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CUTPL Board Minutes for November 2013

November 19th Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting November 19, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:40 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Karen Boland, Tom Curtis, Jim Hahn, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Rhonda Reinhold

Attendance: 6 attending

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda approval: amended striking the 10 minute review of IN the public trust, tabled until January 2014

motion to approve the amended agenda made by Tom seconded by Rhonda


Public comment: none

Secretary Report: Melanie Robertson

motion to approve the 10-22-13 minutes by Al seconded by Tom


Treasurer's Report: Al Nyby

a short review of the Financial Report (the Working budget) used by the treasurer, with brief discussion of the various sections and techniques used

motion to accept the October 2013 Register of Claims by Rhonda and seconded by Melanie


Finance Committee Report: Al

first presentation of the proposed 2014 Working budget and projected expenses, a more refined projection will come later

salary projections:

salary increases--comparisons of surrounding libraries

suggestions for CUTPL increases:

Librarian 5% ; IT Manager 9%

Reference/Adult Services Manager $30,000 - (and make a full-time position)

Youth Service Manager $27,000

all other employees 3%

motion to accept the working 2014 budget and the recommended salary increases was made by Rhonda and seconded by Melanie


the motion made by Tom to accept a hiring wage schedule with policy wording changed to state that one year of employment is necessary before eligibility for annual raise, to be given on that first-year anniversary date; and accepting the salary wage schedule as presented; it was seconded by Alfred


a motion to add to Art. 8.1 of the policy manual - "If an employee is eligible for the library's group health insurance policy and also is eligible for Medicare, and if the library's insurance carrier requires that employee to use Medicare as his/her primary coverage, the library may reimburse the employee for the Medicare premium so long as the expenditure is within the overall insurance budget and the combined Medicare and group health insurance premiums for that employee fall within the range of premium rates for other employees covered only by the group health insurance." was made by Rhonda and seconded by Tom.


a motion to accept the December 2013 proposal from Anthem Insurance for CUTPL full-time employee health insurance coverage was made by Tom and seconded by Alfred


Quotes for the update of the Fire Alarm System were presented:

Koorsen $10,563.00 for all new equipment and a 5 years warranty

SCI lower than Koorsen but would be using some of the existing equipment

Swartz Electric was not competitive

Tom moved to accept the Koorsen bid, Melanie second


Policy Committee: Colleen

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for reciprocal barrowers was discussed and the committee will discuss The re-wording for the policy change

Evergreen Circulation Policy needs an annual update/renewal

moved to accept the newest edition of the Evergreen Circulation Policy was made by Melanie and seconded by Rhonda


Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

exterior doors have been re-keyed

review of monthly stats

successful author program with local author Joe Krom, 3 attendees from Chicago

Christmas Open House at the Library, Sat. Dec. 14, 10:30-3:30; Friends will supply refreshments

staff prepared and served a well-attended luncheon for our Friends of the Library members to honor them during National FOL week

Library will be closed on Thanksgiving and the following day, open on Saturday

AHS museum move complete, was very efficient; many thanks to Andrew, Polly and Margaret for their help, and also to Museum Director Greg Waksmulski for a very professional job

Continued attempts to resolve "snow gem" adhesion failure with Korellis Roofing

Park Board: Rhonda Reinhold

the Park Board has had members leave, only three remain, thus no quorum until new members are ppointed

it has been decided to withdraw the lodge apartment as part of the superintendent's salary

colored lights will be put up for the holidays

ice skating rink will be available

Unfinished Business:

an amendment to the Evergreen Indiana membership agreement was discussed, mainly the one-time flat exit fee not to exceed $5000.00 as agreed upon by email with the State Library

it was moved by Karen and seconded by Alfred


New Business:

the AHS sign in front of the library cannot be used by them, would the library be interested in purchasing it for $150.00? Issue tabled for further discussion.

Adjournment: motion by Rhonda and seconded by Alfred


transcribed by S Gut

approved by M Robertson