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CUTPL Board Minutes for February 2013

February 19th Board Meeting


Board Meeting February 19, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:26 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Joan Bess, Jim Hahn, Al Nyby, Rhonda Reinhold, Melanie Robertson, Carol Saft

Attendance: AB Carol Saft

Pledge of Allegiance:

Public Comment: none

Agenda approval: moved by Joan and seconded by Melanie

Report from the Antiquarian & Historical Society: Rachel Meade

public awareness program with local groups, the idea of a Culver Visitor's Center is a possibility

special exhibit of past Culverites, Warner and Jean Williams will be on display soon

Election of 2013 officers:

motion to accept Alfred as treasurer, Melanie as secretary, Joan as VP, and Jim as President was made by Rhonda and seconded by Melanie


motion to appoint Rhonda as the new Park Board representative was made by Joan and seconded by Melanie


Melanie will be sending a letter to the Park Board stating Rhonda will be replacing Peg Schuldt on their Board; their next meeting will be March 6 (first Wednesday of the month, 7:00 pm)

appointments for the Financial Committee: Jim, Al, need 1 more

appointments to Policy Committee: Melanie, Carol, Rhonda

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

Executive session (personnel discussion) January 31

Open Board meeting immediately following the executive meeting

Jan 15, 2013 regular meeting minutes

motion to accept all minutes as presented, one correction on page 2, of the 1-13-13 minutes by Joan and seconded by Alfred


Treasurer's Report: Al Nyby

explanation of spreadsheet for the new member's benefit

comparison of income and expenditures with 2012, we are very close to spending our projected amounts

motion to accept the report was made by Joan and seconded by Melanie


Finance Committee Report: Al, no meeting

Policy Committee:

Colleen, no meeting (Youth Policy below)

Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

welcome to new lab clerk Greg Waksmulski

One Book, One Town, special display, many copies available for circ., purchased by the Friends; special Middle School edition is also available

Children's room program: specially wrapped books: Blind Date with a Book, with a book report form to go with it

On 3-2 will celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday with a party in Children's room; plus the Friends will have children's books for sale

Youth Dept. clerk Rachael Meade, will be leaving in mid-April, so ads will be posted on our web page and in-house for a replacement

during the month of February the State Library has loaned us eBook kits for staff to learn how to download OverDrive titles. Kit has androids, plus Kindle, Kindle Fire, ipod and a Sony Reader

Park Board: no report

Unfinished Business:

window shading for the east windows; catalogue and sample of material available

Custom Awnings suggested 4 shades

approx. $3126.00, this includes installation

gray in color, not motorized, bid good for 30 days

need warranty details and timing of installation

Youth Behavior Policy


motion to accept the policy as amended made by Joan and seconded by Ronda


State will provide a facilitator for Trustee education; Colleen will make the arrangements when we have our vacant Board-member position filled

ILF 3 short videos viewed:

Matt Long (State House ILF legislative Committee)

DCS issues - quicker response

Revenue from Lake Co. gaming facilities

Library funding

New Business:

Adjournment: motion by Joan and seconded by Al


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson