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CUTPL Board Minutes for November 2018

November 13 Board Meeting


Special Board Meeting November 13 2018

Date 11-13-18

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Place: Library - upstairs

Members: Melanie Robertson, Karen Boland, Flannery Posner, Paul Liette, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick

Pledge of Allegiance:

Attendance: AB Flannery Quorum present

Agenda approval: motion by Paul, seconded by Karen


Public Comment: FOL Pam Noble

accomplishments of Sept 2017-August 31, 2018

Teen book club at CCHS, 40 members received books for entire year for $2500.00

Middle school book club, new 9-1-18, $451.10

Summer Reading prizes $430.00 and Ice cream kick off

Book Page (magazine) $300.00/yr

flowers for the courtyard $250.00, maintenance of back entry garden

staff t shirt after 3 month probation, plus a staff appreciation pizza party

recognition of staff anniversary of service to CUTPL: 5 yr, 10 yr, 20, yr

total expenses for the year $3,800.00

Income to the FOL

Friendly Book Shoppe $1,984.00 (every Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm) volunteers

On-line sales $2,000.00 volunteer hours, daily results plus shipping when needed

(volunteer hours)

donations of moneys $200.00

dues $300.00

The Friendly Book Store will be missed by many

Secretary Report: AB, but copies were available

October 16, 2018 minutes: moved to accept by Pam, seconded by Paul


October 22 minutes: moved to accept by Paul and seconded by Pam


Treasurer’s Report: Paul

discussion of the remediation of mold and how it will be paid

charges are being paid to the cleaning service, even though the lower level is not open yet;

due to contract

motion to accept the report was made by Pam and seconded by Paul


Facilities Committee: Colleen

mold remediation is coming along, in the next week Jason Ganser of ACM Labs will be testing air again, Christian Rackley of SERVPRO will work with Jason

we are in touch with Scot McKinnis for possible insurance coverage, a claim has been made

expenses for remediation are in the $60,000 + range including duct cleaning work

payments will be made from the LIRF fund and gift Fund

expenses for refurbishment are being addressed;

approximately 1800 books were taken from the collection; wooden items were cleaned

Pratt’s Flooring of Plymouth has looked at the Carnegie room and can put down a floating laminate floor, instead of carpet, choice of 7 year or 15 year warranty

this work could be done now

it was moved by Paul and seconded by Karen to have Concrete Creations of Plymouth to prep the

Carnegie floor and Pratt’s Flooring to finish the work with 15 year warranty flooring


it was moved by Paul and seconded by Pam to have Concrete Creations finish the concrete floors in the downstairs lobby, computer lab, North meeting room and the break room as soon as the remediation is completed


Finance Committee Report: none

Policy Committee: none

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

Children’s continues to be very active with Outreach meeting room;

on Saturday, 12-8, the children will sing at Millers Merry Manor and will be met by Santa when

they return to the library; the FOL will provide refreshments

there is a marvelous display in the lobby of Greentown Glass

staff and patrons continue to be patient with the adjustments that have needed to be done, but stress is personal

staff misses the break room

Unfinished Business:

Student Liaison Committee: Karen

two students from from CMA and two from CCHS

for CMA Senior project, plans are underway for book bags for a Culver Pre-school and a mini library for children to be placed somewhere in Culver

Adjournment: motion by Paul and seconded by Karen


transcribed by Shirley Gut

© 2018 Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, Culver, IN