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CUTPL Board Minutes for October 2014

October 21 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting October 21, 2014

CUTPL Board Minutes, October 21, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Attendance: Melanie Robertson, William Clevenger, Rhonda Reinhold, Al Nyby, and Tom Curtis

Absent: Dianne Johnson and Karen Boland

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comment: None

Approval of Agenda

Rhonda motioned to approve the agenda and Tom 2nd. Agenda Approved

Secretaries Report

Rhonda requested approval of the minutes for the meeting of the Board dated September 16, 2014. Bill motioned and Tom 2nd. Minutes Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Al gave report and Rhonda motioned to accept register of claims with Tom 2nd. Register of claims approved.

Finance Committee

Finance committee and board discussed option for hiring a part time custodian for cleaning and maintenance of the Library. Motion to hire a custodian for 24 hrs a week by Tom with 2nd from Bill. Approved to hire custodian with a revisit to the issue in 6 months. Also, present employees and their salaries were discussed. Rhonda motioned for the 2% raise recommended by the finance committee and Al Nyby 2nd. A 2% raise was approved by the Board. A new hiring wage scheduled was introduced and Tom moved to accept with Rhonda 2nd. The Hiring Wage was approved.

Policy Committee Report

Melanie gave a review of the Boards self evaluations and the Board reviewed pages E1-7 titled “The Board Plans from IN the Public Trust”. The Board reviewed and revised Personnel and Procedures Policy 7) Working Conditions, 8) Employment Benefits, and 11) Wages. Rhonda motioned to accept changes with Tom 2nd. Board approved changesl

Facilities Committee Report

Wygant Construction is coming to look at the sail and the recommendation by the committee is to remove sail and pillars holding up the sail. Bill submitted RFP for snow removal with the board requesting a few changes regarding Time and Date specifications. Tom motioned to accept RFP with Al 2nd. Board approved RFP with recommended changes.

Director Report

Colleen requested we move the next Board Meeting due to Family obligations and the Holiday. Tom made motion to move the November Board Meeting to November 11, 2014 with Al 2nd. Board approved the moving of the November Board Meeting.

CUTPL Park Board Representative Report

Update postponed due to time constraint. Rhonda will fully update Board at the November 15th Meeting.

Adjourned: Meeting closed with motion for adjournment from Rhonda and 2nd by Bill. Board approved and adjourned at 8:35.

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