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CUTPL Board Minutes for October 2016

October 18 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting October 18, 2016

CUTPL Board Minutes, October 18, 2016

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:34 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Paul Liette, Alfred Nyby, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson

Present: Bill, Tom, Paul, Alfred, Melanie

Attendance: AB Karen Boland, Flannery Posner

Quorum established: (5)

Student Members: 2016-17 members TBA

Attendance: none

Pledge of Allegiance: yes

Agenda approval: Finance committee's guest after public comment general acceptance, no motion made

Public comment: none

Finance Committee: Alfred

Introduction of Todd Samuelson, bond counsel of Umbaugh & Associates

general discussions were held and a formal presentation will be made at the next Board meeting on November 15, 2016

Committee met 10-13, discussed 2017 working budget

bond concerns have changed since initial contacts

these companies need to be contacted again: Sycamore Advisors, Reedy Financial, and Financial Solutions

funding of Long Range Plan goals were discussed

recommendations for Salary Hiring Guidelines, Salaries and Health Insurance

motion to accept the Salary Hiring Guidelines by Tom and seconded by Alfred


motion to increase current employees' salaries by 2% made by Tom, seconded by Paul


Secretary Report:

motion to accept the minutes by Paul seconded by Tom


Treasurer's Report: Alfred Nyby

Review & Approval of the 9-20-16 Register of Claims

motion to accept by Paul and seconded by Tom


Policy Committee: Colleen - tabled until November meeting

Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

Volunteer hours in September were 17.5

special quilt on display by the Susanna Quilters entitled First Lady

Celebrated Voice, in partnership with Culver Academy, will sponsor Susan Lewis on 11-3-16 from 4:30-5:15; Board members invited to attend

10-25-16 at 10:30 am Halloween Story time will include a children's costume parade

11-15-16 the new payroll software will be installed, training will follow soon

Unfinished Business:

8 applicants (4 staff members) expressed interest in AED training

Tom Curtis will resign from the Board at the end of the year

Alfred Nyby will resign at the end of the term he was completing for the former treasurer at the end of the year

Melanie Robertson will seek reappointment to the Board

New Business:

acceptance of Sellers' bid for snow removal, salt, ice melt moved by Alfred seconded by Tom


Adjournment: motion by Tom and seconded by Paul


transcribed by S Gut

approved by Melanie Robertson