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CUTPL Board Minutes for September 2010

September 21st Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes for September 21, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Place: Library Staff Room

Members: Joyce Greeson, Jim Hahn, Rita Lawson, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt

All present

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hahn and a quorum was established.

Pledge of Allegiance

Public comments: none

Secretary Report: Melanie

motion to accept the August minutes by Carol, seconded by Peg


Treasurer’s Report: Rita

Financial Highlights for September 2010

1) Collection development for August:

Collection development for August:
Non-print Materials:$1,647.71
Audio Books:$86.85

2) This month we received our annual Endowment Fund distribution form the Marshall County Community Fund in the amount of $2,598.93. That distribution has been deposited into our General Gift Fund.

3) Our 2011 Budget process is progressing smoothly; the proposed Budget notice has been advertised, our public hearing meeting has been held and it has been through the non-binding public hearing meeting by the County Council. No one has raised any questions or objections at any stage in the process, so it appears that our Budget will be approved as submitted when the DLGF makes its final ruling later this year.

e-rate refund from AT&T noted

motion made by Melanie to accept treasurer report and seconded by Joyce


Director: Colleen

Brian Hubbard of ENA came to perform the annual review of service needs and levels done for e-rate

ENA recommends another T1 line for CUTPL, due to frequent peaks of maximum usage

Nov 9th, Tuesday, Polly and Barb will help teach an Evergreen Cat 1 certification class here, congratulations to them both

black and white printer purchased as a replacement for the Computer Lab

spin-arounds have been installed at the end of the adult shelving to expand our DVD collection space service:

Evergreen cost is $1500 per year as member of consortium, a very large discount

makes available downloadable audio books, music, DVD

meeting via Webinar, held here with Teresa, Ali, Jim, and Colleen

Jan. a possible target date for joining, Feb 2011 operational, this service would be budgeted under "materials"

Park Board: Peg

no approved minutes to date

swings have been added

with students back to school, possible hiring for maintenance

exceptional summer flowers this year in park

Old Business:

Focus Group findings

Policy: staff suggestions from the 2 of 3 meetings held to date

meeting room space needed

possible Sunday hours

second book drop, possibly a drive-up

ways to keep furniture clean

Quick fix items:

possible staff parking on street to free up parking lot

possible Handicap parking on Washington Street near our ramp

addition of an universal Library sign in Town

Jim Hahn volunteered to present petitions to the Town Council, if needed

need for a study room and room for tutoring use


need to establish an Ad Hoc committee to open discussion of our finding from the Focus study, as it may effect the museum

we are in the process of a 5 year long range plan

CUTPL unable to insure Museum furnishing and artifacts per our insurance agent.

motion was made to establish a 3 member committee to open discussion with the Museum by Melanie and seconded by Peg


Melanie, Carol, and Al will serve on this committee

motion to accept the procedures for the electronic transfers of moneys was made by Peg and seconded by Melanie


Unique Management Service - Teresa

29 accounts, 10 paid in full- $259.55 cash back

recovered $619.00 worth of items returned

337.00 waived

90 day trial period is over, Colleen and Teresa recommend to continue to use this Collection service.

a motion was made by Joyce and seconded by Peg to subscribe to the Unique Management Collection service


discussion was held on the $10.00 fee paid by patrons who receive a collection letter; Library may waive at Director’s discretion

Break in the discussion to hear a report from Ali Gaskill on the Hoosier Book committee

She is one of 40 members, and it is their role to evaluate intermediate, middle readers, and picture books

87 picture books were assigned to her, each needed to be evaluated for interest level, etc

25 of the 87 needed classroom activities, discussion questions, academic standards

Nov 2010 a meeting of the total committee to select the top 20 and 6 alternative; these will be given to students in 2011 to be evaluated for the final award to be given a the 2011 awards banquet

Old Business:

Fixed Assets Inventory Insurance and appraisal

Scott McKinnes, our NorCen insurance agent has recommended another agency for the evaluation, to date no response

hoping to have all quotes by the Oct 11th Finance Committee meeting

the director stressed strongly to immediate evaluation and capital assets application be done

"held harmless" letter is due from the Antiquarians by November 1

New Business:

a resolution was submitted concerning the commitment to our legal representative; the legal firm is being dissolved; the new one will be Lukenbill and Lukenbill.

a motion to accept the resolution was made by Rita and seconded by Carol


Salary Schedule

a reminder to the board that an annual review is needed; this schedule will be presented to the Finance committee for their October mtg

the Board will be asked to vote on this schedule in November

Carol suggested the Finance Committee consider the possible addition of another fulltime employee since there is a need expressed in long-range plan discussions

request from the Antiquarians to place a plaque in the lower lobby containing a list of contributors to the Museum; discussion to table this until the new committee has opportunity to consider this

annual resolution was submitted to have CUTPL join the Indiana State Consortium for e-rate filing purposes

Rita motioned to accept and Carol seconded


Adjournment: motion to adjourn by Carol and seconded by Peg

transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson

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