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CUTPL Board Minutes for December 2016

December 20 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting December 20 2016

CUTPL Board Minutes, December 20 2016

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Paul Liette, Alfred Nyby, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson

Attendance: AB Karen

Guests: Agnes Bramfeld, CUTPLBldg. Corp President

Quorum established: yes (6)

Student Members: none

Pledge of Allegiance: yes

Agenda approval: to accept by Paul and seconded by Tom


Public comment: none

Secretary Report:

motion to accept the November 15, 2016 minutes by Tom seconded by Paul


Treasurer's Report: Alfred Nyby

Review & Approval of the November 15, 2016 Register of Claims

motion to accept by Tom, and seconded by Bill


Finance Committee:

Todd Samuelson:

$400k range for refinancing the bond

At $200-$250 could keep payments the same

Going to higher dollar amount, can't keep the payments the same. $10-15k increase in debt service. Payment right now at about $195k/year. Need info still from potential buyers of the bonds. Remains to be seen what interest would be. Annual payment may go from $195k to $210k/year. Adding two years to repayment schedule. Would go out to 2023 to retire existing bond plus new monies.

Waiting to hear from banks on what interest rate they can offer. More details to come. Will know more by early January.

Randy Rompola

Form of lease addendum

Need to consider adoption of resolution; approves form of lease addendum

Not to exceed parameters in there b/c once we go through process, we want little bit of flexibility in case market changes; don't want to go through process from the beginning again

Determine to proceed tonight, public hearing to have public comment on addendum;

Also need building corporation meeting; they need to approve lease addendum

County Council will have to approve bonds; January 9th is their next meeting.

At that point we would be done with approval process

By end of January/early February, we could be completed

Alfred made the motion to adopt the Resolution of the Board of Trustees of Culver-Union Township Public Library Regarding the Approval of Preliminary Plans and Specifications of the Project, the Approval of a Form of Lease Addendum and Authorization of the Publication of Notice of Hearing and Other Matters for a New Project; Paul seconded the motion.

Agnes Bramfeld asked questions regarding why we need to increase the bond and why we need extra money when it appears we have so much in the bank. Alfred explained the expenses it takes to run the library and how it is important to have money in savings in case of emergency. The things on our list are vital to the upkeep of the Library and its collection. She asked about the Building Corporation's role in this process.

She also asked for a book drop on the lower level of the Library.


Policy Committee:

final draft of the Long-Range Plan-Flannery

motion to accept by Tom, seconded by Bill


Internet Use Policy: Colleen

Was reviewed in 2015, no changes since 2014; will need to review next year.

Alfred asked a few questions regarding the filtering software:

Who provides our filtering software? ENA - free filtering software

Do we have option to adjust it ourselves? We do, we take it the way it is provided, which is on average what Libraries in the state of IN do.

Complaints or requests to modify filtering? No

Because we get federal funding, that is why we have to have filtering software, Child & Internet Protection Act (CIPA.) We haven't had any issues/complaints with the filtering.

Are personal laptops filtered? Yes. If that is true, it should be in our policy. Consulted with Andrew. Andrew said we would need a separate IP address. It is possible.

Policy Committee will need to review this policy and update.

Tom made motion to adopt Internet Use Policy; Bill seconded the motion


Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

Volunteer hours - 12 for November

new hire Jordan Schrimsher as a page for Tech Services

August, October, November 2016 circulation broke 5 year record, due to bringing in more new materials and strong staff reader advisory services

January 2017 Winter reading program: Book Your Winter Reading Getaway; 1-3 to 2-24, 2017 a point system will be used again

Winter edition of the Maxinkuckee Reed is available online and in print

Unfinished Business: Bill Cleavenger

AED Training - unfinished

New Business:

2017 CUTPL Board meeting schedule: moved to accept by Alfred and seconded by Flannery


2017 CUTPL holiday closing schedule: moved by Alfred and seconded by Paul


a unanimous thank you was given to Tom Curtis for faithful service on the Library Board, since this is his last meeting as a member

Alfred presented a resolution to transfer $10,000 in operating funds to the Rainy Day Fund, seconded by Bill


Alfred suggested putting moneys into the Indiana Trust to receive higher yields

Alfred will have the working 2017 budget ready for the January 2017 meeting

Adjournment: motion by Alfred and seconded by Bill


recorded by Flannery Posner

transcribed by S Gut

approved by Melanie Robertson