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CUTPL Board Minutes for May 2011

May 19th Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes May 19, 2011

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:20pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Joan Bess, Joyce Greeson, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft, Peg Schuldt Jim Hahn, presiding

Attendance: all present

Pledge of Allegiance

Public comments: none

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Melanie, seconded by Carol MSC

Report from the Antiquarian & Historical Society: none

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

there were no corrections or additions

it was moved to accept as presented by Carol and seconded by Joan MSC

Treasurer's Report: Al Nyby

LIRF Fund is low; this fund is for capital expenditures and repairs

Personal Services, $4,000 higher than expected for year-to-date

Material Expenditures are below state requirement

salaries for part time staff is stabilizing

Unique Management continues to provide positive service on fine collections

motion to accept the treasurer's report made by Melanie and seconded by Joyce


Finance Committee Report: Al

met 5-9-11

time clock purchase is still being evaluated

a professional assessment of the exterior building is needed

a wind energy company is conducting a feasibility study in the area and will be donating to CUTPL

2012 budget planning will begin in earnest in June

EBSCO our bulk magazine service is being evaluated; Amazon looks to need too much time to be cost-efficient

Director's Report: Colleen

Atlas Co. out of Wabash IN is coming 5-20-11 to evaluate the building's exterior

NextEra, a wind energy firm has donated $2000.00 to CUTPL's gift fund

Evergreen Indiana International conference held on April 27 last month was attended by Teresa

5 staff members attended the annual meeting of Evergreen IN in Plainfield 5-6-11

15% of Indiana's population uses Evergreen Libraries, but account for 75% of the resource sharing

Evergreen resource sharing is growing rapidly, while OCLC's percentage is dropping

Whiting IN coming to see our Evergreen system

Fiber Optic on target for July hookup

Jim will be attending a CompuTrain conference 5-19-11

an inventory of CUTPL material holdings will begin 5-25 at 8:00 am

Andrew and Teresa have put together inventory procedures

our regular hours will continue, extra staffing will be needed

3 needed barcode scanners have been purchased

The Friends

sponsored a guest speaker, Howard Dukes April 4

June 15th Glory June Greiff will speak on IN parks and will do a book signing

a dollhouse is on display, tickets available from members

STATS-spreadsheet presented

change of hours discussed, the high meeting room use almost negates opening later than 9:00 am

Alfred reminded the board of the expected $20,000 short fall for 2011 and changing hours will not help

June 30 will be the first property tax distribution of 2011 tax year

Park Board: Peg

hiring summer help

May 29 is the official opening day

adding towels and sunscreen "for sale" items

Friends collection of "Beach Reads" have been delivered

Policy Committee: new standards for the Board of Trustees Bylaws were addressed by the Committee and the updated version was presented

motion to accept was made by Joan and seconded by Carol


Old Business:

Digitalization of the Culver Citizen

our attorney does not recommend the proposed agreement regarding the removal of copies of the newspaper from the premises for scanning because of their rarity and liability issues

Andrew has developed guidelines for Optical Character Recognition to insure quality control

our hard copies cover 1903 to 2010

the Director recommends only microfilm for patron use from now on

the IN State Library has some copies of the Culver Citizen on microfilm

any digitization done after 1923 must be approved by the Pilot Newspapers

New Business:

Jonathan Gaskill has completed three library courses and is requesting $500.00 re-imbursement.

motion to pay Jon presented by Melanie and seconded by Joyce


Adjournment: motion by Carol and seconded by Peg


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson