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CUTPL Board Minutes for November 2010

November 16th Board Meeting


Board Meeting November 16, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm

Place: Large Meeting Room

Members Present: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Peg Schuldt

Ab: Carol Saft

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Public Comment: none

Secretary Report: Melanie

2 corrections to the October minutes: (g) on flag, MCS changed to MSC

motion to accept minutes as corrected by Joyce and seconded by Rita



Andrew is working on a condensed tech disaster recovery plan summary for the policy manual;

a computer usage tracking system for the lab and children's depts. is in place

Polly Wolf and Barb Maves taught a Cat #1 class for 8, 11-16-10, with Judy Hill, advising when necessary; Ms Hill represents Evergreen Indiana for the State

The Friends of the Library:

holiday decorations for planters in the courtyard,

monies for Santa gifts

will decorate the Christmas tree and Library 11-19

providing 20 copies of the Alchemist for Children's new partnering rogram with Culver Community High School; Ali will be conducting session at the CCHS

Started monthly manager written reports from IT, Circulation, financial, Children's, Library Tech services

2011 holiday schedule will presented at the next meeting


Financial Highlights for November 2010

Collection development for October:
Non-print Materials:$702.56
Audio Books:$554.10

1) This month we are introducing a new item into this monthly Financial Highlights report. Due to a recent change in SBOA reporting rules, any transfers of funds between our bank accounts are reported in our Financial Statements as both receipts and disbursements; as a result any transfer overstates both our actual revenue and actual expenditures. The attached General Ledger Report for our Transfers account (#100.000.9999) shows all of our bank account to bank account transfers for the year. As you can see from the last two items (claims #7697 and #7723) we made two of these transfers in October totaling $35,000. Comparing that to the "Disbursements This Month" column of the Financial Report by Fund for our Operating Fund indicates monthly expenditures of $71.527.01, but the actual claims paid to vendors and suppliers was actually only $36,527.01. Similarly in the Year to Date column reported expenditures shows $1,016,346.88 while actual is only $375,046.88, and the "Receipts" columns show precisely identical overstatements.

Transfers and actual Operating Fund Receipts and Expenditures for the Month and Year to Date:
Monthly TransfersMonthly ReceiptsYear-to-Date ReceiptsMonthly ExpendituresYear-to-Date Expenditures

2) As you can see by examining our Financial Report by Fund and Appropriation Financial Report reports, our current Operating, Debt Service and other Fund Balances all should be adequate to meet our expected requirements for the remainder of this year. We anticipate our semi-annual December draw to be on time next month, and expect to receive about $120,000 for our Operating Fund and approximately $80,000 to the Debt Service Fund. That distribution, along with our monthly CAGIT revenue should carry us until our next distribution in June. Thanks to strict adherence to the effective system of financial controls that we have developed over the past few years and continued careful oversight, we are in a sound financial position. Credit for this positive result should also go to the State and County for putting their affairs in order which has resulted in elimination of delays in distributions and greater accuracy in forecasting of projected revenues.

3) Colleen and Jim will be attending the annual SBOA Bookkeeping Workshop in Plymouth on Thursday. This meeting typically covers any notable changes to the State laws and regulations that govern use and treatment of Library assets, discussion of issues that are of concern to State regulators, reminders of Year-end duties, and the requirements for preparation of the mandated Library Annual Report.

motion to accept the treasurer's report made by Peg and seconded by Melanie



No quorum no meeting


Report from the Antiquarian & Historical Society - Jim Sawhook

nothing at this time

Ad Hoc Finance committee

Salaries adopted

Jon Gaskill's hours changed from 10 to 20 hrs, with increase

Ali Gaskill, raise to meet her position level

staff , with the exception of pages, and hires not working for 1 year, will receive a 1% increase

Rita moved to accept the 1% increase ($2315) for staff, with the exception of pages, and hires not working for 1 year , seconded by Al


Health insurance cost are up 8.7%

Trafsys "people counters" discussed

Al moved to purchase a system for $2000.00, seconded by Melanie


Cleaning services discussed, quotes are being asked for

there is a need for bonding

Overdrive will cost $1500 for system and books

contract would begin in February or March

no action taken


Next meeting will be changed to Thursday Dec 16, 2010 at 7 pm

Adjournment: 7:55

Transcribed by S Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson