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CUTPL Board Minutes for February 2011

February 18th Board Meeting


Board Meeting February 15, 2011

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:17 pm

Place: Library Staff Room

Members: Joan Bess, Joyce Greeson, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt. Jim Hahn, AB

Acting President: Peg Schuldt

Pledge of Allegiance

Public comments: none

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

1-22-11 minutes corrections:

p 1 under treasurer report, bullet #4 should be "but spent"

p 3 HVAC, bullet #5 should be "warranty" not unit

p 3 OverDrive not Overdrive

under Friends #1 add s to decoration

p 1 for clarification "income will be down about $31,000"

motion to accept the corrected minutes by Carol and seconded by Joan


Treasurer’s Report: Al Nyby

Financial Manager Report: Jim Faulkner

annual report for the State Board of Accounts is finished

experiencing difficulties with CompuTrain, South Bend IN

running claims register receiving "error" message

signature page missing from present meeting report

tried running an update, "error" reported

discussion of need for a different accounting service, but not until present problems are corrected

motion to accept the Treasurer’s report is tabled until next meeting

Alfred reported $36,000 spent in January 2011

Finance Committee report:

more memory is needed for the Internet service: Andrew

a 3-5 year projection of technical support is being compiled for the State, these are required every 3 years

ADP Easy pay charges an annual fee of $2600.00, a cheaper service is being investigated

plans are for displaying stats, etc. at Board meetings in the place of all the paper presently being used

Andrew’s PowerPoint:

Library computer use

slow mornings, increased in pm

band width use needs to be increased, Education Network Association has approved this upgrade for us for e-Rate eligibility

benefits of more bandwidth: we will have less congestion when usage is high and it makes for faster downloads

effective date for upgrade would be June or July; cost will be reimbursed from the IN State Technology Grant

motion made by Joyce and seconded by Al to expand band width via fiber-optics


Director’s Report: Colleen

reminder of next board meeting to be March 22 at 7:00 pm, not the usual 3rd Tuesday

Donations in memory of Rita Lawsen total $1445, to be used for building our Sci-Fi/Fantasy collection

Daily Patron Count Log

Jan 2011 for 25 days we were open was 5,787 people

staff will record counts at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm for two weeks and then record at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm for two weeks starting tomorrow

computer login is now in place in addition to sign ins, showing about a 20% increase of patron usage

January 2011 showed 293 wireless uses, this does not reflect library machines

March 20th, Evergreen’s 2.0 will be released; this will include the acquisitions module and materials on order will be directly entered into the card catalog where patrons can place holds.

April 2, Saturday, Dr. Jean Preer will conduct two sessions for staff and Board members on "Intellectual Freedom in a Public Library"; 10-noon and 2-4:00; 2 LEU credits will be given to staff who attend

A/C has been installed in the Server room

updated Trustee contact information presented with one correction: Carol Saft’s e-mail is different

Evergreen is the most popular integrated library system in Indiana, approximately 91 members to date

Board members may request legislative information from the director if desired

Park Board: Peg

Reorganization of officers: Leroy Bean, Pres; Peg Schuldt, sec; Tammy Shaffer, VP

new fencing will be installed at the east end of the park

the day of meetings will stay the same but the time will change to 7:30 pm

Antiquarian & Historical Society of Culver: no report

New Business

request to add to the Policy Manual: whenever an "Emergency Level 1 Declaration" is made by Marshall Co for closings, CUTPL will automatically be closed

Motion made by Carol, seconded by Melanie to automatically close Library when Marshall County makes an "Emergency Level 1 Declaration."


2 Resolutions were presented:



WHEREAS, I.C. 36-12-3-18 provides that a library board may authorize others to collect, on the library’s behalf, money or property owed to the library; and

WHEREAS, providing a mechanism by which library patrons may pay for Library fines or fees at various Evergreen Indiana public libraries, or the Indiana State Library, is consistent with the Library’s efforts to meet the needs of the public; and

WHEREAS, the Indiana State Library offers a service to Evergreen Indiana libraries that provides for the collection and redistribution of fines and fees.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that, pursuant to the provisions of I.C. 36-12-3-18, any Evergreen Indiana public library, and the Indiana State Library, is authorized to collect payments including, but not limited to, credit card payments owed to the Library; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all payments collected by Evergreen Indiana libraries on behalf of the Library will be submitted to the Indiana State Library and that the Indiana State Library will distribute to the Library on a quarterly basis, via electronic funds transfer, all payments collected on behalf of and owed to the Library; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Library acknowledges that Evergreen Indiana libraries, including the Indiana State Library, are not debt collectors and will not be contacting patrons or making proactive collection efforts on behalf of the Library.

DULY ADOPTED by the Board of Trustees of the Culver-Union Township Public Library at a meeting held on the 15th day of February, 2011, at which meeting a quorum was present.

Motion made by Melanie and seconded by Joan to approve a Resolution Authorizing Evergreen Indiana to accept payments for fees and fines.



Whereas, the Board of Trustees of Culver-Union Township Public Library finds that a State Technology Fund Grant fund needs to be established to receive money from the State Technology Fund; and

Whereas, the fund name, as directed by State Board of Accounts must be called "State Technology Fund Grant Fund";

Therefore, be It resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the Culver-Union Township Public Library does hereby establish the State Technology Fund Grant Fund for the purpose(s) of receiving money from the State Technology Fund and paying the necessary bills associated with the non e-rate portion of the Internet access invoices from the approved Internet service provider.


Motion made by Alfred and seconded by Joan to approve a Resolution to Establish a State Technology Fund Grant Fund.


Adjournment motion made by Carol, seconded by Joan.


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson

© 2014 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN