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CUTPL Board Minutes for July 2018

July 17 Board Meeting

July 20 Special Board Meeting


Board Meeting July 17 2018

Time: 7:00 pm-8:41 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson, Anton Zurbrügg (Tony)

Absent: None

Presiding: Melanie

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Bill C. and seconded by Flannery


Public comment:

David McCarty made these points:

  1. Comparing a QPA price to a contractor’s material charge is not an apples-to-apples comparison
  2. Using QPA could inadvertently result in higher costs
  3. Would costs be lowered or just shifted to the Library?
  4. Risk of being "middleman": slowed process, mistakes, liability
  5. Getting the best price is already standard procedure (fiduciary responsibility)
  6. Ended by asking Board to consider the simplicity of letting contractors do what they do best and CUTPL staff do what they do best.

Secretary Report:

motion to accept the June 19, 2018 minutes by Bill G. seconded by Karen

MSC - Flannery abstained

Treasurer’s Report: Paul

Review & Approval of the June Register of Claims

motion to accept by Bill G. and seconded by Karen


Facilities Committee: Colleen

Reheating coils delivered; awaiting D. A. Dodd to begin the work - they estimated about a week from last Friday to begin work

Emergency generator: amount of money discussed at the time for the generator and installation of the generator is $145,000. Maintain suitable conditions for the library.

Bill G. clarified what the Library asked for in this meeting about the generator. Contingency plan - $1223, freight charge of $1500, electrician on site to hook it up - $800 if it runs 8 hours. Also assumes we do electrical taps in advance, $5000 to have that installed (one-time fee).

Cost nothing to sign on with them. Only the fee for the rental should you need the generator.

Bill G. recommended we wait on this and revisit if we have money leftover in the bond.

Roof work: tonight infrared study should be done. He will be here between 9 and 9:30. It will cost $1500.

motion to go ahead with infrared study for the roof made by Bill G. seconded by Bill C.


Carnegie door and trim: bid from Erik Larson so far, but he submitted bid to include original door. He was going to submit a new bid that included a new door.

Exterior Painting bid: Only bid so far from Schoberg and Schoberg. They would be using paint from PPG, which is through QPA.

Waiting to get 2nd bids for door and trim and exterior painting.

Tony Z. recommended we ask Martin Smith for bid by August 14th.

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

June: 56.25 volunteer hours in several departments.

State Board of Accounts requiring monthly engagement reports to assist in future audits. Cathy has uploaded January-May Approved Board Minutes.

Grant from National Endowment for Humanities for Frankenstein since 200 years ago Mary Shelley published her work. One state, one story situation. Promoting community read here. At last staff meeting, staff discussed Frankenstein. Board members are invited to attend book group to discuss Frankenstein on July 28th at 1 pm.

Board needs to approve federal money distributed through the state (see LSTA grant info below)

New Business:

Janet Winrotte - Local History/Genealogy department: updated the Board on new initiatives in the Genealogy department, along with the Library Services and Technology Act grants, which Janet applied for and received. Grant will pay for cleaning and maintenance of the microfilm machine, purchase of dedicated laptop, purchase of software designed for the machine, resulting in increased Culver Citizen newspaper access for staff and patrons. 2nd grant is for digitization and will be used for the necrology file for CUTPL, which will cover purchase of a large flat-bed scanner, laptop computer, storage and transfer devices, and obituary images and metadata info will be loaded into Indiana Memory.

motion to approve the LSTA Technology sub grant entitled Microfilm Reader Upgrades for $2675 and authorize the Library Director to sign the contract made by Karen and seconded by Paul.


motion to approve the LSTA Technology sub grant entitled Necrology File of Culver, IN and Vicinity for $2500 and authorize the Library Director to sign the contract, made by Karen and seconded by Flannery.


Unfinished Business: none


motion by Bill G. and seconded by Paul.


minutes taken by Flannery Posner, Secretary


CUTPL Board Minutes

Special Board Meeting

July 20, 2018

Time: 9:13-10:52 am

Place: Small Meeting Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson (arrived late), Anton Zurbrügg (Tony)

Absent: Paul Liette, Bill Githens

Presiding: Karen Boland

Agenda approval: moved to accept by Flannery and seconded by Tony Zurbrügg


Public comment: None

Unfinished Business: Credit application for Fastenal

Cathy discussed policies/finances must be in line with State Board of Accounts requirements. Must meet internal control standards.

Purchasing policy - sets forth what we must do to establish lines of credit. Sets forth who can use those lines of credit. All those people who can do so are employees of the Library. Other employees can be designated to use our credit accounts.

State Board of Accounts requires a step-by-step process when using purchase orders. "It is necessary that all orders pass through the hands of the person responsible for appropriation accounting even if the purchasing is not centralized." Sequence that must be followed: "The order comes first in the same manner as though an order is being made from a catalog. That requires itemization specifically what is being purchased, the price per unit and the quantity of units. The person responsible for appropriation accounting must be advised of the order." "The person receiving the merchandise must certify such on the purchase order once the material is received."

Credit lines: policy states the director is authorized to establish and maintain specific credit accounts. Record keeping for the cards and credit lines shall be in accordance with State Board of Accounts regulations. The director and purchasing clerk are authorized to use the credit accounts established and will be the sole authorized users. Other staff members may purchase items using the approved credit lines within the parameters of this policy and as approved by the director. Any purchase for more than $50 shall have prior approval of the director.

Cathy requests that these concerns be clearly addressed in the minutes.

Fastenal has their entire catalog online. They will show state price. Also show DA Dodd the state price. In this particular project, DA Dodd needs to appoint a person to coordinate with us so we can purchase items for them and what they need.

Cathy: We have to audit everything. Each payment must be fully itemized. Must certify

we received everything. Payment should be made only after we receive goods or services.

Finance Committee needs to ensure we are meeting State Board of Account requirements and internal controls.

Karen expressed that the Library being a "middle man" is not good stewardship of our time or money, slowing an already slow process.

Tony: how do we integrate our decision making with regard to the state contracts?

Finance Committee needs to review policies.

Bill: Do we as a Board want to abandon taking advantage of products at state price?

We could open ourselves to a challenge by a taxpayer.

Bill: DA Dodd needs materials; they have one person on this project that submits a

requisition order for items. That requisition is coupled to a purchase order. Who has the authority to institute the purchase order? Cathy responded that employees have the authority, but must have approval from Colleen.

Colleen: Comparing QPA pricing to contractor’s cost of materials is not a straightforward comparison. There are many factors to consider. Also, how are we supposed to know a contractor is requesting us to purchase only what they need to complete the job? Who will track and monitor the inventory? We do not have the staffing.

Cathy: only way we can ensure we are in line with state laws is if we consult with the SBOA, and we need a policy for this but we don’t have a policy written. Purchasing cannot be set up to get around purchasing restrictions and regulations.

Tony: We have accepted and approved a price from DA Dodd that includes labor and parts, let’s proceed and review our financial policies for future projects.

Bill: Let’s let DA Dodd project proceed, but keep Fastenal account and review internal finance policies for future projects.

Flannery: even if we re-write a policy for future projects, we are still talking about making our staff become the "middle-man" between the state and our contractors.

Tony: for roof membrane, let’s go in good faith that we find the best and lowest price and have them offer labor and materials.

Motion to go ahead with HVAC project, roofing membrane project, and external painting project (including power washing), without going through QPA, made by Karen, seconded by Flannery.


Motion to request Treasurer to call a Finance Committee Meeting as soon as practicable made by Tony, seconded by Bill C.


New Business

Tony: Differences in opinion are great, but we as a Board should be prepared to avoid a situation like the one we had at Tuesday night’s Board meeting.

Bill: asked to discuss again opening credit line with Fastenal/PPG just in case we need it for painting. Flannery said we just decided not to use QPAs for HVAC, roofing and painting projects.

Motion to not open line of credit with Fastenal or PPG at this time made by Flannery, seconded by Karen.


Bill suggested that we consider meeting more than once a month. Flannery expressed that we need to be more prepared for our committee meetings and regular meetings so we can use our time in regular Board meetings more effectively.


motion by Flannery and seconded by Karen


minutes taken by Flannery Posner, Secretary

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