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CUTPL Board Minutes for June 2017

June 14 Board Meeting

June 20 Regular Board Meeting


Board Meeting June 14 2017

CUTPL Board Minutes, June 14 2017

June 14, 2017

Time: 11:02 am

Place: Small Meeting Room

Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson, Teri Baker, Bill Githens.

Attendance: All present and accounted for.

Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda approval: Motion made by Teri; seconded by Paul. All ayes.

Power Point Presentation on HVAC Basics and CUTPL's system: Dave McCarty

Motion made by Flannery to bring in mechanical engineering firm from Indy to diagnose CUTPL HVAC system; seconded by Paul. All ayes.

Motion to adjourn made by Teri, seconded by Paul. All ayes.

Adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by Flannery Posner, Secretary


Regular Board Meeting June 20 2017

CUTPL Board Minutes, June 20 2017

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Teri Baker, Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson

Ab: Flannery, Teri

Pledge of Allegiance:

Agenda approval: accepted by Paul and seconded by Karen


Public comment: none

Secretary Report:

motion to accept the minutes for 5-16-17 by Bill C seconded by Paul;


Treasurer's Report: Paul

financial statements can be had anytime on request by board members; our new system is still being organized

Review & Approval of the May 2017 Accounts Payable Vouchers

motion to accept by Karen and seconded by Bill G


Policy Committee: Colleen

Board Bylaws Updates

motion to accept by Bill G and seconded by Paul


long range plan updates: Karen

this 5 minutes review will be part of our regular monthly meeting


have begun moving Friends Amazon operation to LMR closet

separation of CUTPL materials from FOL materials

removal of books in the staff room to the FOL space, with partitions put in place in the LMR

removal of FOL books from the Carnegie meeting room as soon as possible and put in the LMR

need additional folding chairs (estimate 48 chairs) and trash cans

need sealing and lines painted in the parking lot

it was moved by Bill C and seconded by Paul to allow $4000.00 to be spent for this


use of room policy needs to be addressed when Friends books are moved out of Carnegie Room

Schedule regular monthly meeting time for Facilities Committee, tabled

Financial Committee: no report

Facilities Committee:

upgrading our computers: Andrew

staff computers: 11 desktops, accessories, 6 laptops

storage, speed, licensing info presented

present machines approx 9 years old

costs est: $28,000-$30,000

public computers, stations, accessories, licensing, 6 machines possible

motion by Bill C, seconded by Paul to accept the $35,000.00 upgrade package


Courtyard design Plans - Bill C

Alliance Architect has completed designs, stairs removed in both designs

#1 - ramp in same location but modified

#2 - ramp location in front of present stairs on east side of courtyard

MEG has been contacted to perform HVAC study

Director's Report: Colleen McCarty

12 volunteer hours in May

new hire, Allysa Allyn for Childrens to replace Kristen Counts

2 genealogy programs by a new staff member Janet Winrotte were very successful

Eric Larson will be measuring the Carnegie windows, repairing trim

Featured programs coming up:

In children's: Friday 6-23 at 2:00 "Take a Tromp thru a Swamp" with musician Tom Sieling

Celebrated Voices, Thursday 6-29, will feature author Lori Rader-Day, her new book is

The Day I Died. This is a crossover novel, Young Adult to Adult.

Times here at CUTPL will be 4:00 pm teens and 6:00 pm adults

Friends providing light refreshments

Coding Club: would like to continue partnering with CMA and CCS to establish a CoderDojo club here

minimum staff hours but will need Board approval to be part of this 501 (c3)

volunteers from CMA and CCHS will be asked to help supervise

this endeavor would be suitable for a Marshall Co Community grant

Indiana State Library has sent notice to us that CUTPL is in compliance with their standards for the year 2016

this recognition important for state monies, Evergreen participation

Unfinished Business:

AED training will be Monday 6-26-17 at 9:30 am by Dan Cowell

3 staff members and 4 Board members will be taking part

New Business: none

Adjournment: motion by Bill C and seconded by Paul


transcribed by S Gut

approved by Melanie Robertson