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CUTPL Board Minutes for April 2014

April 15 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting April 15, 2014

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Rhonda Reinhold, Carol Minarik

Attendance: 7 present

Pledge of Allegiance:

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Tom and seconded by Rhonda MSC

Public comment: none

Secretary Report: Rhonda Reinhold

motion to accept the March 18, 2014 minutes was made by Alfred and seconded by Carol


Treasurer's Report: Al Nyby

substantial increase in NIPSCO billing for natural gas

present expenses for general operations have been trimmed; suggestions for further savings were:

reduction of staff hours

shortening the library hours

the motion to approve the March Register of Claim was made by Tom and seconded by Karen


Finance Committee Report: Al

projects to be addressed in the Carnegie Room: doors and termite damage

status of long term projects

possibility of refinancing CUTPL's bond in 2016

penalties, referendum, needs not wants, sources

availability of CMA's facilities manager, Jeff Kutch, as a resource person

Policy Committee:

IN the Public Trust review pp B4-8; Board responsibilities

next meeting self-evaluation will be considered

current long range plan assessment:

physical plant maintenance; new releases, signage, seating

programming in tune with nearby libraries, may be more cost effective

technology needs, may want to add Apple products, continue classes,

staff well informed; increased IPods and IPads encouraged

Use of Rooms Policy

non-library sponsored activities no longer discouraged;

no alcohol allowed

Carnegie Room as a meeting room

tutor areas are limited; suggested having a list of tutors for recommendations

Motion to accept the revised Use of Rooms Policy made by Rhonda, seconded by Tom


Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

part-time staff reviews are continuing; we are using an employee self-evaluation questionnaire with goal setting at the review

Evergreen conference was held 4-4-14 with Polly, Laura, Andrew, and Colleen attending

monetary gift donation to the children's department from Melanie's daughter for Melanie's birthday

One Book, One County CUTPL will present a book discussion program 4-19-14, all welcomed

The Friends will sponsor a luncheon tomorrow in remembrance of National Library Week, Staff and Board members are invited

their book sale will be held in the Carnegie Room on April 25th and 26th

provided refreshments and a book sale for the Children's Fancy Nancy Party

a fun factoid for you: there are more libraries in the USA than McDonalds: 16,766 public libraries, 14,157 McDonalds

Park Board: Rhonda Reinhold

the announcement of the hiring of a new Park Superintendent should be soon

Park board director Tammy Shaffer was in attendance and was introduced to the Library Board

meeting night will probably be changed

Unfinished Business:

cost question of staying in the Evergreen Integrated Library System

until now our Evergreen Indiana service has been free

an annual fee is proposed by EI Executive Committee, requiring a change to the EI Bylaws

would begin soon; CUTPL is a Class C library in terms of size, fee determined by averaging operating budget over several years



the motion to support the change to the EI Bylaws, thus approving the establishment of the new Evergreen fee schedule was made by Bill and seconded by Tom