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CUTPL Board Minutes for October 2010

October 28th Board Meeting


Board Meeting October 28, 2010

TIME: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

PLACE: Large Meeting Room

MEMBERS: James Hahn, Pres, Alfred Nyby, Rita Lawson, Melanie Robertson, Joyce Greeson, Carol Saft,

AB:Peg Schuldt

PUBLIC Comment: change in agenda to have comments after major business meeting of the Board

SECRETARY Report: Melanie

Motion by Carol and seconded by Rita to accept the secretary report.



Financial Highlights for October 2010

Collection development for September:
Non-print Materials:$577.17
Audio Books:$216.88

2) Now that our Electronic Transfers of Funds policy has been adopted, this month we signed-up with several of our regular vendors to receive electronic invoices and for their on-line bill payment services; we used our first ETF this week to pay our October AT&T bill.

3) Our 2011 Budget preparation process will reach its final milestone this evening as the Board considers its final adoption.

4) We are in one of seven counties in which Indiana is sponsoring a pilot program for its new Gateway for Government Units website; the purpose of which is to provide a central portal for local governments to submit financial information to the DLGF and SBOA. We volunteered to participate in the pilot budget program, and Jim has attended two webinars and a “Train-the-Trainer” meeting in Plymouth during which he has learned the features of the site and discussed its operation with some of its designers. We will submit our final adopted budget information found on forms 1, 2, and 4B through Gateway as well as the traditional way this year. The pilot program is meant to provide a thorough test of the website and the data collected, and to get feedback about ways that Gateway can be improved. Ultimately all local budgets and annual reports will be submitted through this system, and the expectation is that this will ensure uniformity in reporting and easier access to government financial information by the public.

5) Yesterday we hosted the semi-annual northwest Indiana library Financial Counterparts meeting. The purpose of this group is for library financial personnel in the region to share ideas, concerns and each others’ insights on all matters pertaining to library finance in Indiana. Topics discussed at this meeting included proposed new regulations pertaining to w-2s, employee retirement fund contributions treatment, possible issues arising in collaboration with civic organizations in grant applications, and (since none of the other attendees are from pilot program counties) Jim demonstrated the Gateway Indiana website for Budget submission.

Motion made by Melanie and seconded by Joyce to accept the treasurer’s report



Successful dinner given by the staff for the Friends of the Library, 10-15-10 35 attending in celebration of National Friends of the Library Week

Ali has attained level #6 qualifying her to be head of a department serving libraries under 10,000 residents

The paperwork for E-Rate 2011-2012 has been submitted; E Rate is a grant that allows libraries internet discounts

the children’s area now has Online Public Access Catalogue. It started 10-27-10.


none given, Peg absent


Budget: Forms 4 and 5 have been approved by the Marshall Co Council need to be signed and presented to the Co auditor by 11-29-10, then sent to the DLGF

a resolution was submitted and Joyce made the motion to accept it and Rita seconded it


the handicapped sign and space has been approved by the town

Policy Committee, Director

the board’s primary responsibility is operating under a long range plan ours is 3 years, it should be a an active flexible plan with measurable goals and show vision

the committee was Melanie, Carol and Colleen

conducted a community survey – 173 responses

a Focus group was formed to address four service areas for consideration

connect to the online world

provide comfortable space for patron use

efforts to show patrons how to find and evaluate materials

create young readers, early literacy, for readers birth to 5 yrs old

to meet these goals staff meetings were held, 8 members interviewed

materials in series forms should be labeled as such

Online Public Access Cataloguing

tech services need updating, with maintenance required

need to use the staff room for public meetings has presented a problem.

the server room is inside the staff room and its door must be kept open to prevent over heating, security is an issue with non staff meeting there

requests were made to have more weekend hours

use of the bottom shelves have had to be used because of limited space, this works a hardship for many patrons

very limited space for community activities needs tight scheduling and sometimes refusal of use; need for quiet areas for quiet reading, or tutoring

there seems to be a need for a manned reference desk

very limited space for the sorting, cataloguing, labeling, sorting, and Evergreen transactions

in the 9 months to date 4146 items have gone in and out

in 2019 before Evergreen, interlibrary loans totaled 377 items for the whole year

The Friends, also, need areas for sorting, and storage of donated items which they sell periodically


Jim Peterson - history of the Antiquarian Society in the CUTPL building

Jim Faulkner – presented a written statement signed by the entire library staff (except for the Director) on the need for additional space for ongoing library operations [* Full text of this letter is included at the end of this report]

Al Nyby – presented a power point on the evolution of library services recommending giving the Antiquarian Society a 3 year notice to return their existing space for library use

Carol Saft – thinks more consideration should be given before submitting such a resolution

Melanie Robertson – spoke to the need of additional space for staff use

Other public comments:

Dennis Lewanowski, Russ Mason, Ginny Bess Munroe, Jim Bonine, Bill Clevenger, Mike Fitterling, Joan Bess, Agnes Bramfeld, Linda Hippenhammer, Ali Gaskill, Patty Stallings, Ed Pinder, Sr, Bryce Bigley

Summary of comments: future decline of patron usage vs increase; need for professional space assessment; availability of free services vs home usage; meeting room usage vs staff use; taxpayer responsi-bility for careful usage of building and services

motion to table the resolution to give notice to the Museum by Carol Saft, no second

a motion to present the resolution was made by Melanie and seconded by Al

MSC: 4 yes, 1 no, 1 abstained

the Antiquarian Society will have a place on upcoming Board agendas to present any concerns, thus someone should be present to represent the group; all inquiries should be addressed to the Board, not the staff

the Ad Hoc committee for the Museum will stay in place.


the 2009,2010, 2011 stats were presented, with the anticipation of a short fall of $26,000 less in receipts

8.7 % increase in insurance on the group health plan

unemployment benefits will be investigated, payments into this fund have not been done in the past several, the possibility not realized

$10,000 may be the limit of expenditures exceeding the bare budget projections for 2011; it was pointed out that each additional hour the library would be opened would cast about $2,000

the lease for the large copier is due Jan 5, 2011; purchasing this machine is not recommended; options for purchasing one are being considered

people counters for both entrances would be approximately $2000.00

A/C for the server room is a top priority; noted that space is a problem, even though the equipment is slowly being downsized


next board meeting will be November 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm

positioning of Library signs to be discussed with town rep

insurance questions has prompted asking for bid on cleaning services for the building

the director suggested %’s be used for allocations instead of specific totals

ADJOURMENT : motion made by Rita and seconded by Melanie


Transcribed by S. Gut

Approved by Melanie Robertson

© 2014 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN