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CUTPL Board Minutes for August 2016

August 16 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting August 16, 2016

CUTPL Board Minutes, August 16, 2016

Time: 7:00 pm – 7:56 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Paul Liette, Alfred Nyby, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson

Attendance: Ab Karen Boland

Quorum established: yes

Student Members: not in attendance

Pledge of Allegiance:

Agenda approval: moved to accept by Paul, seconded by Tom


Public comment: none

Secretary Report: presented

Colleen would like July minutes to read 31.5 volunteer hours in her report

motion to accept the corrected minutes by Alfred, seconded by Flannery


Treasurer’s Report: Alfred Nyby

Review & Approval of the July Register of Claims

motion to accept by Bill, seconded by Paul


Finance Committee:

Accounting package webinar during the Focus Committee meeting:

AVC Technology: chief programmer hosted, serving 77 libraries in Indiana

Banyon Data MN company

Boyce: a meeting is scheduled for 8-17-16 at Bourbon PL

currently CUTPL spends about $5000.00 annually for outside payroll service plus accounting software licensing and tech support

Alfred strongly advocates for timeclock reporting; all these firms offer time clock systems

Timing is crucial, installation can take 4-6 weeks; we need to be on a waiting list soon

Facilities Committee: Bill

Still arranginh for clarification of recommendations from the envelope plan

Policy Committee: Colleen

Long-Range Plan-Flannery

first focus group’s recommendations briefly covered

second focus group to meet 8-17-16 from 6-8 pm

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

July 2016 minutes to be corrected to 31.5 volunteer hours

Polly was back for 2 weeks, but returned to the hospital

Dana has picked up 14 hours in July in tech services doing financial tracking and doing some ordering

Margaret has increased hours for cataloging

Polly’s return is unclear at present

we had 8 weeks of summer reading, the standard is 6 weeks

children’s 88 participants, adults 74

winter reading will be for adults only

CUTH group has forwarded minutes from meeting with Colleen

a meeting will be arranged for library board members and Colleen to discuss the opportunity to partner with CUTH in digitization of local historical materials

Celebrated Voices will be Saturday 8-27-16, featuring Ray Gleason and Jan Peysen.

they will be at the town park’s Farmer’s Market from 9-1 pm

Celebrated Voices attempts 4 programs a year, with FOL helping sponsor artists

September is National Library Card sign up month, all are encouraged to share the news

FOL will meet 8-18-16 to establish a 9-1-16 to 8-1-17 budget. They are seeking tentative requests for children’s programs, Celebrated Voices, summer reading, and gifts.

Unfinished Business: Bill

ask for the number of staff who want the AED/CPR training

estimated cost for the 3 hours training $50.00 each

the CPR certificate includes Heimlich maneuver

New Business:

Alfred commented on the poor setup for the Webinar attended by board members and they need to upgrade the system for future conference calls

Bill commented on a few personal observations being made at the BP station as they continue remediation of contaminated groundwater, many questions remain.

Adjournment: motion by Tom, seconded by Flannery


transcribed by S Gut

approved by Melanie Robertson

© 2016 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN