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CUTPL Board Minutes for September 2014

September 16 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting September 16, 2014

CUTPL Board Minutes, September 16, 2014

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Al Nyby, Melanie Robertson, Rhonda Reinhold, Dianne Johnson

Attendance: AB Karen

Pledge of Allegiance:

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Dianne, seconded by Tom


Public comment: none

Secretary Report: Rhonda Reinhold

motion to accept by Bill and seconded Dianne


Treasurer’s Report: Al Nyby

expenses for 2014-15 are expected for building costs

motion to accept the August Register of Claims was made by Rhonda and seconded by Tom


Finance Committee Report: Al Nyby

discussion of health insurance policies and evaluation due by committee 3-2-15

motion to renew the Anthem Insurance Policy made by Rhonda, seconded by Tom


NIPSCO, Colleen has contacted them about our rate; further inquiries will be made, their audit must be completed before changes are made

annual estimates for electricity is $25,000 and gas is $13,000

9-17 appointment with Franklin Energy from Indianapolis to assess our present lighting system in hopes changes will lower our expenses and qualify us as eligible for incentive

atrium has lighting that is dangerous to maintain, possible first area to change, safety issues with the parking lot and small alleyway between the bank and the Carnegie room exit

motion made by Rhonda to approve the Osborn quote once the NIPSCO audit is completed seconded by Dianne


a motion was made to form a Facilities Maintenance Committee by Tom and seconded by Alfred

members appointed are William Clevenger, Dianne Johnson, and Rhonda Reinhold

a motion was made for removal of the courtyard overhang referred to as the “sail” because of safety

concerns, especially during the winter months


Sandy Wakefield, a member of the Friends of the Library, has started collecting donations toward

the Centennial Celebration; to date she has raised $1795.00 from local businesses and residents

the finance committee will establish a separate gift fund for future donations called the Carnegie Fund

Policy Committee: tabled until next month

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

Fall Newsletter just released, Dana Thomas new editor

Centennial slogan: Culver’s Carnegie: A Proud Century, A promising Future

August circ stats continue to be very strong: an increase of 423 items circulated over August 2013

new hire Erin Schoberg working part-time in Youth Services

new hot water heater installed by Bennett’s

Park Board: Rhonda Reinhold

Unfinished Business: The 2015 budget was approved with a motion from Rhonda Reinhold and 2nd by Al Nyby


New Business:

Adjournment: motion by Al and seconded by Tom


transcribed by S Gut

approved by R Reinhold

© 2014 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN