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CUTPL Board Minutes for July 2011

July 19th Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes July 19, 2011

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Joan Bess, Joyce Greeson, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt, Jim Hahn, presiding

Attendance: Peg AB

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda approval: moved to accept by Joyce and seconded by Carol


Public comments: none

Report from the Antiquarian & Historical Society: Jeff Kenney

Pilot News, Plymouth IN has given some past copies of The Culver Citizen to the AHS

a list is being made of missing editions

Report of the Digitalization Committee: Melanie

a packet was presented

all agreed to the request for continued research time

Andrew's power point will be shown to the board

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

moved to accept minutes for June meeting made by Joan and seconded by Al


Treasurer's Report: Al Nyby

handout was distributed

all funds are adequately funded, accounts are in alignment with proposed budget

bi-annual audit was conducted July 18-21, all was in compliance

Colleen presented the schedule for the 2012 Budget meetings:

motion to accept the treasurer's report made by Melanie and seconded by Joan


Finance Committee Report: Al

7-19-11 met with Barb Winters, representative from the Marshall Co Community Fond.

7-15-11 Colleen, Jim and Al met with Kurt Ott from the Dept of Local Government Finance

The Finance Committee will investigate:

Director's Report: Colleen

$2000 was spent for the warm water cleaning of the upholstered furniture and carpeting in the main lobby by Pratt Flooring

our quarterly newsletter, The Maxinkuckee Reed, is again available in hard copy and online, our editor is Jon Gaskill

Jon is also in charge of summer adult reading program, Novel Destinations many local sponsors donated prizes and are listed in the Newsletter

two clerks will be leaving the Children's area in September: CJ Dehning, and Francois Medard

an ad will be posted on our web site to fill the position

Cindy Good will provide two children's program:

7-26-11 a trick pony, and 8-2-11 alpacas

Jim and Andrew will be hosting computer classes for absolute beginners

Jon Gaskill submitted an essay and won 10 audio books from Tantor Audio for CUTPL;

Polly will be selecting them from a fairly long list of choices

Due to space constraints, Technical Services will be moving downstairs to share the Break Room soon:

Because of a shortage of meeting room space, the reference and biography sections are being used for small meetings

AA will be using the large meeting room, instead of the Break Room; Thursdays, 6:30 pm

State Auditor Kelly Manzuk is also using the Staff Room for our audit

Park Board: AB

Policy Committee - none

Unfinished Business: none

New Business:

a resolution requesting our commitment to join the IN State Library Consortium for public libraries to obtain internet access for 7-31-12 to 7-31-13.

this allows an e-Rate discount; this also required filtering all public computers and assuming responsibility for all costs of non e-Rate expenses; this must be in the budget


Items by Board members

From Jim Hahn:

Thank you to Jon Gaskill for the two programs he secured:

Adjournment: motion by Joyce and seconded by Joan


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson