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CUTPL Board Minutes for May 2013

May 21st Board Meeting


Board Meeting May 21, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:40 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Joan Bess, Tom Curtis, Jim Hahn, Alfred Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Rhonda Reinhold, Carol Saft

Attendance: all present

Pledge of Allegiance:

Agenda approval: moved by Carol and seconded by Alfred


Report from the Antiquarian & Historical Society: none

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

motion to accept the April minutes by Joan and seconded by Carol


Treasurer's Report: Alfred Nyby

targets are close to budget, even with unusual expenditures

motion to accept the report was made by Melanie and seconded by Joan


Finance Committee Report: Al, did not meet

Policy Committee: Colleen

letter received from ISL affirming our compliance with standards of the Indiana State Library

review of our present bylaws has been done annually, State requires this to be done every 3 years

a motion to accept the present bylaws with the change that reviews be done every 3 years and not every year was made by Rhonda and seconded Joan


The Policy Committee will be putting together a Disaster and Safety Manual; first issue to be addressed will be tornado safety; the committee will be meeting on the first Tuesday of of every month

Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

The "Healthy After School Snack Program" raised more than their goal of $2000; the young men who developed the program, Sam Bramfeld and Jerry Kisela, have won the 1st Place prize of $500.00 from the Marshall Co Leadership Committee; this money will be added to the existing fund

Friends of the Library had a busy month:

staff members Laura Jones and Esmie Rogers attended an Indiana Library Federation conference with sessions covering genealogy, giving good customer service and social media in libraries.

as part of the Board's commitment to Trustee training, Karen Ainslie of the Indiana State Library has been asked to come again to Culver to speak about board governance:

our Summer Newsletter was published on June 1, copies are available online and in print

Park Board: Rhonda Reinhold

possible invitation to the Park Board and Town Board to attend the meeting with Karen Ainslie on Board governance and policy

the Library Board is required to appoint one of its members to the Park Board

feedback on the public pier needed from the Library Board:

repair or replace; there was no contract, it is not strong enough to meet the demands of usage

concern the Park is not available for other Town events

Park Board has hired an activities director recently

Unfinished Business:

Would there be a more cost effective vender for the toner for the color printer in the computer lab?

Colleen will look into this

New Business: none

Adjournment: motion by Rhonda and seconded by Carol


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson