Faulkner for Rita

Financial Highlights for May 2010

Collection development for April:
Non-print Materials:$229.75
Audio Books:$10.97

2) Our new Purchase Order system has just been implemented. Use of POs was one of the items cited in our Audit Report as an opportunity for improvement. With this system we will be able to continuously track expenditures by each of our departments throughout the year so that each purchasing agent will always know how much of that department's annual budget remains.

3) We have purchased a new projector to replace our old unit which was failing. The price was $911.47 which will appear on next month's Register of Claims.

4) Total claims for April were $42,524.52, about $10,000 more than in most months. That difference is due to our quarterly PERF contribution and that there were three pay periods in April.

moved to accept the financial report by Carol, seconded by Melanie



Thank you to Ali Gaskill for the use of her projector for the last two weeks while we waited for the new one

Thank you also to the Friends for the reframing of the paintings by Carrie Bash, which will be hung next week in the Children's room

Thank you again to the Friends for the flowers in the court yard and the mini-garden in the back of the building

Sean Doty was able to remove the graffiti with a solvent and sand blasting various buildings in town were also spray painted

5-11-10 the annual Evergreen meeting in Indianapolis was attended by:

to date there are 66 live Evergreen systems, plus the Indiana State collection and growing rapidly

in Dec 2010/Jan 2011 there will be Evergreen upgrades:

5-19-2010 CUTPL will host an INSPIRE 2 hour training sessions for Library Education certification given by Jessica Jacko (Barnes)

Whiting Public Library was shown CUTPL policy manual and has been given permission to use it as a guide for their policy manual

Red Cross will present a 3 hour training session 6-12-10 from 12:30-4:00 pm

Ali has volunteered for the Indiana Library Federation, Turn a Page Literacy Project

a server is being evaluated by Andrew and Chester Tech. a second quote is pending


Adult services - Census workers continue daily meetings

Unique Management has been contacted, 10 accounts are pending



Ad Hoc Committee report

Long Range Planning, 75 responses, of which 17 will serve in the Focus Group

Format for Board reports are all in


Technology Report - Andrew

replacement timelines:

Ad Hoc Committee report

Long Range Planning Survey

Finance Committee

Motion made by Carol, seconded by Peg to adjourn


Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie 6-11-10