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CUTPL Board Minutes for January 2018

January 15 Board Meeting


Board Meeting January 15 2018

CUTPL Board Minutes, January 15 2018

Time: 6:52 pm-7:40 pm

Place: Carnegie Room, CUTPL

Members: Melanie Robertson, Karen Boland, Flannery Posner, Paul Liette, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Quorum established; Student Liaison from CGA Sophia George also present

Agenda approval: motion by Flannery, second by Paul


Public Comment: N/A

Secretary Report

Motion to accept minutes from December Board meeting made by Karen, second by Paul


Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers for December 2018 made by Karen, second by Flannery


Motion to approve the resolution to transfer funds within the Library Improvement Fund from Major Category to Major Category made by Paul, second by Karen


Director's Report:

Local income tax distribution was off; Cathy resolved the issue. Incorrectly categorized our debt as happening after 2005, and it is actually based on 2000 lease.

Income tax time: Board decides every year if we allow citizens to print income tax return forms for 10 cents instead of the usual 20. Motion to continue this practice of making paper printing and copying available for 10 cents made by Paul, second by Flannery.


Program of the month for February: DNA Basics Genealogy program, by DNA Explorers' Robert Sliwinski - February 16th, 2019 - 10 am in the Carnegie Room

Unfinished Business:

Refurbishment Update: paid the last of the remediation today. Will be paying for air quality testing and reports - a little over $5k. Ceiling tiles are nearly finished. Hopefully concrete work can start this Saturday. Closing at 4 pm, not opening until Tuesday because of MLK Jr. Day. One interior paint quote from Kevin Staples; Schoberg will also submit a quote. Interior painting will happen after floors are finished.

Karen Boland: Spoke with Karen Richie about options for the kitchen in the large meeting room.

Sophia George: Briefed Board on her senior service project; focus on working with the library and promote literacy and reading in the Culver Community. Construct free library and install in town. Added to that plan and is now sewing small book bags out of recycled uniforms she got through donations. Put books in them and distribute them to early readers. Spent entire winter break constructing free library; it’s all constructed. Got book donations from her hometown for ages 4-13. Want to use younger books for the book bags. Accepting donations locally. Wants to place it near the beach lodge.

New Business:

Bill Githens: propose that fire department installs a Knox Box so they can get into the library in the event of a fire/emergency. Cost - no more than $250. Recommend we look into it.

Motion to purchase Knox Box if it doesn’t exceed $300 made by Paul, second by Bill.


Election of 2019 Board Officers

Motion to elect Bill as Vice President made by Karen, second by Flannery.


Motion to elect Flannery as President made by Karen, second by Bill.


Motion to elect Valerie as Secretary made by Karen, second by Paul.


Motion to elect Cathy Thomas as Treasurer made by Paul, second by Bill.


Board officers: President, VP and Secretary are signatories for the Library

At the request of First National Bank of Monterey and First Farmers Bank, new signers for our bank accounts will be made at the Banks.

Committee Membership appointments

Finance Committee: Cathy, Colleen, Paul, Bill, Alfred

Policy Committee: Flannery, Karen, Melanie, Colleen

Facilities Committee: Colleen, Karen, Bill, Dave, Pam

Bill Githens: On behalf of Town Council, announce Paul was appointed to another four year term on CUTPL Board

Adjournment: motion by Bill, second by Paul


minutes taken by Flannery Posner, Secretary

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