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CUTPL Board Minutes for August 2018

August 21 Board Meeting


Board Meeting August 21 2018

Time: 7:00-8:39 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson, Anton Zurbrügg (Tony)

Absent: Karen (arrived late)

Presiding: Melanie

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Bill G. and seconded by Paul


Public comment:


Secretary Report:

July Board Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, July 17th approved

July Special Board Meeting Minutes, Friday July 20th - hold on approval until Karen arrives to verify who seconded adjournment

Treasurer’s Report: Paul

Public Hearing for 2019 Budget; projected DLGF Form No. 3 with budget information. Stayed under 3.4% growth quotient. No comments from the public. Adoption will be at September Board meeting.

Review & Approval of July 2018 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers, motion to accept by Bill G. seconded by Flannery

MSC - Karen abstained

Marmon Trust Gift Fund Accounts payable voucher: Gift fund principal moved to main checking account. Motion to accept made by Paul, seconded by Karen.


Finance Committee: Paul

Review of working budget charts

QPAs: Finance Comm meeting - majority of committee members in favor of not getting too involved with QPAs.

Bill C.: QPAs are something we need to explore further as a Board. Recommends that we take time to allow open discussion and presentation of evidence and other agencies that have used QPAs.

Alfred: using QPA to buy paint will restrict who will bid on the job. Also means putting ourselves in the middle between paint company and painters if anything goes wrong with the paint.

Motion made by Paul for CUTPL to continue to purchase books and office supplies as we are currently, and that we do not make demands of those seeking bids for contracts to deviate from their normal business practices of purchasing their materials from their sources. Karen seconded.


Motion made by Bill C. that Facilities Committee be allowed to look at bids for cheaper QPA pricing. Bill G. seconded. Discussion: Karen asked why. Bill C. states Board does not fully realize price differential.

Vote was 4-3 against; motion failed.

Policy Committee: Colleen

Long Range Plan Goal Assessment - Status Assessment Worksheet

Policy Comm members will go around to each department to see if goals are being met

Facilities Committee Work Session: Colleen

HVAC Project Updates: Sheet metal workers have been here, confirmed fabrication dimensions that they will use to make the fittings

D.A. Dodd at Academy and Argos schools, will be here after sheet metal measurements are done

Roof work: Morris & Sons presented proposal for $58,875 for new roof membrane. Includes clean up. Colleen contacted Carlisle Roof (manufacturers of the current roof) on recommendation of Facilities Committee - will be here 2nd week in September to make recommendation and would put it out to bid at no cost to us.

Exterior Painting: Schoberg and Schoberg: $11,670 with paint. Martin Elliott: $7,200 (includes paint). Also includes complete power washing. Need to review proposals to make sure they are bidding for exact same projects.

Bill C. moves to accept bid from Martin Elliott; Paul wants to look into the bid more. Bill C. rescinded his motion until we hear further from Paul.

Tony requested three action items before accepting painting bids: Paul will research Martin Elliott; make both bids include two coats of paint; and need to know what kind of paint they intend to use.

Carnegie Door: no update. New Age has not returned calls; Erik Larson has not given another bid for the door. Bill C. recommends getting a bid from Bennett’s for the Carnegie door and trim.

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

53 volunteer hours in July

Ruby retired, Mitch took a full time job, and Autumn went to college, all leaving vacancies.

New hires: Sheldon Hubbard hired as clerk, training in IT, TS and also circulation. Grace Maher, technical services page.

Successful Summer Reading Program: 125 children; 23 YA; 76 adults.

Esmie started outreach at Wesley Preschool, Max’s Playhouse, and Culver Community Preschool. HS Book Club continues to grow and it’s up to 40 students. FOL providing books, now meeting once/week.

Esmie interviewed for the Our Town Culver Program, to be aired on WNIT on Monday.

LSTA grants - work is progressing. Hardware has been shipped, so starting to put that together.

Colleen on vacation 8/26-9/8. Two staff members, who have formal Library Science training, to cover while Colleen is away: Polly in the evening, Janet W. during the day.

Finance: Cathy will be in charge of bills opened and paid, and, for internal controls, will need Treasurer to approve payments, Board President /VP sign vouchers.

Facilities: Andrew will be point person while Colleen is away.

Colleen available by text, phone during that time.

Unfinished Business:

Melanie reviewed IN Public Trust, asked Board members to review sections about our responsibilities as Board members and good board membership.

Tony asked about status of personnel policies.

New Business:

Motion to join Indiana State Library Consortium for Public Library Internet Access for Funding Year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 made by Bill G., seconded by Bill C.


Tony asked to find out if any libraries of our size are using QPAs. Bill C. volunteered to do further research. Colleen presented spreadsheet with pricing difference between Indiana 1 Office Depot (which has State QPA), Staples, and Anco. We purchase item from vendor with lowest pricing; sometimes that is the Co. with the QPA.

Will vote on minutes from Special Meeting at the next Board meeting - Karen has it written down in her notes at home.


motion by Bill G. and seconded by Bill C.


minutes taken by Flannery Posner, Secretary

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