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CUTPL Board Minutes for September 2016

September 20 Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting September 20, 2016

CUTPL Board Minutes, September 20, 2016

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:54 pm

Place: Library Large Meeting Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Tom Curtis, Paul Liette, Alfred Nyby, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson

Attendance: AB Bill Cleavenger, Alfred Nyby

Student Members: Erin Bendy, Addison Coy, Leticia Zavala, Sarah George

Attendance: AB: All

Pledge of Allegiance: recited

Agenda approval: accepted by _____ and seconded by _____


Public comment: none

Secretary Report:

motion to accept the August 2016 minutes by Paul, seconded by Tom


Treasurer's Report: Colleen McCarty

Review & Approval of the August 2016 Register of Claims

motion to accept by Karen, and seconded by Paul


resolution for the adoption of our 2017 Budget

move to accept by Paul, seconded by Tom


Finance Committee: Colleen McCarty

motion to accept CUTPL Board Resolution-"Materiality and Variance Thresholds" by Karen, seconded by Flannery


Facility Committee: Colleen McCarty

spoke to the two firms which conducted our Envelope study

re: the roof:

present warranty expires in 5 years

replace everything for $72,000 with a 5 year warranty

or coat the membrane for $50,000 - 60,000 with a 12 year warranty

good news is that we have a window of 2-3 years, before the roof would need replacement, so coating could be done within 2-3 years

Policy Committee: Colleen and Flannery

compared Focus Group meetings 1 and 2, a lot of overlap, Committee working on CUTPL service responses and specific, measurable goals

Board adoption needs to be done by December 2016, after which we will submit the plan to the State Library

Board work session proposed to study how to fund goals; scheduled for Sept. 28

Exhibit and Display Policy

proposed guidelines presented

moved to accept by Tom, second by Paul


Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

Volunteer hours for August were 16

Fall newsletter is out, please notice Andrew's article on the huge wireless upgrade: we have replaced all networking equipment, added new wireless access points with a grant from E-Rate category 2 money: the project cost $21,921, CUTPL paid 20 % ($4,333) and E-Rate paid $17,588.

Polly's back at work, thank you to staff who filled in during her absences

new hire is Kathy Lee Anderson, she is at the circ desk and TS

Upcoming Meetings:

9-23 -16 Indianapolis Public Library presentation on Digital Collection Creation; Craighton Hippenhammer will be present

10-5-16 there will be a Legislative fall forum, board members are invited to attend;

it will be all day at Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park RSVP required, let Colleen know

10-27-16 Human Resources and Employee Management training from a Legal

Perspective, it will be all day at the Indiana State Library RSVP required, let Colleen know

FOL met 10-4-2016 and elected officers and approved the Sept 1, 2016 to Aug 31, 2017 budget, for just under $4,000

Monthly sales and online sales are continuing, moneys coming back to CUTPL

all trustees are encouraged by FOL president to join, dues are $10.00

9-23-16, CUTPL will host the NW Evergreen Indiana Regional round table meeting

Unfinished Business:

AED training, 3-4 staff are interested, this will not be a must use at the library, but at the

discretion of the employee; 3 Trustees expressed interest in training

New Business:

CUTPL Board Resolution of Commitment to join ISL Consortium for Public Library Internet Access

was moved by Paul, seconded by Flannery to accept


September 14 Special board meeting discussed: motion to purchase Boyce Key-fund, Key-payroll and Key tracks was passed.

Adjournment: motion by Paul and seconded by Flannery


transcribed by S Gut

approved by Karen Boland