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CUTPL Board Minutes for September 2018

September 18 Board Meeting


Board Meeting September 18 2018

Time: 7:10-8:10 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Karen Boland, Bill Githens, Paul Liette, Flannery Posner, Melanie Robertson, Anton Zurbrügg (Tony)

Absent: Bill Githens, Paul Liette

Presiding: Melanie

Agenda approval: motion to accept by Flannery and seconded by Karen


Public comment:


Secretary Report:

August Board Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, July 17th - motion to accept made by Tony, seconded by Karen


July Special Board Meeting Minutes, Friday July 20th - motion to accept made by Flannery, seconded by Karen


CUTPL Board Vacancy due to resignation of William Cleavenger

County Council responsible for filling vacancy; contact County Council for recommendations

Tony recommended urging County Council to place an ad in the paper to advertise for this vacancy for new people in the community.

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy Thomas

Review and approve August 2018 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers - motion to accept made by Tony, seconded by Karen


Approve 2019 Budget - motion to accept made by Karen, seconded by Flannery


Policy Committee: Colleen

Employee Manual and Hiring Practices - Waggoner, Irwin, and Scheele: sent final draft of the manual. Policy Committee has taken a look at the manual and appendices. Will be sent to all Board members for review.

Tony: Bill G. ran into Bill Irwin at a conference in Indy; Irwin said he was not asked to do a salary analysis for the library. Would be easy to do that, just need to ask. Colleen will look into the cost for a alary analysis.

Long Range Plan Goal Assessment: Policy Committee members will begin assessments in October.

Director’s Report: Colleen McCarty

August: 28.75 volunteer hours

Met with new Culver Citizen Editor at CCC Meet and Greet for Shelby Harrell. Came to library next week and has expressed interest in joining Genealogy program.

Cathy has set up grant accounts in Key Fund for grant money we received. Not appropriated monies, have to keep track of it.

Jen set up tracking system for purchase orders so we can better monitor our purchasing

Friends of the Library - Pam Noble re-elected as president

Esme’s Pajama Storytime program very successful

Successful program on Saturday: Focus on Photo Identification, Restoration. Partnered with CUTH. Organized by Janet; Andrew was helping people to use the software to remove wrinkles in photographs.

Janet has begun Library Science Collection Development Course

Unfinished Business:

HVAC project updates: Coils are in the vents; roof vent put in. Waiting for software to be completely set up. Project to be completed by October 31st.

Roof work: Carlisle Roof came to inspect the roof. We had an estimate from envelope study and infrared study. Morris and Sons Roofing sent proposal to replace roof for $58,875 (includes labor and materials). Tom Averitt from Carlisle Roof came by to inspect the roof; was going to see about extending warranty, but it is not possible. Recommends putting together bidding scope to put out for bid to Carlisle-certified companies.

Motion to proceed with Carlisle to obtain a bid for re-roofing made by Karen, seconded by Tony.


Exterior painting: Paul obtained three very good references for Martin Elliot. He will do two coats, and uses Sherwin William paints. Power-washing of building included. Bids include: $11,670 from Schoberg & Schoberg, $7,200 from Martin Elliot Painting.

Motion to proceed with Martin Elliot painting bid for exterior painting made by Karen; seconded by Flannery.


New Business:

November 20 Board Meeting Date-Consider Rescheduling to Nov. 13 due to Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Motion to move the November Board Meeting to November 13th made by Flannery, seconded by Karen



motion by Flannery and seconded by Karen


minutes taken by Flannery Posner, Secretary

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