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CUTPL Board Minutes for November 2017

December 19 Board Meeting


Board Meeting December 19 2017

CUTPL Board Minutes, December 19 2017

CUTPL Board Meeting

CUTPL Board Minutes, December 19th, 2017

CUTPL Board Minutes, December 19, 2017

Time: 7:02 pm - 8:09 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson. Teri Baker has resigned from the Board.

Absent: All Present

Presiding Officer: Melanie Robertson

Agenda approval: accepted by Bill Githens; seconded by Paul Liette


Public comment: Bill Cleavenger introduced Tony Zurbrugg; considering submitting letter to commissioners for appointment to fill the vacancy on the Board. Tony introduced himself to the Board

Secretary Report:

motion to accept the minutes of November 14, 2017 by Bill Githens and seconded by Paul Liette.

Flannery & Melanie abstained


Treasurer's Report: Paul Liette

Review & Approval of the November 2017 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers

motion to accept by Bill C. and seconded by Bill G.


Resolution to transfer funds of $10,000 from operating to rainy day fund

motion to transfer funds made by Bill G. and seconded by Karen


Policy Committee: Colleen

No policies to present this month

Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

Volunteer hours for November was 10

New volunteer in Genealogy/Local History. Will start in December

We received a $1000 grant from Indiana Humanities. It's the 200 year anniversary of publication of Frankenstein. Indiana Humanities and ISL got a grant from Nat'l Endowment for Humanities. Has to be used during 2018. Can be used for projects, speakers. Will also be getting 50 books (assorted collateral - bookmarks etc.). State chose Frankenstein because emphasis on STEM in school and Frankenstein programs can bridge the humanities and STEM.

Adult winter reading group starting January 2-February 23.

Club fair on Saturday January 20th

New hire: Ondraya Perez. Working in Children's Department. Just started a couple weeks ago. Daughter of current employee; our policies meet all State requirements for nepotism in hiring practices.

Unfinished Business:

Boiler Replacement: estimates from McGrath. New boiler would cost just under $6000. Just replacing broken heat exchanger for ~$4500. Barrel of glycol (antifreeze) - $1339 without labor. Boiler cost includes labor. Repair leaky pump - $655. Total ~$8000 plus labor fee for glycol. Colleen would like to see this come out of Operating Fund repairs and maintenance.

Motion to purchase new boiler, barrel of glycol, repair leaky pump and labor for up to $9000 made by Karen and seconded by Bill G.


IMEG HVAC proposals: Received blueprints; next step is it goes to bidding. Included in cost of contract is help with design phase, bidding phase, and construction services. They will advertise, receive and review the bids. $19,400 for all of these services.

Bill noted that he wants contractors to find out if we can get parts at state price.

Motion to accept IMEG proposal made by Karen and seconded by Bill G.

Five ayes; Bill C. opposed. Motion carried.

New Business:

Approve 2018 Schedule of Holiday Closings:

motion made by Bill G. And seconded by Paul.


Consider changing date of January 2018 Board Meeting to January 9th from the 16th

motion made to change the date by Bill C. and Paul


Adjournment: motion by Bill C. and seconded by Bill G.